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It's #MayThe4th and I have to finally tell my Luke Skywalker story. It was just 5 days until the 2020 election and I wanted to do a @ProjectLincoln ad about military absentee votes as Trump called to only count ballots on Nov 3rd thus disenfranchising thousands of military voters
I pitched the idea of a celebrity ad to my boss @reedgalen and he says "go for it" he always did for me. So, who to do it? I call everyone I can that knows celebrities with military connections. All day. No luck. My son says "hey...@MarkHamill follows you on Twitter..."
I was like he says "No DM's" I don't want him to unfollow me! But, I dig up his agents email and fire off a pitch for help. 10:30 that night my son pounds on my door "OPEN YOUR EMAIL!! HE'S IN!!" I'm stunned...then I'm terrified. I have to write an ad for Mark Freaking Hamill.
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You've def heard of "The Hero's Journey", the narrative structure dating back to Homer's Odyssey in 7th ce BC.

A great way to learn the framework is comparing scene-by-scene images from 2 classic films of the story type: Star Wars + The Matrix. #MayThe4th

Here's a breakdown🧵 Image
0/ The "Hero's Journey" was coined by Joseph Campbell, an American literary prof.

He studied ancient myths and found many shared a similar character arc (AKA the "monomyth").

It follows 12 stages, with a hero venturing from an "ordinary world" to a "special world" and back. Image
1/ Ordinary world

The hero's normal life before the adventure begins:

◻️ Luke Skywalker lives on a farm in Tatooine
◻️ Neo is a corporate slave in The Matrix Image
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Sad news, @NYTArchives on Twitter is retiring after eight years. I've been lucky enough to post on this scrappy little account hundreds of times and met lots of passionate folks interested in our archives. Here's my favorite tweets! 🧵 Image
@NYTArchives Obama was in office when we started, being such a popular fellow, I wanted to find the first NYT photo we had. Our "morgue" only contained three photos, all by @jimborgue, which led me to the first Obama profile ever in NYT. I think it did pretty well?
@NYTArchives During the earth-shattering "Peas in Guacamole" recipe meltdown of 2015, I could not help but find our first guacamole recipe in NYT (which we called "Mashed Avocado" in 1953).
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Si vous utilisez Git au quotidien, vous savez que cet outil regorge de commandes et de différentes options de configuration. Je vous propose ici de lister quelques astuces que j'utilise.

👇 Image
Que faites-vous en premier lorsque vous démarrer un projet de développement, qu'il soit plus ou moins gros ?

De mon côté, c'est la mise en place du versionning avec git, même pour les kata de code !

#MayThe4th #StarWarsDay #MayThe4thBeWithYou Image
Savez-vous que vous pouvez configurer un fichier .gitgnore global sur votre poste de travail ?

C'est pratique quand vous travaillez à plusieurs sur des projets pour éviter d'avoir tous les IDE des contributeurs listés dans le .gitignore des projets. Image
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Star Wars is a deconstruction of better space romance. Its deconstruction merely reflects the Overton window of the time the film in the series came out. Looking back fondly on 1 of the films reflects what era of modernity you pine for a return to.
Original Trilogy lover: spiritual boomer. Wishes cads (Han) were still cool. Wishes shrews (Leia) could still be tamed.

Prequel lover: misses emo, toonami, post 9/11 patriotism/anti-bushism

D1sney wars lover: hates men, wypipo, humanity, love, natural law & themselves
“That’s not me!”
Cool idc
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Happy May the Fourth! Have some SW threads.

This is the greatest Star Wars thread of all time. @imaginmatrix reconceives the conflict as btwn the Council & Anakin over Anakin & Padmé's marriage and Anakin's revolutionary politics. Anakin is far more interesting on this telling.
In this thread I try to write a better ending for Rise of Skywalker. I still object to reintroducing Palpatine—more radical would've been *no* big baddie, but a reckoning with the Social Question—but if you gotta keep Palps, let Ben live & Rey go Dark.
It's no surprise I love both Star Wars and the #WheelOfTime: they have deep thematic resonances. In this thread I explore some of these. Happy #MayThe4th! cc #TwitterOfTime for this one.
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Since it’s #MayThe4th, allow me to once again state that the Star Wars prequels continue to get better and better as the years go on. The story of a broken political machine being manipulated by corrupt politicians to accumulate power is what we are seeing in real time.
They tell us to stay in our homes, keep us away from friends and family...
Of course they don’t want to to it, but that have to do it for us...
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My wife wasn’t thrilled when I put this Lego Millennium Falcon on our wedding registry. To not seem completely self-indulgent, I told her I’d wait until we had kids to build it. Today, after 10 patient years, the adventure begins. #MayThe4th #MayThe4thBeWithYou Image
UPDATE #1: Kids started with Darth Vader and Chewbacca. Then fought epic battles and lost focus. 45 pieces down, 1209 to go. We have built something that looks like a chassis for the falcon. Will keep you posted on progress. This may take another 10 years ImageImageImage
UPDATE #2: I heard some noise that woke me up at 630am and came downstairs to find my 5 yr old boy working on the Falcon by himself. He did a couple of big build steps all on his own. I’m a proud dad this morning. Image
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Time for an adventure set in my #Disneyland RPG, where the kingdom has been taken over by the Disney Villains.

