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We’re @WindrushLives. We’re taking over Jo's account today to tell you why the Windrush Scandal - we prefer Windrush Injustice - is not over. #WindrushInjustice [1/9]
We’re going to show you that all the government hand-wringing and apologies for the Windrush Injustice ring very hollow when you scrutinise what’s happened since Sajid Javid promised to ‘do right by the Windrush generation’ ukpol.co.uk/sajid-javid-20… [2/9]
The main focus of our ire is the Windrush Compensation Scheme (WCS or Scheme hereafter) which was established by the Javid-led Home Office in 2019 to compensate the 1000s of people who were caught up in the Windrush Injustice. The Scheme, in short, has been shambolic. [3/9]
Case in point: You might have seen the BBCs ‘Waiting in Limbo’ about Anthony Bryan’s ordeal. HE HAS STILL NOT RECEIVED COMPENSATION despite promises he would by the Home Office. [4/9]
We’ll cover the glacial pace of the WCS, the inadequacies of compensation, prohibitive evidence requirements, the exclusion of some people who SHOULD be eligible, the re-traumatisation and gaslighting of claimants, and our reflections on the wider Hostile Environment. [5/9]
For the avoidance of any doubt, we maintain the Windrush Compensation Scheme MUST be taken away from the Home Office and handled by an independent body. Over the course of the day, we’ll show you why this is our position. [6/9]
Who are we? @WindrushLives is made up of claimants fighting the scheme and supporters. We’re an advocacy group and collate evidence on peoples’ experience of the WCS, provide a forum for mutual support, refer claimants to legal advice, and generally raise hell on Twitter. [7/9]
Over the course of today you’ll see some short videos of some of the many people that have driven this fight, but we will also be aggregating across many many more stories. #WindrushInjustice [8/9]
We’ll present just a snapshot of the ongoing Windrush Injustice today, but do give us a follow @WindrushLives as we keep holding the Home Office’s feet to the fire, dissecting their data, and calling for the WCS to be taken away from them. #WindrushInjustice #BreakTheHE [9/9]

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5 May
🚨@WindrushLives Closing Thread🚨

We’ll be off in a minute, so a few final thoughts:

First, we hope you’ll agree that the Windrush Compensation Scheme doesn’t work, was never really intended to, and is an insult to victims, for whom #WindrushInjustice continues.
Where do we go from here?

It is vital to centre the lives and experiences of Windrush survivors and to continue to keep tabs on and understand how the compensation scheme is really working (or not) for the people that matter – the claimants.
To that end, we are delighted to announce a collab to rival Ivy Park (ok, not really): @WindrushLives x @GoodLawProject will in short order be publishing a questionnaire designed to gather the data that the Home Office can’t, or won’t.
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5 May
🚨@WindrushLives Thread🚨

Let’s interrogate what reparation for the #WindrushInjustice ought to look like.

Strategically, we are committed to improving the existing Scheme ASAP and taking it away from the HO so that claimants can get the compensation they are owed. [1/20]
But that word - ‘owed’ - is an important one here. The injustice done to the Windrush generation and their families is about more than material losses from loss of employment, for example, although that is of course a big part of the harm done. [2/20]
It is also about the stripping of citizenship and the rights that come with it, and deprivation of dignity, identity and a sense of belonging. [3/20]
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5 May
You’ve now seen the scale and depth of very much ongoing #WindrushInjustice. You’ve heard directly from victims.

Even more than an advocacy and support group, @WindrushLives is a network of victims, and this is what we want: [1/7]
This demand - that the Scheme be taken out of the @ukhomeoffice - is based on the Home Office's own stats. As experts inc @JacquiMckenzie6 have noted, the HO is barely keeping its head above water with a little over 2.5k claims - between 17-20% of its own expected total. [2/7]
It’s also based on the fact of the hostile environment. Virulent racism and a rabid desire to throw people out of the country under any manageable pretext are just *fundamentally incompatible* with restorative justice and reparations. We can’t believe this needs saying. WL [3/7]
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5 May
“I got more stressed trying to get the information they” - the Windrush Compensation Scheme - “were asking, than actually losing my passport.”

Welcome to the ‘hostile compensation scheme’, a service brought to you, the taxpayer, by @ukhomeoffice. [1/25]
So you’ve had your life and livelihood upended by the whims of a puerile govt policy pursuing a populist project that runs contrary to the staggering weight of evidence derived from economics, history and demographic science! Ain’t that something? [2/25]
Chin up - here is a Compensation Scheme we’ve designed to make amends for our unjust, racist ways. Just one thing though: if you want some of this money, there are some forms to fill out, and we’ll need some supporting evidence. Nothing tricky... [3/25]
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5 May

GASLIGHT, v: to manipulate by psychological means causing a person to doubt their own sanity.

This is a thread about an ongoing limb of the #WindrushInjustice that isn’t well reported + remains under the radar as a result: passport confiscation. @WindrushLives [1/21]
There is a contingent of Windrush victims that we don’t talk about. They are British-born, British passport-holding Black people with Windrush parentage, who have had their British passports *taken away* by @ukhomeoffice for the legally valid reason of [*crickets*]. [2/21]
In the next 5 tweets, you will see the unbelievable story of Carl Nwazota. This will be the most shocking and enraging 10 minutes of your day, for a number of reasons which we’ll go into down thread. Please give this your undivided attention. [3/21]
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5 May
Earlier we linked to this article by @MayBulman @Independent which exposed how ‘less than £6.2m has been paid out of the £200m promised to victims’: independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-n… @WindrushLives [1/4]
In part this is because just 1 in 5 of those who have applied to the Windrush Compensation Scheme have received any compensation - and even then only after waiting for months or years. [2/4]
Meanwhile, as the paperwork drags through an unfit system, ‘at least nine people had died before receiving Windrush compensation as of 31 August.’ [3/4]
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