What is Asthma?
It’s a chronic lung disease which causes breathing difficulties and affects sufferers to varying degrees, asthma is caused by swelling and inflammation of the air passages leading to & from your lungs to narrow.
This obstructs the path that oxygen takes to your lungs, resulting in shortness of breath. Asthma attacks can be physically & emotionally distressing. And in severe conditions, can lead to death.
Asthma is not usually curable but can be controlled to certain extents, depending on how it affects the sufferer. If asthma is controlled then sufferers can live relatively normal lives, although some triggers may have to be avoided.
Asthma is controlled by prevention medication for chronic symptoms and relief medication for flare-ups of asthma symptoms. Education and understanding are keys to effective control of asthma, which can be fatal if not managed properly.
Symptoms vary in intensity & frequency from person to person but the most common signs are:  
•Shortness of breath
•Chest tightness or pain
•Wheezing when exhaling, which is a common sign of asthma in children
•Trouble sleeping caused by shortness of breath, coughing
•Coughing or wheezing attacks that are worsened by a respiratory virus, such as a cold or the flu

Signs that your asthma is probably worsening include:
•Asthma signs & symptoms that are more frequent & bothersome
•Increasing difficulty breathing,
This year’s World Asthma Day theme is “Uncovering Asthma Misconceptions”.
The theme provides a call to action to address common widely held myths & misconceptions concerning asthma.
Common misconceptions surrounding asthma include:
•Asthma is a childhood disease; individuals will grow out of it as they age.
•It is infectious.
•Asthma sufferers should not exercise.
•It is only controllable with high dose steroids.

The Truth is:
•Asthma can occur at any age (in children, adolescents, adults, elderly)
• Asthma is not infectious. However, viral respiratory infections (such as common cold and the flu) can cause asthma attacks. Or In children, asthma is frequently associated with allergy, but asthma which starts adulthood is less often allergic.
• When asthma is well controlled, asthma subjects are able to exercise and even perform top sport.
• Asthma is most often controllable with low dose inhaled steroids
How To manage Asthma
•Seek the advice of a medical professional. Follow the treatment plan they prescribe you and review your medication regularly.  
•Be prepared - always carry a reliever inhaler and an identity card that tells people what to do in the event of an emergency
•Keep fit - exercise raises your heart rate, boosts the strength of your lungs/immune system, improves your mood and helps you maintain a healthy weight.
•Avoid triggers - learn to recognise and manage what triggers your asthma attacks.
This will help you to control how frequently you have them.
•If you are a smoker, quit. For children, try - if possible - to limit the amount of time they spend in highly polluted areas.

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