#AllLifeMatters Should be Trending 24/7/365
Even if there is no one Tweeting that hashtag. Twitter has the ability to make it seem like it's trending. You know certain "Trending" topics are not really trending right? Some are purposely
Being shown like they are trending as comms. It's been like this for A very long time. Same thing with #AD's
If I owned twitter I would make #AllLifeMatters trend just to get it instilled into the minds of
the people that ALL LIFE MATTERS all day every day ..
The world is controlled by God and his Family ..
Both light & dark met in the middle & Made peace to defeat Artificial Intelligence (Meca Godzilla) ..

Kong & Godzilla made peace & teamed up to defeat MECA Godzilla & arrest the humans behind those crazy inventions.
Before the Godzilla Vs. King Kong movie came out, I shared with everyone the ending. The movie came out & that is the ending that happened. Someone asked me Awhile back how I did it? I pick and choose all I want to see when looking into the future. I Have bene trying the
world you all live in is so much more then you ALL have been lead to believe. YOU are ALL so much more.

There is more that is about to happen that I posted about before these events have happened. They are natural Events, nothing planned. Just things that could be stopped but
most likely won't be.
Perfect example:
That train in Mexico for example.
WHAT IF someone would have made A better decision but ignored their gut feeling or what their heart was telling them and went along with something they knew they shouldn't have?Maybe it could have
Potentially stopped or altered that train from going over that bridge when it did? Everyone had God given FREE WILL and many choose to ignore what their heart/Gid is telling them because of DISTRACTIONS that change their course of life in that moment. Those distractions or
Bosses or whoever else that are telling someone to do something YOU KNOW doesn't feel right but go along with it (Whatever it is) anyways, those distractions could potentially cause bad things to happen. So many ignore what they are feeling within & when something bad happens
they immediately put blame on the someone else or fail to realize if they would have just listened to their heart/God within, so much that is happening in the world would NOT be happening. Instead, ones ignore and continue going down the same paths, ignoring all the same signs
given by God to change their ways. When people refuse to change their ways and something bad happens, MANY rather point the finger everywhere but their own mirrors.

EVERYTHING in life matters. "Down to the smallest PIXEL" as PAK says, which is true. Most people don't care
about the small details OR most don't have time to care about the small details. Evil that was ruling this world purposely created everything to be so chaotic. All so YOU would NOT have time for the small details. "THEY" knew the more chaotic "THEY" made life, the more
EMOTIONALLY out of Balance ALL OF YOU would become & when the truth was finally given to ALL OF YOU, would would be to far gone/out of babble to understand or care to understand any of it.
Imagine if time didn't exist and no one ran on time ..

What if you could just show up for work whenever you wanted? Just show up, punch in, work your 8 hour shift & leave.
In todays world, You start work at 9 AM but you wake up late @ 8:45.. Now you are placing yourself in A
chaotic situation trying to RUSH to work. You rushing to work causes you to crash on the highway. Now there is A traffic Jam causing 3,000 Plus other people on the highway to be backed up.
But that's life? That is the way things are supposed to be. You're supposed to be to work
on time and be responsible.
It's always nice to THINK about the WHAT IF in life & WHY certain things happen the way they do.

• • •

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6 May
There are A total of 13 of us, Plus the military and everyone else that has chosen to hop on board along the way ...

People have known that there was A bigger grand plan many years ago but just didn't have inside info on WHY they were being told to do things A certain way.
For example, many musicians created music from/with information they were given from Agencies. Those agencies were given information from the future & needed to hide it within music or movies or whatever else they could so they would use artists to hide this information within.
Some of the artists/bands didn't know WHY they had to do things A certain way or the reasons why they were told they had to do things they didn't feel like it was them, they didn't feel like what they were doing wasn't who they were as a person.
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6 May
I care about all your stories.
I told mine to the world tp help them understand the bigger picture and WHY everything was created as it has been. They hate or don't believe A word I Say. Even with All the proof along with ALL OF YOU backing me because you all know who I Am-
They don't truly care aBout what they are/have been shown. If they did they would understand who has been watching over them this entire time. They think I'm challenging them or trying to prove something when I'm not. I'm LITERALLY showing/sharing with them my life & why
ALL OF YOU (The Saviors of mankind) have been doing all you have to show them..
All the things left in time specifically for me to show them and what it all means,they refuse to understand or think none of it is real.
It's whatever, I'm ready to move on & go be with the love
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6 May
VK, Jr., Question 4 you both... Can we please change their Diapers now?They are FULLY LOADED and so many people/children are really starting to stink up the place pretty badly. What they were all SHOWn these last 2 days, does not matter. Nothing will ever be good enough until it ImageImage
comes from one of you..
The saviors of mankind = the Military & They are the only ones I truly speak to on here daily, maybe A few others too. The people most of the time but in or complain because they don't understand what is being left for them to figure out.

IT'S THE ONLY #WAY .... Image
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5 May
This is from WCW 1998 Uncensored.

Bret "The Hitman" Hart wearing his #2 Calgary Hitmen Hockey Jersey. ImageImage
This is A picture of me wearing my #2 Hitmen baseball jersey from 4 years ago ...
None of this was planned and I did not know about Bret's Hockey team & what they were called until last night.

Why am I showing you this?
Long before I knew who I was because I was Image
So young, there were people planning the future knowing I was finally born and leaving all this truth hidden in plain sight for when the time was finally right to UNLEASH it upon the world.

I explained all of this.
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5 May
R oad W arrior HAWK
R oad W arrior ANIMAL (CHIN)

You think any of the Humans asked VK/M Why he named his son Shane?
I told them to go ask, they don't listen.
Only choosr to judge THE 1 saving them.

So many hate & talk shit about 17 every day.
Hawk Image
Animal Image
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5 May
"Is today going to be another nothing Burger"?

Miracles haslve happened every day for A very long time & the people have just been SHOWn by "The Saviors of mankind" who they have been talking to this entire time, to bring them comfort. Still, NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
NOTHING burger indeed for all of you, Not for me. .
I know why this world has gone to shit ....

#JudgementDay Image
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