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#G7 on vaccines:

➡️ They wanted to pledge 1 billion doses by the end of next year.

➡️ They failed, pledging only 870 million.

💥 The world needs at least 11 BILLION.

The good news is that 2 of the 7 now understand that wider production is needed.…
Everyone knows the current problem of vaccine scarcity is due to insufficient production.

The ideological hardliners against boosting production globally are now the European Commission, which seems to listen to Germany more than any other EU Member State.

And yes, ideology.
While the EU has finally backed down and agreed to allow text-based negotiations proceed on the #TRIPSwaiver proposal, the European Commission remains opposed to the proposal, which would relax patent rules to expand vaccine production globally.
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EU official on #G7Summit2021 says it was "reassuring to see the US again at the negotiating table and aligned on common values and international cooperation. tThe relation was strained over the past years. Now it looks invigorated."

But concern over US vaccine behavior remains.
"The EU has been the pharmacy of the world in this pandemic," the EU official says. The EU has exported 350 million doses so far this year (700m expected by year's end) while US had a vaccine export ban.

"We also managed to achieve a very balanced position on the #TRIPSwaiver".
There was "strong support by #G7 leaders for the #PandemicTreaty" the EU official says.

"The clear objective is to vaccinate the world population and finish the pandemic in 2022".
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#G7 "Leaders have pledged over 1 billion doses, either through #Covax or directly."
PM Johnson starts #G7 press conference with "The world was looking forward to us to reject nationalism."
Something's not adding up....
Live now here ->
👏 that @GPforEducation has reached 1/2 of 5-year funding target.
But absolutely incredible how #G7 during largest #pandemic in a century fails to do something similar with #Covid19. They could have. They didn't.
"Vaccinating the world - we can do that together" PM Johnson states at #G7.
He didn't add: "But we decided not to."
#vaccinenationalism #VaccinEquity #PeoplesVaccine #Covid19
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Americans overwhelming want to help #vaccinate the world. Voters think we cannot end #COVID19 pandemic until we solve virus variants abroad by vaccinating the world.

This is why @JoeBiden is donating 500,000,000 doses to start.

Thank you @POTUS @WHCOS.…
2) This is why majority of voters agree vaccinating the world is important.
3) A good start… 500 million is just the beginning of American 🇺🇸 vaccine leadership.
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Tomorrow, the European Parliament will vote on their global vaccine strategy 💉🌍

🗣 Ahead of that, we thought we would share the 6 things to know about the #vaccine waiver and arguments for it.

Fact #1 

Yes, we can ramp up manufacturing 💪

There are nearly 150 manufacturing facilities that could make #covid19 vaccines... IF we had an open system with distributed manufacturing, tech transfer & we waived intellectual property 🗣💉


Fact #2

A licensing approach will not work 🚫

A 'fair licensing approach' sounds nice in theory, but the power still lies in the hands of #BigPharma.

They have already made their billions, how we step in to save the millions? 👩🏻👨🏽👱🏿‍♀️


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The #G7 are failing in their duty to provide global leadership to end the COVID19 pandemic for everyone everywhere. More than 1m people have died from COVID since G7 leaders last met back in February, when they pledged to increase the global vaccine supply.
@ChathamHouse @CHGlobalHealth @UNAIDS @HelenClarkNZ @DrMikeRyan @yates_rob @G7 Of the 1.77bn doses of COVID vaccines given globally, 28% have been in @G7 countries. In contrast just 0.3% of COVID jabs have been given in low-income countries.
COVID-19 related deaths are increasingly concentrated in low- and middle-income countries. This is heart-breaking.
The scale of this inequality is not an accident. It was predictable months ago. President Ramaphosa @CyrilRamaphosa called it “#VaccineApartheid” - and it is.

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The EU is blocking wider vaccine production globally by obstructing the #TRIPSwaiver, a proposal to temporarily waive some intellectual property (IP) rules on vaccines & other health products.

European Commission attempts to justify this are based on lies.

💥 Now, 7 truths…
💥 TRUTH 1: Intellectual property is currently a barrier to swiftly scaling up and diversifying the production of Covid-19 health products, including vaccines.
The European Commission claims otherwise, but right now, there are manufacturers with capacity to produce additional vaccines & other health products; however, they are unable to contribute because they do not yet have the right licenses. IP is a barrier to them.
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The EU, UK & a few others are deliberately prolonging the pandemic by blocking wider vaccine production globally.

This means:

⬛️ More death;

⬛️ More economic disruption;

⬛️ More chances for new variants of the virus to emerge.
Some leaders in Europe want people to see vaccination rollout in their own countries now moving at a reasonable pace and believe the falsehood that the pandemic is nearly over.

It is not.

Not even close.
The pandemic will rage for years, because global vaccine rollout has been too slow.

