That anyone is talking about Cheney is proof of her failure. Her job is to raise $$ (she doesn't), stay on message (HA!), and not undermine caucus (it's all she does). If you're pretending this is only about joining with media/Pelosi for impeachment, you're not serious.
Yes, we know she seethes with hatred for Trump as much as she loves decades-long interventionist wars without exit strategies or metrics for success. Good for her. But that's not what her job is, and, in fact, her twin obsessions have repeatedly led her down the wrong path...
E.g., not only was she not a needed truth-teller in pushing back against media/Democrats' false and dangerous 2016 election conspiracy theory about Russia, and its many attendant problems, she was also the prime pusher of the discredited, anonymously sourced Russian bounty story.
Just to keep the obvious points coming, WashPo, et. al, aren't all-hands-on-deck helping out Liz Cheney because they like Republicans, ok? They run Dem propaganda. They're trying to keep her and her unpopular ideas prominent in the GOP because she hurts the GOP.
Why do media NeverTrumpers who led messaging of the right during Bush-Cheney era support her so much? Likely just true believers who want party dragged back to unquestioning support of wars w/o exit strategies, corporatism, belief that truly fighting lefty media is gauche, etc.

• • •

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4 May
President Trump is speaking to pro-life ⁦@SBAList⁩ tonight.
He just pointed out that VA Gov. Ralph Northam got in more trouble for blackface than he did for saying babies who are born should be allowed to die if mother chooses, and that he thought that was opposite of way it should be.
Trump is joking about how large Pelosi’s mask was the other night. Said he’d never seen anything so big. Says it hurts vaccine acceptance when Democrats wear bigger and bigger masks after vaccination.
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20 Mar
"The increased power of the press is so dangerous today because we are very close to one-party control of these institutions." Federal Judge Laurence Silberman warned in a dissent yesterday.…
"The New York Times and The Washington Post are virtually Democratic Party broadsheets. And the news section of The Wall Street Journal leans in the same direction." Judge Silberman noted.
"The orientation of these three papers is followed by The Associated Press and most large papers across the country (such as the Los Angeles Times, Miami Herald, and Boston Globe). Nearly all television—network and cable—is a Democratic Party trumpet," Judge Silberman added.
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16 Mar
Today's reveal that WaPo allowed a political opponent to anonymously invent Trump quotes is quite the story. But my favorite "anonymous" story remains "Anonymous"! That was when the NYT tried to suggest a disgruntled low-level staffer was Trump cabinet official or family member.
And instead he was like "John Willoughby, III," at the Bureau of Engraving or some such. I love that story so much. Also, there were no repercussions for the NYT, other than the further loss of credibility. WP and CNN also ran puff pieces/hired the low-level dude. Good times.
Also when CNN used two "anonymous" sources to falsely accuse Don Jr of having advance knowledge of a Russia Wikileaks thing but it turned out that their supposedly independent "sources" both managed to get the date on the email wrong. Also that other outlets "confirmed" it. Fun.
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28 Feb
Joe Biden‘s immigration policies are immoral, heartless and a betrayal of our core values, Trump says. Border crisis caused by getting rid of Trump protections is brewing on southern border.
Trump says he doesn’t think Biden’s false claims about vaccine distribution plans that were already in place were malicious, so much as an issue of him not really knowing what’s going on.
Trump says when he left office “we’d virtually ended the endless wars.” Says not one soldier killed in Afghanistan in a year. Says they made historic peace deals in Middle East with not a drop of blood shed.
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15 Feb
“Who’s responsible for that quote? It might surprise some it wasn’t Donald Trump Jr. or Rep. Matt Gaetz — it was Sen. Lindsey Graham, a moderate, hawkish Republican not up for re-election for six whole years."…
“Observers might call this stand selfless statesmanship, but a true statesman distinguishes himself from the operative, ideologue, or even philosopher by mediating between the real and ideal, prudently seeking out the possible without regard to his own interests."
"After five years of Russian and Ukrainian conspiracy theories and loudly cheered mob violence against Americans, Washington Democrats sought to smear the president and his supporters as the sole culprits of our divisions."
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12 Feb
This video montage of prominent Democrats' shockingly violent rhetoric for much of the last four years is *devastating.* Up to and including the current VP and P. Harris joked about personally murdering Trump and Pence. Biden just repeatedly talked about beating up Trump.
Around 50 minutes here:…
I'm just sitting here watching the video montage of the Summer of Rage that destroyed *so many* Americans' lives with prominent Democrats' open support of those riots and shaking my head in anger.
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