Have you been procrastinating?

Candidly, finding motivation while working from home has been tough.

I found this equation for motivation from @alexvermeer and it has helped me get the most important things done everyday.

Here's the formula to increase your motivation.
So, the formula is pretty simple.

Motivation = (high expectancy X high reward) / (distractions X delay)

You want to increase your expectancy and value while decreasing your impulsiveness and delay.

Here's how.
Expectancy = What you expect to happen.

Increase positive expectancy by:
- Being optimistic
- Setting goals that have a real impact

If you can't see a positive outcome, you won't take action.
Value = How much you enjoy the process

We don't put off things:
1. We enjoy doing
2. That get us immediate rewards

If it's something you have to do but don't enjoy, hack it by adding a reward.

Example: Answer email while listening to your favorite album.
Impulsiveness = Your ability to stay focused.

How would you rate your ability to focus?

Do you
- Stick out a task to the end
- Jump from task to task
- Scroll through you phone after hitting a roadblock

By decreasing impulsiveness you increase your effectiveness.
Here are 5 things you can do to decrease impulsiveness:

1. Put your phone away when working
2. Turn off slack notifications
3. Use your calendar to block off goals
4. Set limits on apps
5. Finish one task per work block then take a break then switch
Delay = How close you are from the reward

That's why you want bite size goals.

Outlining your first chapter is a better goal then being a NYT best selling author.

If the delay is too much, it will never get done.

Create small actionable goals.
Following this simple formula has helped me, and I hope it helps you too.

If you want tactical threads on
- Growing businesses
- Building products with impact
- Actionable advice

Follow @Adam_Ha_Yes for more.

RT are greatly appreciated 🙏
In summary, in order to increase motivation:

1. Create high expectancy in the outcome of the action
2. Increase the value of the outcome by adding rewards
3. Decrease distractions
4. Create small actionable goals

• • •

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What's super interesting about that is it follows the exact path of AIDA.
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Interest: Cultivate interest
Desire: Increase desire
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If you're reading this, the AIDA framework works because it's what I used on my first tweet.
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