Only 5% of people have been fully vaccinated in 5 months.

Vaccine rollout has been slow in part because of the artificial scarcity the EU & others create by blocking wider vaccine production.
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France's Macron has in the past few weeks expressed support for COVID patent waivers:…

Then opposed them:…

Then supported them again:…

Now he wants to wait till October to decide:…
Macron’s skepticism of the #TRIPSwaiver seems in part rooted in an outdated view of the developing world’s capacities. He says that even if intellectual property rules are waived, manufacturers in places like Africa currently are not equipped to make vaccines.

He's wrong.
The Africa Centers for Disease Control has already identified vaccine manufacturing capacity in Senegal, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, and Tunisia.…
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Récemment, Macron a soutenu la levée des brevets des vaccins anti-COVID :…

Ensuite il s'y est opposé :…

Puis l'a soutenue à nouveau :…

Maintenant, il repousse sa décision à Octobre:…
Le scepticisme d’Emmanuel Macron à l’égard de la levée des droits de propriété intellectuelle semble s’appuyer sur une vision dépassée des capacités du monde en développement.
Le président français considère que même en cas de dérogation à ces droits, les pays d’Afrique, par exemple, ne seraient pas dotés des moyens de fabriquer des vaccins contre le Covid-19.

Mais les temps changent.
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Quick review of who stands where on COVID patent waivers and just how isolated certain people in the EU are...
The EU is split. Despite much top-down message enforcement, many leaders have openly supported COVID patent waivers:

Italy's foreign minister:…

Dutch trade minister:…

Ireland foreign & health ministers:…
Other key voices in the EU supporting COVID patent waivers:

Spain's government:…

Poland's government:…
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"The EU should hold firm on its opposition to scrap life-saving IP rights"
New article, by Philip Stevens, Executive Director of @genevanetwork…
#TRIPSwaiver #IP #EuropeanUnion
"28 think tanks, including my own, have just published a Joint Declaration in support for protection of IP rights for Covid vaccines:… "
"They urge the EU to hold firm and not give into to political pressure to back the WTO IP waiver proposal. In a mere 18 months, #Covid has gone from being an unknown disease to a preventable disease, all thanks to four vaccines, enabled by IP protection"
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EU leaders are trying to fool us with these stunts, but…

💥 The world needs OVER 11 BILLION doses.

🙄 "100 million doses" isn't even 1% of that.

Marginal philanthropy will not solve global scarcity.

The EU needs to stop blocking wider production of vaccines globally.
What the EU is doing is like saying, "Yes, we bought all the bread at the bakery, and we won’t let any other bakeries open, but here’s a little loaf for the poor to show everyone how generous we are…"
"Over 11 billion doses" is a conservative estimate, by the way.

Some say 14 billion:…

Others, 20 billion:…

And pharma companies' talk about 3rd shots for those already vaccinated, thus increasing demand:…
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So @rsilv_dc from @CGDev (as reported in @538politics) is worried about pharmaceutical innovation in the context of a #TRIPSwaiver for #COVID19 vaccines. 1/
But I'd ask, why do we take the "don't kill the goose that laid the golden egg" argument at face value without any interrogation of those claims, which are provide by: @SivaThambisetty @AislingMMcMahon @DrLukeMcDonagh @hyoyoonkang @gmdutfield? 2/
The specter of dead geese gets raised almost every time any sort of claims are made on industry. This is from a hearing on drug pricing in Congress in 1993(!). 3/
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India's total COVID death toll passes 300,000 - after adding 50,000 deaths in under 2 weeks…

For over 7 months, the EU has blocked India & S. Africa's proposal to boost vaccine production globally through the #TRIPSwaiver… Image
The European Citizens Initiative supporting wider vaccine production globally & a quicker end to the pandemic is nearing 200,000 signatures...

Please SIGN and SHARE it:

If the US can drop Trump's deadly, profits-first policy, the EU surely can, too. Image
Honestly? They're going to spend time arguing about 100 million doses? The world needs more than 11 billion doses, and EU policy is to throttle wider production globally, so it will take years to vaccinate everyone. They think we don't understand maths?
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(Nervously starts typing what’s going to be an unpopular thread)

India, South Africa and allies have now circulated a new draft for the WTO intellectual property waiver for COVID-19.

KEI Online has it. Not yet in WTO DocsOnline—Monday?

1/19 #TRIPSwaiver…
“It’s been a long time comin’
It’s goin’ to be a long time gone

“And it appears to be a long
Appears to be a long
Appears to be a long time
Yes, a long, long, long, long time before the dawn”

So long to prepare, so little changed, lots to do

It’s hard to believe this draft was intended to enable quick agreement to waive obligations under the WTO intellectual property (“TRIPS”) agreement

It’s extreme—a blank cheque with some minor tweaks—not a draft than can be quickly settled.

