A reminder that the people who insist that they were completely vindicated by the Mueller Report (and that everyone else were discredited conspiracy theorists) still insist to this day that Barr did not misrepresent it in his 'summary', solely bc they spiked the football over it.
AG Bill Barr's handling of it was not only wholly disingenuous but it designed to act as Trump's fixer and 'kill' the probe. And it's not only the 'Adversarial Journalist' types who completely bought it, but also credulous mainstream outlets, too.
The Ken Dilanian tweet above could have literally been written by Trump. And as far as I can remember, he never apologized for his completely false characterization of the report.

• • •

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More from @Wilson__Valdez

6 May
FFS this group of anti-Dem losers (Lee, Grim, Glem, Tracey, etc.) are all just circle-jerking around with the same fallacious bs. There is nothing that can be construed in this Bernie tweet as 'defending Liz Cheney'. It's purely a statement of fact about the GOP.
Here's Grim too, of course Because they are all disingenuous creeps who only care about owning the libs. Image
Notice how none of them have anything to actually say about the substance; the GOP is pushing a Big Lie designed to further subvert democracy & make it harder for minorities to vote. But they don't care about that at all, only scoring point s on the 'shit libs.'
Read 8 tweets
6 May
lol i've got nothing Image
"Liberals love to dole out self-righteous sanctimonious lectures, full of a string of 18 different adjectives, while tweeting from their poolside cabanas in foreign countries. Tune in tonight where I talk about everyone else's hypocrisy live with Tucker Carlson."
BTW- If you were curious what the context of this insane projection, it was of course about defending Tucker Carlson (with whataboutism, naturally), because what else does he do these days... Image
Read 5 tweets
5 May
Real Glem-heads remember when Wikileaks dumped all the emails from the Soy hacks, full of people's personal info, private convos & medical records, and Glem gleefully spread it around without a single concern for anyone's privacy. As is obvious, completely situational ethics
One of the private emails that he delighted in tweeting about was one journalist (can't remember who) calling him an 'asshole' in private. IIRC his justification for why it was not a gross abuse of privacy & actually good was that Sony did something one time with the USG.
It's fairly obvious to point out but Glem (and the other 'privacy' frauds) absolutely love invasions of personal privacy when it's someone they see as an enemy (USG, Dems, random libs, etc). The only reason Glem now gives a shit is bc the Gab ppl are his allies. Image
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4 May
The Liz Cheney situation is a perfect microcosm of what the GOP is. They didn't turn on her for her family mantra of neocon militarism- they were totally cool with that. In fact they elevated her to a leadership position. But as soon as she decided to state a basic fact about/
the election results, rather than go along with the rest of the cult-like 'up is actually down' litmus test, then they all turned on her, just like that. It has nothing to do with 'rejecting interventionism' or w/e & everything to do with the GOP becoming a personality cult.
People like Glem have decided to cast that as further proof that since da shitlibs agree with Liz Cheney they are basically just neocons now. Rather than it being an indictment that the entire GOP, except for a select few, have decided to push a Democracy-erasing Big Lie.
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2 May
10 minutes after I posted. Amazing.
He also unblocked me just to post this lol. Dude is amazing. And never mad online.
Folks, strap in. We are coming in for a level 3 Sirota meltdown.
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1 May
Easily one of the most pathetic accounts on here.
Yes, of course the guy running it is a Brooklyn-based (where else?) bro with the Bragman-esque name of Weston Pagano. Because it always is.
It's always the same strawman, conflating objecting to their disingenuous bullshit (which is frequently just outright lies), with "oh you don't think you should criticize the powerful." Because being disingenuous is all they know.
Read 4 tweets

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