you know how half your friends look at you strange for prepping? get stuff for them too.

get things now, while they're available. air filters, furnace filters, p100 masks. ideally, respirators (halfmask or full face) with p100 filters on them.
if you get OV/P100 cartridges for your respirators, you're ready for tear gas too. just saying. The cartridge numbers for 3M brand masks, and clones that use the same ones, are 60921, 60923, or 60926. If you have the choice, 60926 is probably best.
P100 stands for, basically, "oil-[P]roof, 100% particulate filtration." The famous n95 masks stand for "[N]ot oil proof, 95% particulate filtration" and is better than nothing, but no reason to attach less than a P100 to a respirator.
3M brand (the one I'm most familiar with, I haven't tested the others much) labels its p100 cartridges with bright pink, so they're fairly easy to spot. The OV part is "organic vapors" and is important for tear gas but not as crucial for smoke. Helps with the smell tho i think.
the OV part eventually gets "used up" and needs to be replaced as it starts letting organic vapors through. Particulate filters have the opposite problem... they become too effective and start blocking airflow, and need to be replaced. They are still blocking particulates.
I'm not as familiar with air filtration systems. Most I've seen use the MERV rating, which runs from 1-16 or 1-20 depending on who you ask. What I've heard is you are looking for MERV of at least 12, with 10 working in a pinch.
You can get air filters that incorporate an air filter and a fan, and they're reasonably priced. You can also (I have not tested this, i'm on the east coast. west coast friends have.) duct tape a furnace filter to a box fan.
if you have the capacity to, stock up. get some for yourself, and if you can, get some for those friends who won't get them for themselves.
here's an awful lot of information about gas masks:…
here's an episode of Live Like the World is Dying that talks about gas masks in depth: ……
here's an episode from last summer talking with an anarchist wilderness firefighter


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1 May
happy may day

my favorite of the haymarket martyrs was george engel. not the fiery bombthrower nor the indomitable organizer, he was a german toymaker (as best as i can tell) who only came to anarchism later in life as he saw other methods to reach equality prove fruitless.
he worked with an anarchist paper, i believe behind the scenes. he wasn’t at the haymarket rally, he stayed home that night. yet put on trial for being an anarchist, he held fast. when the governor offered clemency in exchange for apology, he refused.
he died in chicago with a noose around his neck for the crime of believing in a world without rulers. his last words were, in german, “hoch die anarchie.” translated, “hurrah for anarchy.”

may we all meet our fates so bold as this 50 year old man.
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8 Apr
dear liberals,

gun control will disproportionately affect marginalized groups, both in terms of enforcement and in terms of removing access to the tools required for self defense.

sincerely, a heavily-doxxed trans woman in the rural south
to make clear my own position: i do not believe "an armed society is a polite society." I do not believe in universal gun ownership. I believe that access to the appropriate tools for self-defense is a human right.
I believe that in the current US climate, semi-automatic small arms (rifles and handguns) are the most effective tools for self-defense in many situations. I believe, frankly and after years of thought, that owning a firearm makes me less likely to be murdered by a transphobe.
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7 Jan
in light of all of this, another prepper gear thread. things that i would encourage most left-ish people to have. (list is non-exhaustive and not authoritative, just suggestions).
personal carry: pocketknife, multitool, flashlight, lighter
tiny survival bag i like for purse, backpack, or vehicle: water filtration pills, emergency blanket, floss (for sewing, cordage, teeth), sewing needles, mask, earplugs, tinder, folding toothbrush, travel toothpaste, p38 can opener, whistle, spork, butterfly bandages [continued]
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3 Nov 20
whatever happens in the coming days and weeks and months, we collectively have the skills and strength to deal with it.
we just have to take care of one another.
even if society collapses, we have to remember that it wasnt the economic or governmental systems that fed us, but people. its people who grow food, who build shelter, and who organize to distribute resources.
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17 Sep 20
We're all preppers now. Whether we want to be or not. It's hard to think about, but we're just in the opening credits to the apocalypse movie. This is the calm before the storm. This is your moment to get ready. We can get through this. A thread.
Remember: most people survive the collapse of their way of life, most of the time. The end of the world isn't always, or even usually, the uh... end of the world.
Prepping is community-focused or it's nonsensical. Talking to your neighbor is more important than building a bunker. Buying two good-enough of whatever you need and giving one to a friend is a better use of your money than buying the really nice thing that costs 2x as much.
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13 Aug 20
i was so into the guillotine because i thought we were all on the same page that the guillotine is obviously fucked up and the wrong way to solve social problems, as evidenced by, you know, the history of the guillotine

narrator voice: we were not all on the same page
like i love the guillotine as a symbol because it's a symbol of revolutionary violence that carries within it the necessary critique of revolutionary violence that we need to be VERY aware of whenever we talk about revolution.

"after the revolution" no one is against the fucking wall because the idea of putting people up against the wall and shooting them is part of what we're having a revolution against.
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