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So, just a few comments the @WSJ op-ed by @ScottGottliebMD and @llborio the other day. Scottt and I chatted a bit about this and I want to clarify my criticisms. 1/
First, what is happening right now is not patent busting. It is an appeal to WTO members to balance intellectual property rights with public health imperatives. What will happen next will be subject to intense negotiation, it is not "busting," stealing or anything of the sort. 2/
Second, the Doha Declaration agreed to be WTO members in 2001 states: "We agree that the TRIPS Agreement does not and should not prevent members from taking measures to protect public health." 3/
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Critics of #TRIPSwaiver for #covid19 #vaccines stress importance of IPR protection for pharma industry and see future #innovation at risk. But the empirical evidence gives few indications of this. This thread explains why & proposes alternative innovation incentives.
Empirical evidence that increased patent protection leads to more innovation justifying its social costs is surprisingly thin: Little support in the literature that higher patent protection increases rate of innovation. Full references of citations: ÖFSE WorkingPaper linked below
Some studies even found statistically significant negative relationship between patent protection & productivity growth. Led to sharp increase in transaction costs&legal disputes -->discourages smaller firms&start-ups -->reduces technological innovation
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.@llborio and @ScottGottliebMD resort to inflammatory language (i.e. "patent busting"), sinophobia and old canards about innovation and IP to make the case against the #TRIPSWaiver. It's beneath them both.…
A TRIPS waiver would be a negotiated agreement falling in line with the words of the Doha Declaration, which state "The TRIPS Agreement does not and should not prevent Members from taking measures to protect public health." It's not "busting" anything.
And it's some racist bullshit to bait WSJ readers' long-standing sinophobia with your own.
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Moderna's CEO on why he doesn't think waiving IP will increase mRNA vaccine supply: “If someone wants to start from scratch, they would have to figure out how to make mRNA, which is not in our patents.”

Right there, in black and white, are a few very important things. (1/10)
1. It confirms that Moderna’s statement in Oct 2020 about waiving patents was just PR stunt.

They deliberately left out the tech transfer part, and are saying here that the patents they would release wouldn’t be helpful anyways.
2. #TRIPsWaiver is only a prerequisite for expanding global manufacturing capacity.

It'll all come down to the details, and w/out tremendous pressure/scrutiny from the movement that made this happen in the first place those negotiations will ensure nothing substantive is done.
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Amid the ongoing global scarcity of vaccines, the European Commission only meets with big pharma & its allies.

No one who questions pharma's monopoly on patents is allowed in.

This Commission is dedicated to boosting pharma profits, not saving lives.…
Look, I mean, I get it. It's fun to meet with rich and powerful CEOs. It makes you feel more powerful and important yourself.

But, @EU_commission, is your job simply to make the rich richer? To help the powerful become even more powerful while billions of the powerless suffer?
The @EU_commission unquestioningly accepts and parrots every debunked argument that the pharma companies feed them.

It's embarrassing.

And deadly.
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.@WHCOS and @JakeSullivan46: we appreciate your support for the #TRIPSwaiver. NOW: we need a Global #COVID19Vaccines Czar in the @WhiteHouse. Someone with access to both of you and @POTUS. 1/
This CANNOT be a lower post somewhere in @USAID or elsewhere. This person has to corral companies, the US’ allies, scientists worldwide to manage tech transfer, scale up of manufacturing, coordination of global supply chains for raw materials. 2/
This also CANNOT be handed off to #COVAX or #CEPI. They do NOT have enough political power to make anything happen beyond the status quo. 3/
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Happy #EuropeDay, celebrating the historic, radical experiment to promote peace through economic and political integration based on democracy and human rights.…

It’s a shame that current EU leaders are undermining our founding principles these days...
The EU & its member states did nothing as a dictatorship emerged in Hungary.

In fact, the largest political group in Europe, the European People's Party, actively supported it for years.

The EU is now no longer a bloc of exclusively democratic states…
EU member Poland is not far behind Hungary, either, sinking ever further into authoritarianism along the Hungarian model...…
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Yet again, EU leaders show they think we’re all stupid…

Literally no one pushing for the #TRIPSwaiver thinks it’s a “magic bullet”. This is a complete insult to the intelligence of medical experts, health campaigners & the 100+ governments behind it.… Image
Bringing new vaccine production online will take time - which is exactly why we have all been pushing for the #TRIPSwaiver since October…

…while the EU has used those 7 months to block wider production.
Just think: we could be 7 months ahead of where we are now, if only rich governments listened to the experts sooner.

And now, the EU tries to lecture us about how the #TRIPSwaiver is not an instant solution... 🙄
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