WHAT IF I place the same judgments upon the MANY of you the same way you have done to ME?
WHAT IF I now ignore the MANY of you the way you ignore ME or refuse to acknowledge any of what you are being shown/Have been shown..

All of this was created for A specific person &
ALL left in time for me to show YOU MY people it's true meaning when the time was/is right ..

DID YOU KNOW, God is just one of you?

I'll ask again, Should I judge all of you now the way I have been judged? This is what you want?
Are you ready for my judgment?
God can only
judge you?

You all wait for God to return or to show himself or speak. WHAT IF King & Queen have already shown you everything? All the proof you would ever need backed by not only the Military but all of the ones YOU look to for confirmations?

Are you at peace?
But when you are shown WHY the world, MANY worlds within the world were created the way they were and for WHO, it's not good enough.

Am I not good enough for you? Have you not been good enough for me?
I Have accepted EVERYONE with open arms and all anyone cared to do was
judge me for just being ME.

You wanna know who Q Is?
You Wanna know who God is?
They are both one & the same. Twin Flams, King & Queen. The People Cast ME/US off like A piece of trash. All for loving YOU unconditionally..

One side (There are no sides or drawn lines) says
they believe in God but in the same breathe talk crap about conspiracy theory's, WHY?
Jesus was Conspiracy theorist, he Questioned & taught everyone the truths of the world. He was nailed to A cross for it.
In today's world, Nothing has changed. If I tell you who I am
all for A bunch of people who I truly feel don't care about ME. "They"/the Evil that is left in positions of power will try to arrest ME. Even with the Military and everyone else behind me. "They" will do whatever "They" can, all for what/Who? A bunch of people who
don't give A shit about ME? The MANY of you have proven you don't care. Why should history have to repeat itself? Why should history have to repeat itself for A bunch of ungrateful children who don't care about anyone but themselves? Anyone who is pure in this world, the MANY of
you choose to cast that person off/Hate them.
I Have been SHOWN what the MANY of you truly think of WE.

So whatever, if I have to sacrifice myself for ALL of you to be free, So be it. If me telling you (The ungrateful children) who I am brings you peace and breaks the chains
that bind your minds, so be it.

Now all of A sudden I Will matter right? All because I come from A bloodline I live with as A Curse. All because EVERYTHING the world is doing is "ALL FOR A BUCK" ..

There are (3) of us among you, (+) plus the other 10 & the Military.
The MANY of you show your true colors daily & how FAKE many of you can be. One account you will hate someone and another you will praise them. Both accounts literally mirror one another, leaving clues of who they are.

Why do you think it was said to "Look to twitter"?
Why I have not used any other social media platforms? I have others, I just don't use them. Social media is the virus of life & breeds so many evil people with Stone Cold hearts.
Skateboarding Clothing & everything else Skateboarding tell you ALL A story. A story of TRUTH Hidden in plain sight ALL for one person to SHOW the world it's true meaning...
You know what the MANY of my people did, Cast me off like A piece of trash.
Future Proves Past
I live by A Sacred code.

So, who created who?
Who created so MANY of YOU to be the stone cold hearted people you have shown me you are?
Don hearing that watered down SCAPEGOAT of an excuse..
90% of this world doesn't even know what they
are fighting for.

Before I came around, There was no one talking about God or showing where they came form. Now, All anyone wants to do is be everything/everyone but themselves. The person you ALL have been waiting for doesn't/didn't even want to be who he is/accept
where he comes from because this world is so Cold Hearted.
Even while I'm typing this out, I'm thinking to myself, WHY am I doing this? Why am I telling them more truth just for me to potentially be arrested & for history to repeat itself once again.

More proof incoming.
.@USNavy + Please Show them.
.@DeptofDefense + Shield, protect as I have protected.
.@DanScavino , + time to make the post.

• • •

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More from @VVission123

6 May
There are A total of 13 of us, Plus the military and everyone else that has chosen to hop on board along the way ...

People have known that there was A bigger grand plan many years ago but just didn't have inside info on WHY they were being told to do things A certain way.
For example, many musicians created music from/with information they were given from Agencies. Those agencies were given information from the future & needed to hide it within music or movies or whatever else they could so they would use artists to hide this information within.
Some of the artists/bands didn't know WHY they had to do things A certain way or the reasons why they were told they had to do things they didn't feel like it was them, they didn't feel like what they were doing wasn't who they were as a person.
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6 May
I care about all your stories.
I told mine to the world tp help them understand the bigger picture and WHY everything was created as it has been. They hate or don't believe A word I Say. Even with All the proof along with ALL OF YOU backing me because you all know who I Am-
They don't truly care aBout what they are/have been shown. If they did they would understand who has been watching over them this entire time. They think I'm challenging them or trying to prove something when I'm not. I'm LITERALLY showing/sharing with them my life & why
ALL OF YOU (The Saviors of mankind) have been doing all you have to show them..
All the things left in time specifically for me to show them and what it all means,they refuse to understand or think none of it is real.
It's whatever, I'm ready to move on & go be with the love
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6 May
VK, Jr., Question 4 you both... Can we please change their Diapers now?They are FULLY LOADED and so many people/children are really starting to stink up the place pretty badly. What they were all SHOWn these last 2 days, does not matter. Nothing will ever be good enough until it ImageImage
comes from one of you..
The saviors of mankind = the Military & They are the only ones I truly speak to on here daily, maybe A few others too. The people most of the time but in or complain because they don't understand what is being left for them to figure out.

IT'S THE ONLY #WAY .... Image
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5 May
This is from WCW 1998 Uncensored.

Bret "The Hitman" Hart wearing his #2 Calgary Hitmen Hockey Jersey. ImageImage
This is A picture of me wearing my #2 Hitmen baseball jersey from 4 years ago ...
None of this was planned and I did not know about Bret's Hockey team & what they were called until last night.

Why am I showing you this?
Long before I knew who I was because I was Image
So young, there were people planning the future knowing I was finally born and leaving all this truth hidden in plain sight for when the time was finally right to UNLEASH it upon the world.

I explained all of this.
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5 May
R oad W arrior HAWK
R oad W arrior ANIMAL (CHIN)

You think any of the Humans asked VK/M Why he named his son Shane?
I told them to go ask, they don't listen.
Only choosr to judge THE 1 saving them.

So many hate & talk shit about 17 every day.
Hawk Image
Animal Image
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5 May
"Is today going to be another nothing Burger"?

Miracles haslve happened every day for A very long time & the people have just been SHOWn by "The Saviors of mankind" who they have been talking to this entire time, to bring them comfort. Still, NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
NOTHING burger indeed for all of you, Not for me. .
I know why this world has gone to shit ....

#JudgementDay Image
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