Birth defects are physical, systemic or mental abnormalities that happened to people before they're born. These disorders, disease conditions or malformation occurred in the mother's womb (especially in early pregnancy) before birth.

In March 2020, I led a public health promotion event on birth defects in commemoration of the 2020 World Birth Defects Day alongside my friends @dadaoluwasogok & @MercySue7
The online education event was titled, "CURSED OR CAUSED: The Fate of the Newborn."
We talked about the causes of these defects and the responsibility of pregnant women and parents in preventing them.

We encouraged women to take antenatal care seriously. Everyone including state actors must do everything to ensure pregnant women access antenatal care
However, we made a case for discrimination. Some of the persons you see crippled, having abnormal head or eye size and the other familiar deformities are born that way. Some school students suffer pre-birth mental retardation. They're not necessarily dull or slow.
We urged people to be careful with how they talk to these people especially about their problems. We encouraged empathy, understanding and tolerance. It could be anyone.
Don't say they beg. Give them if you have. Don't say they're ugly. Befriend them. Teach them. Support them.
Many birth defects are treatable. State actors and privileged individuals should always make efforts to support the treatment of these persons. We believe that these people amongst us are part of us. It could be us.
Kindly RT and FOLLOW for more Public Health Promotional contents.

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26 Apr
A thread.

Numbers are common elements of many writings. However, there are two basic formats for using them properly.

1. Spelling them out - fifty
2. Using the numerals - 50

When do you (1) and when do you (2)?


1. When the number is below 10.
"I have TWO oranges."
"He will serve for two years before taking a seven months leave."

2. When the number is starting a sentence.
"NINETY years ago..."

Not... "60 years ago..."

"Twenty persons liked my thread."

1. When the number is 10 & above.
"I am 17 years old."

"He played the entire 90 minutes without a shot on target."

2. When you're you're writing a mixed fraction.

3. When you're writing the days of the month.
"26th April 2021"
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25 Apr
The burden of malaria in sub-Saharan Africa and Nigeria is a major public health concern. The stakes are still high and the socioeconomic topography of African nations affects the bid to eliminate malaria parasite vectors.
#WorldMalariaDay2021 #Malaria
We must come up with more innovative solutions to help achieve more results.
Public health promotion campaigns must place more emphasis on prompt diagnosis and complete treatment interventions.
Patients must be encouraged to complete their medication dosage even when they feel better in order to eliminate disease causing forms of the parasites and the reproductive gametocytes.
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25 Apr



The attention of the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation has been drawn to publications making the rounds on...
2. media platforms with regard to the "Establishment Circular" on the above subject. It has therefore become important to make the following clarifications:

i. The circular does not in any way suggest or prescribe the discontinuance of remuneration, salaries and...
3. ...earned allowances for interns as being speculated ;

ii. Moreover, internship is a period of work experience offered by an organization for a specified period of time. It is typically undertaken by students and fresh graduates to gain relevant skills in a particular field
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15 Apr
You may not have heard anything about MEDICAL LABORATORY SCIENTISTS. I'll give you a hint.

We're an integral member of the healthcare delivery system that specializes in laboratory medicine with focus on diagnosing diseases through manual and automated testing protocols.
We are constantly exposed to different types of laboratory hazards including infectious diseases, burns, cuts and pricks, chemical mishaps, and electrocution.

We're innovative, organized, focus, emphatic, honest, committed and disciplined to obtain accurate results.
We're report writers. We're trained on this premise, "If it is not done, it should not be documented, and if it is not documented, it is not done."

We are trained to work at any time of day. We also contribute to patient recovery through voluntary donation of blood units.
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14 Apr

Every good writing have a uniform representation of words or number format that appear more than once. Word consistency is simply the act of writing one word, abbreviation or number format the same way throughout the text.

See these examples:
"The President announced a new social intervention scheme on Monday, 5th April 2021. The scheme is expected to begin on April 20th 2021."

Did you notice the formats of the dates?
The second one had no "Monday" and the position of the day "20th" changed. That's inconsistency.
See another example,

"We're in down economy. The unemployment and UNDEREMPLOYMENT numbers in Nigeria is worrisome. It has become a twin problem. Should we solve unemployment or UNDER-EMPLOYMENT?

Did you see UNDEREMPLOYMENT? One has hyphen and the other doesn't.
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14 Apr
Let me tell you a little APPLICATION WRITING secret.

"Try to turn your ADJECTIVES to DATA."

For example:
I improved sales SIGNIFICANTLY.
I improved sales by 60%.

Very important in application writing. CV. Resume. SoP. Cover Letter. LinkedIn Profile.

RT. Check the next tweet.
Adjectives are the most abused words in writing. Adjectives can lighten up novels and stories. However, they bring a lot of ambiguity and "suspicion" to corporate writing.

In business, everyone wants RESULTS, and not sweet words.

Write measurable PROOFS. Don't exaggerate.
If you have enough time, you can decide to use many adjectives with proofs.

We added more butter to the pizza which made is softer. We also baked it for 10 minutes to give it a brighter look. We decided to add sugar in this batch to make them sweeter.

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