@zelea_gaming @ChristKiller88 I know what you mean and it seems undeniable that you're correct in the way you mean.

But I'm thinking in terms of genetic tendency. In fact, that is the default way I think. In fact, at a genetic level, people in say, year 1100 AD, were almost certainly more "genetically woke".
@zelea_gaming @ChristKiller88 So you always have a genetic tendency toward culty-causiness. In the past, those manias were pushed into religions. Communism, Nazism, modern "woke" politics, formal "cults" like Scientology and the Moonies are secular manifestations of cultiness.
@zelea_gaming @ChristKiller88 The same thing happened recently with the "occupy" movement. Elites managed to redirect that energy away from power and against whites. I don't think religions in the past were "designed" in the way the anti-white movement was designed, but it functioned as a sink for loonies.
@zelea_gaming @ChristKiller88 Now in terms of "phenotypic cultiness", I don't know if it would be possible to say if the US today or Europe in 1100 AD was more or less "culty" even in principle if we had a time machine. But without one, it's practically impossible.

• • •

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More from @Freesoilyeah

5 May
@Max7758469453 @zelea_gaming @ChristKiller88 I dunno I've found "conservatives" to be far more open to the experience of perhaps the holocaust didn't happen and perhaps brown people are less intelligent. And it's been shown that "conservatives" are friendlier to blacks.

So "open" to what?
@Max7758469453 @zelea_gaming @ChristKiller88 As for "creative" - I dunno, one of the most innovative military in terms of tactics and operations was the Prussian/German military. Were these monarchists "neurological liberals"? Maybe. Marxism is zero creativity, stormtrooper tactics are mega creativity.
@Max7758469453 @zelea_gaming @ChristKiller88 Basically, I don't know of anything that is essentially "leftist" that is actually creative - meaning creates something useful that works. And I don't know how these surveys are measuring "openness to experience". Like, open to gay buttsecks? Asian mysticism?
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25 Apr
@CouldntBRighter Ofc you can use whatever words you want, and I'll do my best to understand what you mean. But more timeless terms would be "default" and "causey".

In terms of "authoritarian", that's kinda vague. Default PEOPLE are certainly less controlling on an interpersonal level.
@CouldntBRighter If you're talking about state systems controlling people, that is only a result of causey people.

In Nazi Germany, you had a situation where the "big cause" WAS default.

In the USSR, the "big cause" was contra default. And in most of history, the big cause is contra-default.
@CouldntBRighter That is why Hitler had so much more unity than Stalin and didn't need to have purges - the causey types and default types in Germany were all on the same page. Obviously every individual falls on a spectrum, and their genetic tendencies can be inflamed or suppressed.
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25 Apr
@CouldntBRighter Oh no, you've got it all wrong. To have a "big cause" you have to have a certain psychological type. It's the kind of person most likely to join cults.

This is always at odds with people who don't fall for causes.
@CouldntBRighter Usually it's a fanatical elite vs. the non-causey masses who just want to grill. In the Axis states, the "causey" people fell into the "cause" of their nation. That is, the nation became the cause. Think SS (core, later they became a way for non-Germans to join the army).
@CouldntBRighter But what has happened is the causey people, who usually just lose over time, have brought in foreign nations. And so you have nationalisms pitted against each other in the US - black, white, various browns - and so the nationalisms can't form a unified front against the cultists
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23 Apr
@patowan @Alt1987er @ArtyomLukin Okay, clusters with sometimes hard and sometimes fuzzy boundaries with varying degrees of mixture that are often called "populations" or "haplogroups" but are absolutely NOT RACES despite having identical delineations as the old races.
@patowan @Alt1987er @ArtyomLukin But lets start with some boundaries: do you think a population which is 50% downs syndrome and 50% not-downs syndrome, is going to be "stronger" than one which is 100% not-downs syndrome?
@patowan @Alt1987er @ArtyomLukin I'm going to assume you'd say the zero downs syndrome population is better off. We'll bypass any shifting or reframing because we know your answer is "no" and there's no significant audience to this conversation. So that sets limit on the benefit of genetic diversity.
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17 Apr
@moon_overmiami @DrDenaT @KBoomhauer @Me2S3M It's one unhappy aspect, but in general, white people who have less positive views of other races have lower neuroticism, depression and suicide. So in general they're happier. That doesn't necessarily mean I'm generally happy, but I will tell you I am.
@moon_overmiami @DrDenaT @KBoomhauer @Me2S3M Also in experiments on interaction, whites who have more negative views of other races (implicit association and explicit statement) are rated as being warmer, more likely to initiate contact, and sit ever so slightly closer to people of other races when talking.
@moon_overmiami @DrDenaT @KBoomhauer @Me2S3M So in terms of being "cold" to brown people, it's literally the opposite. This kinda makes sense as whites with lower views of brown people tend to have lived around them more, and so they (you?) aren't foreign or imagined to have super-strength.
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17 Apr
@moon_overmiami Sure but that means closed borders. And for the United States, that means massive racial partitions and forced population transfers (like India in 1948).

That means first telling people it's okay to want a country for their people, to not demonize it into thinking they have to..
@moon_overmiami .. be "americans" (whatever the fuck that means). If a Somali muslim can be an "american", then the term is meaningless.

Your home is defined by exclusion. If anyone can enter your home, then it's not really your home. Same with a home-land. If any foreigner can come in and vote
@moon_overmiami then you don't actually have a country. You exist in some sort of polyglot construct. That's why white americans are actually a stateless people - like the Kurds. We have no representation, any attempt at it becomes "white supremacy". Any attempt to escape is "segregation".
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