Happy May the Fourth! Have some SW threads.

This is the greatest Star Wars thread of all time. @imaginmatrix reconceives the conflict as btwn the Council & Anakin over Anakin & Padmé's marriage and Anakin's revolutionary politics. Anakin is far more interesting on this telling.
In this thread I try to write a better ending for Rise of Skywalker. I still object to reintroducing Palpatine—more radical would've been *no* big baddie, but a reckoning with the Social Question—but if you gotta keep Palps, let Ben live & Rey go Dark.
It's no surprise I love both Star Wars and the #WheelOfTime: they have deep thematic resonances. In this thread I explore some of these. Happy #MayThe4th! cc #TwitterOfTime for this one.
What about y'all? What are your favorite Star Wars threads, analyses, reimaginings, etc? #MayThe4th

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3 May
My latest at @liberalcurrents expands my thoughts on the English and Kalla "Racial Equality Frames" study and the way liberal moderates seized on its results to counsel tip-toeing around racial justice. This is a mistake. THREAD liberalcurrents.com/scorched-earth…
.@lindsey_brink@mattyglesias are my foils, but I view this as constructive dialogue, not confrontation. Lindsey's vision of a vibrant liberal commercial republic is close to mine. He's a friend of @liberalcurrents, having contributed there himself. 2/n liberalcurrents.com/the-new-class-…
.@mattyglesias's penchant for left-punching is irritating, but he's indispensable on issues very important to me: liberal housing/zoning reform & expanding freedom of movement. See @matthewdownhour's deservedly glowing review of One Billion Americans. 3/n liberalcurrents.com/liberalism-and…
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28 Apr
I keep coming across this and I worry it's the latest iteration of "Let's not talk about race," which has historically given cover for ... not addressing racial inequality.

I'm in no position to question the research quality, and I don't. And yet here is a short THREAD.
The paper presents a racial justice framing for a handful of issues and compares their support against these framings: race-neutral, class, and racial justice + class.

So far so good, but what if in the real world there *is no such thing as a race-neutral framing?* 2/6
Suppose Democrats align to "stop making it all about race" as my white mother used to say. Well, Republicans *will* make it about race, by deploying either the dog whistle rhetoric of "welfare queens," "super predators," etc or the overt racism Trump dusted off. 3/6
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27 Apr
Very interesting stuff! I will quickly live tweet this. The headline result is that @emilyekins and @AlexNowrasteh find similar results to Gallup's tracking poll, finding increasing support for immigration since about 2010. 1/n
This is mostly from Democrats, though note that despite increasing(ly loud) overt racism from the GOP, Republicans have not gotten more restrictionist over the past 20 years. @POTUS take note: embrace immigration! You have stable support from Democrats. 2/n
I'm here to tell you that "racist beliefs" and a "sincere interest in controlling the border" are, uh, not mutually exclusive. Turns out you can have a sincere racist interest in controlling the border! 3/n
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22 Apr
I'm surprised to find myself disagreeing with Lindsey's latest at @NiskanenCenter. Importantly, he pretty much accepts the slate of antiracist diagnoses, but argues we should address Black disadvantage obliquely with popular race neutral policies. THREAD
.@lindsey_brink argues that antiracist rhetoric is too zero-sum, too intent on white privilege. He presses the case for a positive sum framing. As it happens, I agree, and @hmcghee's the Sum of Us is an excellent case for a positive sum antiracism. 2/n
But note it is "positive sum antiracism," not "positive sum non-racism." Lindsey errs for two reasons: 1) there are intrinsically zero-sum racialized status contests, and 2) the popularity of Black disadvantage-dissolving policies is politically dynamic. 3/n
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21 Jan
Adam Smith's sympathetic method and "impartial spectator" can be an antidote to the Millsian epistemology of ignorance. Where the Rawlsian veil of ignorance abstracts away critical info, Smith's sympathetic method explicitly reaches out to pull more information in. 1/6
The impartiality of the "inhabitant of the breast" is constructed asymptotically by "entering into" the feelings & circumstances of the other, engaging in a kind of reflective equilibrium with one's own thoughts & iterating outward, reaching beyond one's own culture. 2/6
Amartya Sen calls this "open impartiality" to contrast with the "closed impartiality" of contractarian traditions that tend to smuggle in dominant group biases. Smith's open impartiality takes place in *realized* social contexts, rather than ideal-theoretic just institutions. 3/6
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26 Dec 20
Been a while since I've done something like this. Limit fifty because I've only read about fifty books.
1. Starting with something recent. Confronting Inequality, by Jonathan Ostry, Prakash Loungani, and Andrew Berg. There is, over the long term, probably an *inverse* correlation between inequality and economic growth. We can foster *durable* growth with egalitarian policies. Image
2. Rule of the Clan, by Mark Weiner. Individual freedom is made possible in significant part by the anonymity and rule of law of modern, bureaucratic states. Image
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