Vaccine doses given globally so far (πŸ’‰=500 million):


Amount needed globally (assuming 70% fully vaccinated for herd immunity):


Number given so far in low-income countries:


Vaccine rollout is too slow & too uneven.
The key reason vaccine rollout is slow & uneven is the shortage of vaccine doses. Not enough are being produced, so rich countries have been fighting each other over scarce supplies, while low income countries beg for scraps and get little or nothing.…
The rich countries fighting each other over scarce supplies - EU, US, UK, etc - are the very same countries that are creating global vaccine scarcity in the first place.

They are literally blocking wider production of vaccines globally by obstructing the #TRIPSwaiver at the WTO
Why would leaders in the EU, US, UK, etc do this?

Well, the straightforward answer is that their leaders are prioritizing pharma company profits over human lives.

This is, with no exaggeration, the biggest scandal of our time.
There's also something darker going on, too, I suspect… A "first world" attitude that disregards the rights of people in other countries… A deeply engrained pathway in the brains of many in the EU, US, UK, etc… A mental conditioning that says those other lives don't matter…
Call it the lifetime brainwashing of racism & white supremacy we all get... Call it the long colonial hangover... But whatever you call it, you can't look at this map and - despite a few exceptions - not see an ugly, familiar pattern...
83% of shots that have gone into arms worldwide have been administered in high- & upper-middle-income countries.

Only 0.2% of doses have been administered in low-income countries.

And yet… so many people in the EU, US, UK, etc simply accept this. Why?
Some see the problem but think that the only solution is charity - again, it's a well-worn mental pathway when those in rich countries think about solutions for low-income countries...
Rich governments are donating money to COVAX, a global vaccine procurement facility.

But while COVAX may help get 20% of some poorer countries' doses, that's not nearly herd immunity level, which is 70% at least.

And rich countries use COVAX as an excuse to do nothing further
The idea that you can throw money at a problem when that problem is scarcity... that's madness.

The monopoly position of pharma companies - supported by the rich governments - means that vaccine production is limited to whatever the companies want it to be.
Remember, a business aims to maximize profits, not production necessarily.
So, the rich governments are helping the pharma companies boost their profits, enhancing scarcity. Great for the pharma companies. Terrible for global public health.

And they get away with it in part because people have been conditioned not to care about certain others.
And what many people living in the richer countries don't seem to realize is that their own dismissive attitude toward the rights and needs of those living in poorer countries is actually self-destructive.

In short, our racism is dangerous for our own health, too.
Even if you can somehow disregard the suffering & death of others, and even if you think continued economic disruption won't affect you…

In prolonging the pandemic by blocking wider vaccine production globally, rich governments are endangering us all - everywhere. You too.
Prolonging the pandemic means giving more chances for new variants of the virus to emerge that are:

➑️ more deadly,

➑️ more virulent, and/or

➑️ resistant to the current vaccines.

This affects everyone. Even those already vaccinated.…
3.2 million dead...

A vaccine found thanks to public money but then not shared with everyone...

How many millions more will die?
The death toll will mount ever higher due to those who seek to profit on suffering & their powerful allies in rich governments.
But it's also due in part to deep, long-standing prejudices that keep people locked in national & racist mindsets, so that they cannot even comprehend that the phrase, "no one is safe until everyone is safe", in actual fact includes them, too.
We must strive to overcome the brutal greed.

We must strive to overcome the racist ignorance.

Both are literally killing us.
By blocking wider production of vaccines globally, the EU, US, UK & others have helped pharma companies hugely.

Nevermind that limiting vaccine production is prolonging the pandemic & killing more of us...

As long as we make the rich richer...…
πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί Calling all EU citizens! πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί

SIGN this official European Citizens' Initiative to get the EU to stop prioritising pharma profits over our lives.

🌐 Calling everyone! 🌐

Please SHARE it!


❗️ Now over 175,000 signatures ❗️

β€’ β€’ β€’

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5 May
I find it very hard to understand the mentality of people who look at a global pandemic in which millions are dying and say: how can I help powerful corporations make money from this?

And yet, this is exactly what leaders in the EU, US, UK & others have been doing.
These countries' leaders have been blocking wider vaccine production globally by obstructing the #TRIPSwaiver, a proposal at the WTO to temporarily waive some intellectual property rules for medical products.

This creates vaccine scarcity, which drives up prices for the corps.
They may try to fool themselves with nonsense arguments, like:

- Corps need to be incentivised, when in fact, it was billions in our taxes that incentivised them last time.

- The waiver would not instantly lead to new production, when that is in fact an argument against delay
Read 12 tweets
3 May
Despite global vaccine shortages, the EU, US, UK and other rich governments continue to block wider vaccine production globally by obstructing the #TRIPSwaiver at the WTO.

But pressure on these governments to stop prioritizing pharma company profits over human lives is growing.
Media attention is only growing...

The flagship @BBCNewsnight had an excellent long piece on the issue at the end of last week:

Even major media outlets that you might generally expect to lean toward the companies' view are producing excellent reporting highlighting the problem.

This from the WSJ, for example:…
Read 22 tweets
26 Apr
You can argue that, in normal times, patent rules are essential.

But a global pandemic is not normal times.

We need the #TRIPSwaiver World map showing how some countries’ governments - the EU
Over US$12bn (€10bn) in public money was given to private companies, but the world still has a severe vaccine shortage.

Less than 3% of the world has been vaccinated.

90% of people in the world's poorest countries will go without a vaccine this year.
3% vaccinated...

Experts estimate that at least 70% is needed for herd immunity.

Global vaccination is going too slowly...

...because of vaccine shortages...

...caused by low production capacity.
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23 Apr
Everyone reading this knows there’s a vaccine shortage in this world.

Rich governments are squabbling over scarce supplies.

Most of the world is left begging for scraps - and not even getting that.

But it's an artificially created shortage.

It doesn't have to be this way.
The numbers:

World population: ~8 billion.

Number of people fully vaccinated: ~220 million.

Share of world vaccinated: 2.8%.

Estimated target for herd immunity: 70%.

At this rate, it will take years to vaccinate everyone.

⬛️ Years of more death...

⬛️ Years of more economic disruption...

⬛️ Years of more opportunity for new variants of the virus to emerge that are more deadly, more virulent, and/or resistant to the current vaccines...…
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22 Apr
πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί Dear EU Citizens,

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Dear UK Citizens,

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Dear US Citizens,

πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί Dear Australian Citizens,

Do you want a longer pandemic?

No, of course not.

But your governments, by blocking wider production of vaccines globally, are prolonging the pandemic.…
By blocking wider production of vaccines globally, these governments are prolonging the global pandemic, meaning:

⬛️ more death;

⬛️ more economic disruption;

⬛️ more chance for new variants to emerge that are more virulent, more deadly and/or resistant to current vaccines.
This is not an accident.

This is not something they don't know about.

These governments understand all this.

They have made this deliberate policy choice anyway.

And more of us will die because of it.
Read 21 tweets
21 Apr
The EU, UK, US, and others have for months been blocking wider vaccine production globally by obstructing the #TRIPSwaiver at the World Trade Organization.

They are trying to fight a global pandemic while deliberately limiting vaccine supplies.

Only 2.7% of the world is fully vaccinated;

83% of shots administered in high- & upper-middle-income countries;

Only 0.2% in low-income ones.

Too slow. Too uneven.

We need to beat vaccine scarcity with greater production.……
🌍 Global pandemic.

🌍 Global vaccine shortages.

🌍 Time for global solutions.

Read more…

On how we got here:…

On why the rollout is too slow for everyone:…

On why we need a rights-based approach:…
Read 14 tweets

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