My cat is so weird. For example, she was looking to the east out the window, sitting in the typical cat pose. I said her name, so she decided to turn around to face me, but not by moving. No, she used her claws to drag herself from facing east to facing west while keeping pose
To drag herself around takes a lot more time and effort than just moving, but she does it a lot. Now she is doing circuits. Looking out the east side of the window. then to the west, then across my leg, through the kitchen from w>e and back to the east side of window.
She does those circuits dozens of times a day, sometimes at high speed, so dragging herself in a circle is not because she's lazy. And there she goes in another circuit. There is nothing out there or she would be circling faster.
It cracks me up that she's on the couch and her circuit takes her down the west arm of the couch, but then she steps over to the easy chair so she can take her last three steps down my leg before jumping to the floor rather than just doing to the floor from the couch - every time

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4 May
So my best friend and I watched #Tenet last night for the last day of the Watchathon where the expensive channels were free. It was so good. I don't much care for movies. I get bored about 2/3rds and want them to be OVER, but not this one. Not one second of boredom
It was mind-bending and you kind of just have to let go and let be - just sit back and watch and laugh because it is sometimes hilarious when you realize something has happened. I would hate to be asked to storyboard or flow chart this movie.
There were some great lines. For example, The Protagonist says to the Michael Caine character about them "having a monopoly on snobbery" and he says no, they don't, but "we have a controlling interest."

I laughed so hard.
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2 May
One thing the Republicans have that Democrats do not is message discipline. No matter the issue, their explanation is that government regulation is at fault. Their solution is always limiting government, cutting taxes, funding, programs.
Democrats on the other hand have multiple explanations and differing solutions. All over the place. This is bad marketing but good government. Not all problems are the same.
OTOH, both Sanders and Warren have message discipline. It's all corruption, big money buying legislation, the solution is campaign finance reform. It's really simple. This fit-on-a-bumper-sticker program is it. Good messaging, bad governance
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2 May
We know so much more about Catholic sexual abuse but very little about Baptists. I wonder if that is due to the congregational structure of the protestant churches. There is no massive superstructure of bishops, cardinals, etc.
That means a small Baptist Church in a rural town of 100 people with maybe 25 members has maybe $800 in the bank with no structure above it to sue if there is abuse. No one to cover up but the parishioners - who would to avoid embarrassment
Not that the church my parents attended had a predator priest, but even if they did, there would be no hook for the media who like reporting on multi-million suits - large, organized conspiracies, not isolated incidents
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26 Apr
In memory of Phoebe Snow who died nine years ago today.

Phoebe Snow~Poetry Man via @YouTube
Going Down for the Third Time

There's a Boat That's Leaving Soon for New York

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25 Apr
A high-school classmate recently posted a pic of his old basketball team. I only recognized 3 folks but was totally confused because there was a Black player. My town had no Black people. It had to be college. And it was; it's a college basketball team with only one Black player.
The diversity in my town was all down to our teachers who were not Norwegian or Swedish but were instead French, Spanish, German, or Greek. And of course, a few folks who were Ojibwe.
I like to think that even if I stayed I would have been anti-racist. My Mom and Dad were, but you know, they talked about recalling my dad when he refused to authorize "calling up the militia" during a tense time when this guy stole from his grandparents & lied and blamed Ojibwe
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22 Apr
So it took me a while but I found the video that convinced Libertarian Conor Friedersdorf whose obsession is liberals caring too much about racism to recognize police impunity is bad. Of course, the man killed is white. Still, this is undeniably except
the jury acquitted the officer. Basically he toyed with Shaver and then shot him when Shaver tried to pull up his pants. He knew he was unarmed.…
Interestingly, the Shaver shooting led into this killing that is in some ways similar to George Floyd and Elijah McClain's deaths. Again, no consequences for the officers and the judge threw out the civil suit citing qualified immunity.
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