First we need a protagonist! No one famous, or even particularly heroic, just a small someone doing their best to survive these dark days.

Someone like...
2. As one of the feral cats of #Disneyland, your life hasn't changed TOO much since the Villains take over. You leave them alone; they leave you alone. Meow meow.

This neverending thunderstorm has been QUITE bothersome, though, and you've had to seek shelter... but where?
3. The Skyway station is (relatively) warm and dry, and has been abandoned for so long that few in #Disneyland even remember it exists. Thus, the perfect place for a cat to nap.

Until tonight. Your rest is interrupted by someone ascending the stairs. You open one eye, and spy...
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It’s the last day to enter our #Maythe4th Build Giveaway. Get a chance to win this custom PC built by @robeytech ft. a handcrafted + 3D printed RGB case mod & hardware from @ASUS_ROGNA @AMDRyzen @CORSAIR @wd_black @Rosewillinc & @Optimus_WC

Ends 5/31 ►… ImageImageImage
The winner will be announced during @robeytech's stream which starts tonight at 6:30PM PT. GL all!
Update: Today's stream has been cancelled.
The winner will be announced the same time tomorrow 6/4 during @robeytech's stream, 6:30PM PT.

Wish Robey well, he has food poisoning 🤢
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Marc "Paper Dandy" Hagan-Guirey (@PixelDandy) is a stunning papercraft artist (I own one of his "Horrorgami" boxes):…

He celebrated #MayThe4th with a set of painstaking "micro-scale" recreations of the classic Kenner Star Wars vehicles:

He's even re-created the accessories that came with the vehicles, like the crank-activated mechanical trash-compactor!

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SPECIAL REPORT: #coronavirus mortalities surpassed a quarter of a million today, including over 69,000 in the #US . However the government is concerned that if they find a COVID-19 vaccine, #China will copy it and distribute it for free.
By: @AlanRMacLeod…
“Biomedical research has long been a focus of theft, especially by the Chinese government, and vaccines and treatments for the #coronavirus are today’s holy grail,” said John C.
#COVIDー19 #ASTRO #healthcare…
One dose of @GileadSciences Truvada pill costs around $6 per month to manufacture, but Gilead charges patients over $1,700 for those pills. The gross profit on each customer, therefore, is around 28,000 percent.
#COVID19 #coronavirus #MotivationMonday #MayThe4th Image
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Rock tasting notes, #MayThe4th edition:

(Thread up & down for mineralogical assessment of kyber crystals, the key component of lightsabers.)
Oh! Right! More #MayThe4th rock-tasting notes (many-branching rabbit hole threads):
I maintain if I were anticipating an energy weapon battle on unknown evaporates, I’d damn well do a quick ID-check.

Even not-salt has important taste clues! Ulexite is fibre optic crystals, aka laserbait. Easiest way to distinguish it from other borates? taste: none vs soapy.
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Over the last month, several designers spoke about the impact of COVID-19 & the changing world around us.

Here are some #sketchnotes & reflections from *6* such conversations, hosted by @DesignUpConf, @ADI_org_in, @adypuniversity, @AnAwesomeConf & LWD PDX.

👇 Mega thread 👇
First up, was this short & light-hearted session by @ADI_org_in, titled Resurgence, ft. @siddharthkabra, @nishma_pandit, @seemaseth, @ghate, @hsuthar & others!

The conversation was focused on how the creative industry is adapting to the new way of working.

2/n #sketchnotes
While a few studios had adapted to the WFH & remote client presentations, they all agreed that this was a [key] life event.

They longed for things they took for granted (morning coffee, water cooler banter…) & especially missed the multi-sensorial brainstorming activities.

