Been a few weeks now - has any of the momentum opposing the ESL carried over into dealing with the Qatar World Cup?


And why is that?

Because the media didn't tell it's puppets to give a shit about it.

Football definitely won though. Definitely.
We didn't just do the bidding of the UEFA and the Media to keep the status quo which rakes in billions for them both.

We definitely aren't just puppets sitting waiting for Sky to tell us what to be outraged about.

That is why not a single shit was given about the new UCL.
And now that outraged is being focused on American owners in the Premier League. They are THE great evil.

Who are the shining examples of 'good' ownership though? A Russian Oligarch who only bought Chelsea to give Putin a foothold in the UK and human rights abusing Abu Dhabi.
Two clubs that were also part of the ESL. But they 'weren't really' in it like those filthy Americans.

We even have Wenger from the pocket of Qatar-owned beIN telling us how great Qatar owned PSG are while not giving a single fuck about how they bribed the FIFA Crime Syndicate
buy a World Cup and partake in the killing of 6500 slaves in the process.

They are the good guys according to FIFA, UEFA and the media. Filthy Americans only in it to make a quick buck - who have made much bigger and quicker amounts before getting into sport and have taken two
teams from being on their arse back to the top - they are the sports great evil.

And we are still doing their bidding.

Because it seems we are morons.
People have real power. Sadly, they are also collectively stupid.

Which makes manipulating them to do your bidding really easy. It's the sole reason Rupert Murdoch owns the Sun. That shit doesn't make a profit - but that isn't it's purpose. It exists to push extreme right-wing
views down the throats of the UK public to stoke fear and hatred - then give you something to direct it at.

Just as the Sky outrage generator is doing right now. 'GET ANGRY ABOUT THIS'


Fans won though.
Are we being told to 'get angry' about racism?

Are we being told to demand that they 'do something'?

To encourage us to turn up outside the FA, UEFA and FIFA offices and force them to take action just we did with ESL?


Because they don't give a fuck about it. Not really.
So it is left to the victims - the players themselves - to try and organise something to push back against it.
I pray that someday the billionaires that control the media, who in turn pull our strings, give a shit about global warming. They realise that despite making billions squeezing the life out of the earth, they will cease to do so when we are all dead.

Because until then, we will
do absolutely fuck all about that also. Except memes. We will meme the fuck out of it.

• • •

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4 May
“City are a real asset for the game and I am delighted to be working with them for a better future for the European game."
- UEFA chief Aleksander Ceferin
"Football need to control owners who want to make money out of clubs. City owners wanted to improve the team."
FIFA's Chief of Global Football Development Arsene Wenger

So there you have it. We are trying to 'control' the wrong ones here. City are good for football in the
eyes of UEFA and FIFA.

All that matters when it comes to an owner is how much money they will put into the club for transfers. If they are committing genocide, human rights atrocities, executing people for being gay, killing thousands of slaves - that has nothing to do with
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Is there any actual news about the game - is it kicking off in 10 minutes? Delayed? Postponed?

My timeline, as per usual, is shit :D
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We really need to stop focusing on the 'trouble' or 'damage' of a protest.

It often has nothing to do with the protest - it is just dickheads tagging along trying to satisfy their own urges to break shit or hurt something. But even when that doesn't happen - and we saw this
with BLM, instigators blend in from groups with opposing ideals and start the shit then walk away. Sometimes the police will infiltrate groups and start shit themselves as a means of justifying their response to it.

And the media will always focus on that trouble because that
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The space is in front of McTominay here. If you pass the ball in front of him then it makes it easier to see the next pass forwards.

AWB passes it into his feet though which kills his momentum. Sure, a different midfield still finds a way to restart the forward momentum but the
momentum is interrupted firstly by the passer.

Only AWB has a perfect snapshot of what is behind McTominay when the pass is played. And us, the viewer. Players unconsciously pass this information with the ball. By not passing in front of Scott, is AWB telling him someone is Image
moving to shut down that space and ambush him? That he isn't safe to turn into that space?

Making this comparison with Busquets and AWB is unfair of course. It's just a poor pass from a player who struggles to have any impact in the buildup for United for these very reasons. Image
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Thiago created 0 big chances from open play for Bayern last season.

If you think Liverpool's data analysis and scouting teams sat down and picked him out as a player that would 'solve creativity' then you have zero understanding of football.
Thiago is a controller. He helps teams impose the will on the opponent by winning the battle in midfield - keeping the ball away from the opponent, forcing the opponent to surrender the ball if they get it.
He is also a ball progressor. His numbers stand out in terms of moving his team up the pitch and getting the ball into the final 3rd where your more creative players and finishers take over.
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I don't know how to quantify what a deep-lying playmaker does.

Playmaker implies creativity.

So assists then?

He has no assists, he must be shit at being a deep-lying playmaker.

He didn't have many last season either. He has always been shit then.

The highest rated
deep-lying playmakers of all time don't have many assists either (Alonso, Pirlo, etc).

So they are all shit then too.

You see people fall into similar traps ALL THE TIME on here. Even people who are usually very good at using data.

From @CraqueStats radar launch article 👇

To help anybody struggling with the Thiago conundrum. This is what you need for a functioning midfield. Which of these functions do you think Thiago excelled in at Bayern? Which of the 3 players is he most similar to?
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