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🚨THREAD🚨: Everything you say is a lie, misdirection, wrong, stupid or pointless

@pritipatel and @MatthewRycroft1 appeared before @CommonsHomeAffs on Weds; also on Weds, @ukhomeoffice unveiled its latest "overhaul" of the Windrush Compensation Scheme.
@pritipatel @MatthewRycroft1 @CommonsHomeAffs @ukhomeoffice The events of this week make it more important than ever that Windrush victims - *esp* those that have not yet applied for compensation - complete the survey we and @GoodLawProject have developed.

@pritipatel @MatthewRycroft1 @CommonsHomeAffs @ukhomeoffice @GoodLawProject Because as you'll see down-thread, @ukhomeoffice, @pritipatel and @MatthewRycroft1 have proven (again, in a more cartoonishly calamitous fashion than usual) that they can't be held to account, won't tell the truth, and can't handle their basic job requirements.

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It's Windrush Day. @ukhomeoffice will shortly tweet how sorry it is for shafting the Windrush generation and how assiduously it is "righting the wrongs".

More importantly, @UKLabour is now calling for the Comp Scheme to be removed from the HO.… 1/10
@ukhomeoffice @UKLabour The HO claims to have spent £500k on celebrations. While education and commemoration are important, it is stomach-turning that the HO - which caused the scandal that created the Day - ever thought it cld buy a little good publicity out of it.…
@ukhomeoffice @UKLabour Any attempt to acknowledge past mistakes and put the Windrush scandal right must begin with, well, actually doing those things.

While historical/archival exhibitions, performances and storytelling are important - and are being well handled by *members of the community*...
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🚨 Thread🧵 🚨
On Monday, @PHSOmbudsman published their report into UK Visas and Immigration’s (UKVI) and Immigration Enforcement’s handling of the case of Rupert Everett, providing more damning evidence of the impact of the hostile environment (HE) on Black Britons. [1/18]
You can read a summary of the complaint here:…

And the full report here:… [2/18]
In short, Mr Everett had the right to be in the UK yet was told he had no status here, then threatened with deportation by Immigration Enforcement (acting through a private contractor, Capita) [3/18]
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🚨 alert,🧵 alert: National Audit Office report
The NAO has been quietly auditing the Windrush Compensation Scheme in Q1, and has reported the results of its review this am. The headline (general incompetence, undue delays) aren't surprising. NAO/1…
We're more interested in some of the fine print, and the untruths and misrepresentations (by @ukhomeoffice, to be clear, not the NAO) the report reveals.

I'm writing this live, so follow this thread for updates as I go... NAO/2
The NAO finds the HO "developed different sets of objectives and it is not clear which it uses to measure progress". This (highlights mine) is from an internal HO document. Pay close attention to the language here:
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This definitely feels like a planned immigration exercise - @metpoliceuk say the exercise was pursuant to “complaints”, which is nice and vague ie hard to check; of the other 5 cases mentioned, 2 are insurance offences and 3 are again unspecified. [1/2]…
We are descending rapidly into ghettoisation as official policy. @ukhomeoffice and @metpoliceuk are utter poison.

PS: @Deliveroo nice work tripping over yrself to pledge allegiance to the hostile environment rather than defending your harassed workers. You’re an enabler. [2/2]
On reflection, although the HE is the work of @ukhomeoffice, we can and should do more to call out and mark corporate enablers, so I’ll start: @Deliveroo, your riders are people, not numbers to be shuffled around in support of despotic and damaging migration targets... [3/2]
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🚨@WindrushLives Closing Thread🚨

We’ll be off in a minute, so a few final thoughts:

First, we hope you’ll agree that the Windrush Compensation Scheme doesn’t work, was never really intended to, and is an insult to victims, for whom #WindrushInjustice continues.
Where do we go from here?

It is vital to centre the lives and experiences of Windrush survivors and to continue to keep tabs on and understand how the compensation scheme is really working (or not) for the people that matter – the claimants.
To that end, we are delighted to announce a collab to rival Ivy Park (ok, not really): @WindrushLives x @GoodLawProject will in short order be publishing a questionnaire designed to gather the data that the Home Office can’t, or won’t.
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🚨@WindrushLives Thread🚨

Let’s interrogate what reparation for the #WindrushInjustice ought to look like.

Strategically, we are committed to improving the existing Scheme ASAP and taking it away from the HO so that claimants can get the compensation they are owed. [1/20]
But that word - ‘owed’ - is an important one here. The injustice done to the Windrush generation and their families is about more than material losses from loss of employment, for example, although that is of course a big part of the harm done. [2/20]
It is also about the stripping of citizenship and the rights that come with it, and deprivation of dignity, identity and a sense of belonging. [3/20]
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You’ve now seen the scale and depth of very much ongoing #WindrushInjustice. You’ve heard directly from victims.

Even more than an advocacy and support group, @WindrushLives is a network of victims, and this is what we want: [1/7]
This demand - that the Scheme be taken out of the @ukhomeoffice - is based on the Home Office's own stats. As experts inc @JacquiMckenzie6 have noted, the HO is barely keeping its head above water with a little over 2.5k claims - between 17-20% of its own expected total. [2/7]
It’s also based on the fact of the hostile environment. Virulent racism and a rabid desire to throw people out of the country under any manageable pretext are just *fundamentally incompatible* with restorative justice and reparations. We can’t believe this needs saying. WL [3/7]
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🚨 @WindrushLives Thread: The #WindrushInjustice and the Windrush Compensation Scheme 🚨

Between 1948 and 1973 people from all over the Commonwealth were encouraged to come to the UK, their labour needed to rekindle the post-war economy. [1/25]
They became known as the ‘Windrush generation’ after the ship (the Empire Windrush) that brought the first group of 492 people to the UK. They, and those that followed, were British subjects who were entitled to live and work in the UK. [2/25]
However, successive immigration legislation from 1962 onwards (in a context of virulent racism - epitomised by Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech in 1968) restricted the rights of people from certain countries to settle in the UK. [3/25]
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🚨 Thread: @WindrushLives takeover 🚨

We’re @WindrushLives. We’re taking over Jo's account today to tell you why the Windrush Scandal - we prefer Windrush Injustice - is not over. #WindrushInjustice [1/9]
We’re going to show you that all the government hand-wringing and apologies for the Windrush Injustice ring very hollow when you scrutinise what’s happened since Sajid Javid promised to ‘do right by the Windrush generation’… [2/9]
The main focus of our ire is the Windrush Compensation Scheme (WCS or Scheme hereafter) which was established by the Javid-led Home Office in 2019 to compensate the 1000s of people who were caught up in the Windrush Injustice. The Scheme, in short, has been shambolic. [3/9]
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