Thanks to @laurameckler @hannah_natanson for their coverage of the CRT frenzy.
It might seem like it came out of nowhere.
Here’s a thread on the history.…
It’s more than talk. 8 states have debated bills to fight the phantom CRT menace.
The bills would ban stuff like this:…
In the 20th century, as historians like @HartmanAndrew @nataliapetrzela @MicNick11 @Randall_Stps @DianeRavitch Jon Zimmerman (and me) have noted, schools saw campaigns like this over and over.
Imagined threats. Drastic responses.…
One example: “Progressive Ed.”
Yes, progressive ed is a real thing.
But it was used as a cartoon bogeyman by conservatives.
Accusations that “Progressive Ed” was turning children against America led to “investigations,” like one in Pasadena, 1950.
Sometimes the anti-“progressive ed” language is the same as today’s anti-CRT.
E.g. from Texas, c. 1986: “Your tax dollars pay for the textbooks that glorify Marxist revolutionaries and their revolutions.”
The themes from the anti-“prog ed” campaign are the same as today:
1.)Colleges are the problem.
2.)It’s so sneaky you might not have noticed it.
3.)The “threat” is pervasive—we’re almost too late.
4.)You need expert “researchers” to fill you in.…
The take-away: Today’s anti-CRT stuff is not really about CRT.
It is about spreading fear.
The only way the Ed Right wins is by making parents scared of public schools.…

• • •

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4 May
"Easily"? wasn't easy. But kudos to @michelleinbklyn for this piece on the fake-CRT frenzy. @HartmanAndrew @nataliapetrzela @ScribnerUMCP Jon Zimmerman (and I) have explored the history...…
Why don't more people know the long history of the Ed Right? As @MicNick11 noted, it's partly because the activists involved were often women.…
Sometimes today's anti-CRT freakout is almost a quote of older Ed Right talk.
E.g. Mel and Norma Gabler, c. 1986:
“Your tax dollars pay for the textbooks that glorify Marxist revolutionaries and their revolutions.”
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The news by @ElizRedden is sad but not surprising.
LGBTQ students don’t feel at home at anti-LGBTQ Christian colleges.
Why don’t colleges do more?
It’s not so simple. (THREAD warning)…
I said it in my book, Fundamentalist U: There’s lots of pressure from the Right edge.
Tuition dollars are tight.
Why would anti-LGBTQ parents shell out $$$ for a pro-LGBTQ college?…
Plus, there can be HUGE payouts for holding the anti-LGBTQ line.
Gordon College got $75.5 MILLION.
Every Christian university president noticed.…
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Anyone ready for some depressingly predictable history?
Turns out the Noble confession from Chicago is only the latest in a long tradition of cruel extra punishment in schools for Black kids. (Thread warning.)…
The first urban school reform in the USA was all about controlling poor kids. White reformers assumed Black kids needed extra control.…
The lead reformer back then, Joseph Lancaster, claimed not to see any problem with shackling Black kids together and making them parade backwards around his classroom.…
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24 Mar 20
Now it looks like @libertyU vs everybody.

How does this flip the historical script? A lil thread:…
Back in the 1940s, even hard-core Fundamentalist U sometimes put ideology in the back seat.
Exhibit A: in 1946, Bob Jones College grabbed as much army-surplus as it could, in spite of BJC’s generally leery attitude about the feds.
Exhibit B: In one famous case, though, Bob Jones clung to its conservative, segregationist ideology WAY longer than other white southern fundamentalist colleges. How did that work out?
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