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¿Qué mejor día que hoy para hablar del Universo Expandido? #MayThe4th ¿Te apetece adentrarte en este mundo y no sabes por dónde empezar?
Porque @starwars es mucho más que películas y series. #GiveUsLegends
👇 👇
Empecemos por el principio. ¿Qué es el UE renombrado en 2014 como Leyendas? Es el conjunto de historias, narradas generalmente en cómics, novelas y videojuegos, que recopilan la historia galáctica entre el año 25.793 antes de la batalla de Yavin (Episodio IV) y el 139 DBY.
Se podría decir que la primera historia dentro de esta continuidad se publicó 6 meses antes del estreno del Episodio IV: Star Wars: From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker.
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Pues llegó el momento, como celebración el #MayThe4th hoy voy a contaros la historia de los yuuzhan vong, el concepto más interesante que Star Wars ha dado jamás al mundo y la mayor amenaza a la que se vio enfrentada la Galaxia
Esta historia comienza muy, muy lejos. En otro tiempo y en otro lugar.
Los yuuzhan vong son el único contacto que ha existido en Star Wars con algo de más allá de la Galaxia cuya historia nos narra la saga
En esta galaxia surgió una raza inteligente con forma de estrella de mar, los silentium. Colonizó su sistema, hizo grandes avances en el campo de las inteligencias artificiales... quizá demasiados.
No, sus máquinas no se revelaron, fue un desastre natural de proporciones solares
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Loved the super fresh format by @DesignUpConf of having
a rapid round of lightning sharp presentations (inspired by the lightsaber fights).

So much of information packed in amazingly curt yet insightful 5 min talks spanning such a diversity of topics ✨

#DUp2020 #MayThe4th
A particular aspect across all the talks was the framework everyone spoke in -
Going from 4 weeks, 4 months, 4 quarters (a year) and 4 years.

Gave the viewers a chance to start from the immediate effect and then successively zoom out with each time frame.

I was earlier planning on trying to note down details about each of the 8 talks, but after a couple of initial attempts, I was so captivated by some of them, that I completely forgot to make notes for most of them.

The following are a few which struck a personal chord with me -
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We can't travel right now but Yoda can. First stop today, Machu Picchu. Where will he go next? #MayThe4thBeWithYou Image
Next stop for Yoda: the Great Wall of China! #MayThe4th Image
Onward to the Deadvlei of Namibia! #StarWarsDay Image
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Seriously, Star Gladiator has such an amazing cast of characters! One of my favorites! Beyond being the COOLEST riff on Star Wars, they're just fantastic characters on their own too!
Hayato is such a great, badass main character. His bladed beam sword takes light sabers back to their roots (they were inspired by katanas after all). And my god, he's just so STYLISH. Love the ripped tee and red space Nikes!
#MayThe4thBeWithYou #StarGladiator
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On Star Wars Day #MayThe4th, we present the first ever Expert Contributor on our twitter page giving you some fabulous stories about this epic, intergalactic saga!

Over to you @Riddhiculous

#MayThe4thBeWithYou (all due respect to Mike Tyson) Image
Hello there! I am @̶W̶o̶o̶k̶i̶e̶e̶p̶e̶d̶i̶a̶ @Riddhiculous and today I’m a guest contributor on India Wants To Know.

As a clinical Star Wars nerd (I swear I have friends IRL) who feels festive this day every year, I’m super excited to take you on a Kessel Run this #MayThe4th!
Being non-American and non-male, I was far away from the intrinsic Star Wars fan experience that was conventionally represented in popular culture for the longest time.

Most fans had the legacy of Star Wars fandom passed on from a parent, but I wouldn’t know that either. Image
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To celebrate #Maythe4th, we're giving away this interstellar custom PC built by @robeytech & @halogenica ft. a handcrafted + 3D printed RGB case mod & premium hardware from @ASUS_ROGNA @AMDRyzen @CORSAIR @wd_black @Rosewillinc & @Optimus_WC

Enter Here ►…
The winner will be announced during @robeytech's stream which starts tonight at 6:30PM PT. GL all!
Update: Today's stream has been cancelled.
The winner will be announced the same time tomorrow 6/4 during @robeytech's stream, 6:30PM PT.

Wish Robey well, he has food poisoning 🤢
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Me, opens up pizza stone from new in box

9: I didn't know you had that

M: yeah, I bought it before I met your dad

9: you have had this for 50 years and never opened it?

M: closer to 20 years

9: daaaad, mom has a secret hidden pizza stone

M: it's called "putting it away"
Our boys are in the recycle bin pretending to be prairie dogs.

Very, very loud and giggly prairie dogs. Image
Our house has a lovely sense of balance.

For example, the amount of time required to get one of our children into the bath is approximately the same amount of time required to get said child out of the bath.

In the case of 7, it's an hour.
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The savvy Twitter user knows to always try to use #PascalCase (upper camel case) for hashtags, since hashtags are (ideally) case-insensitive: #MayThe4th
Hashtag length is 100 characters:


Can't do (on twiweb anyway):

# + sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
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I decline your offer. @disneyplus will not dictate the conditions of my communications regardless of whether or not the phrase #MayThe4th appears.

Note to Disney attorneys: Teach your marketing dept what contractual “consideration” is and why it matters.

Would be really funny if someone turned an image of Mickey into a bitcoin donation address...
Like this.

[p.s. parse it for real before sending legal threats :)]
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