1/ Almost immediately after FB suspended Trump, it was pretty clear that they were playing a public relations game rather than addressing any issues.

Tomorrow, it's very likely that Facebook will reinstate Trump's account.

Here a few things worth knowing about this....
2/ Recognize that it was Facebook -- not Trump -- that appealed the ban. And, they structured they appeal in such a way that it's basically engineered to all but ensure that the oversight group restores the account.

They asked that ban only be evaluated based on 2 posts. 2.
3/ We did an analysis of every one of Trump's 6,018 Facebook posts from 2020 and found 24% of them contained misinformation about public health, elections or other extreme rhetoric.

But see, Facebook was working to cook the books here so why make that a part of the decision here
4/ Trump's return to Facebook will measurably increase misinformation on the platform. But, even more damaging aspect is that will have effects on Facebook's algorithm too by making FB's algorithm further boost right-wing content as well as promote right-wing/extremists groups.
5/ I don't think it'll be immediate, but I do think over time there's also a risk that media will increasingly treat Trump's FB posts in much the way his tweets were treated in the past.
6/ Most people will forget, but 12+ years ago, before Trump fully embraced Twitter, his Facebook page was much more like his Twitter account. Casual rants and such. If he has FB, he's going to use it as a political cudgel and a fundraising tool. Irresistible to political media.
7/ Keep in mind: Zuckerberg/Facebook's hands are not tied. Because Facebook's appeal sooo narrow. They could very easily turn around and say: 'okay, and now we're banning the account because of the 1,400+ other posts and Trump's continued promotion of lie that election was stolen
8/ And finally, this whole Facebook board thing is a fiction. It's not a real thing and it shouldn't be treated as cuh. It's a fig leaf and a transparent attempt by Facebook to shirk responsibility. I won't belabor this because @FBoversight has done a great job explaining this.
9/ Last point: There is a lesson here. Back in early January, too many people in the media, in tech and in advocacy communities either got played by Facebook or lost sight of the thread.

Moment FB said ban was temporary, pressure should have been on them to make it permanent.
10/ But, there was too much schadenfreude about Trump getting booted from platforms that the fact that FB's ban was only temporary was glossed over.

The pressure externally and frankly from FB's own employees should have been on so that FB didn't even attempt to pull this stunt.
11/ To me, that's one of the biggest takeaways. Preventing would have been a whole lot better and easier than mitigating the harms that will flow from Trump's return.

Let's learn that lesson.

• • •

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22 Mar
1/ Facebook announced today they deleted 1.3 billion fake accounts between Oct - Dec 2020. They're highlighting this as an example of them fighting disinformation effectively.

Actually, it shows opposite and there's a big question about consumer fraud that needs to be asked.
2/ RE Fraud - 1.3 billion is *a lot* of accounts. Think of all the advertisers on the platform (political orgs, civic groups, corporations).

Facebook took money from advertisers, then FB showed those ads to fake accounts they let proliferate on the platform unchecked. It's fraud
3/ RE Fraud (cont...) - Every FB advertiser should demand a refund for any money FB charged them to serve ads to these fake accounts.

Only way Facebook will start addressing this on an ongoing basis and not once every few years is if it costs them money. A refund bare minimum.
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12 Mar
1/ RE Tucker Carlson. So, I went through every single one of his ads for 2021 so far. Here's the thing: He has lost so many advertisers already that he doesn't really have any left to target.

His top paid advertiser is MyPillow and his 2nd biggest "paid" sponsor is Fox News.
2/ Yes. Tucker Carlson has lost so many advertisers that in addition to reducing the number of paid ads on the show due to not enough advertisers, Fox News is now buying up ads on Tucker's show...so many...that they're his second largest advertiser.
3/ If you want to have an effect, then what really needs to happen at this point is advertisers need to drop Fox News entirely.

Here are the biggest companies sponsoring Fox News (and by extension, Tucker) right now: @GSKUS, General Motors (@GM), @ProcterGamble and @KraftBrand
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23 Feb
1/ Don't forget: CPAC has 3 major sponsors

1) American Conservative Union.

2) Fox News.

3) Liberty Health Share.
2/ American Conservative Union.

ACU is the organization hosting the event. So...I mean it's not all that surprising that they are one of the 3 main sponsors. One would expect that.
3/ Fox News. Well, Fox News is a supposed "news channel." Sponsoring such an explicitly partisan event is not a thing a news operation does. But Fox isn't a news operation, it's a political operation masquerading as news.
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17 Feb
1/ All I keep thinking about in this moment are all the horrible things that Rush Limbaugh did and said. Just flashes of them.

Like how following Trayvon Martin's death, he tried to convince people it was okay to say "n word" now as long as you ended with an "a" (and said it).
2/ Or how, one of his "undeniable truths" was that "Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of pop culture."
3/ Or how if a prominent woman would publicly defend another woman, he would refer to it as "solidarity of the vaginas."
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17 Feb
1/ Many years ago before my current role as president of Media Matters, I was @StopRush organizer. Getting sucked into that campaign was one of the things that kept me at @mmfa at the time. Here's my statement on Limbaugh's death....
2/ “Rush Limbaugh made his career lying to his audience, stoking misogyny, and fueling racism."
3/ "Limbaugh entertained listeners by mercilessly mocking and maligning anyone who didn’t resemble his typical listener — straight, white, conservative, and male — and that cruelty eventually became a central tenet of modern conservatism."
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21 Jan
1/ I'm seeing lots of discussion about/chronicling of implosion of QAnon. And, yea, I get it. Q people are bugging out.

But, much of analysis I'm seeing I think is missing something really significant and the most durable/lasting aspect of the Q conspiracy...
2/ The Q conspiracy had a few aspects: a) Q had secret info; b) that Trump has secret plan; c) that Democrats and media were pedophilic inter-dimensional demons and/or psychic vampires; d) that the global elite was conspiracy to run massive child sex rings for these dark forces.
3/ Yes, aspects of conspiracy that centered around Q or revolved around Trump's secret plan are unraveling for many -- and freak outs reflect that.

But keep in mind: the rest of the conspiracy has so deeply seeped in that it's almost taken as a given among this group, distinct.
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