Main strategy for maintaining the status quo involves:

A) treating concerns of marginalized groups as "niche" issues, rather than as systemic issues affecting all of society

B) treating members of those marginalized groups as "biased" (as opposed to "objective" dominant group)
In other words, the assumption is that you can't trust Black people about racism since it's a niche issue that affects them, and they are therefore biased/self-interested.
The other half of that assumption is that a tacit "default" group (that is, white people) are objective about it because, as a niche issue, it doesn't affect us.

Even assuming that were true, apathy doesn't actually equal objectivity.
But more to the point, assuming that a privileged group will have less of an interest in maintaining the status quo than a marginalized one will have in changing it is absurd.
Like, I saw this ALL THE FUCKING TIME in regards to trying to discuss misogyny at work.

Supposedly, as a woman, I was biased, while the men around me were objective and neutral.
Dispense with the idea that anyone is neutral or objective about societal norms. No one is. They affect all of us.

And the closest we can come to objectivity is to deal with that reality.

• • •

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6 May
so there's a nifty book called More Work For Mother that traces how every time technology has advanced in a way that reduces male-coded physical labor, we as a society have been cool with it

for technology that reduces female-coded physical labor, however...
...we find ways to negate those gains.

When pre-ground flour became available, bread that required more sifting and work became popular
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6 May
I don’t know how to explain to people that being vaccinated means that your immune system recognizes the virus and knows how to kill it, not that you can’t inhale it and sneeze or cough it out on other people.
Wear. A Fucking. Mask.
like, look, I am not an immunologist or an epidemiologist or whatever

I am just a layperson.

But here's my layperson understanding of how immune systems work.

Actual doctors, please correct me if I'm wrong.
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5 May
A) neither WOTC nor Paizo (which are the companies which make the games that are usually The Beloved IP) pays 2-3 cents per word

B) Many 3PP companies pay that little because they're usually 1-2 person companies with tiny margines

C) that is the work most newbies can get
ESPECIALLY for newbie designers who aren't white men who can (safely) get their first freelance writing gig the traditional way, which is getting drunk with gross-ass white men at cons, building a resume of indie work is often the path to getting more prominent freelance gigs
And that means taking work from small 3PP companies who don't pay 10 cents a word

but by all fucking means, continue putting the blame on "chumps" who don't have the privilege to get their start working on D&D or PF
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5 May
if the overwhelmingly predominant results of 2000 years of your concept in practice have been colonialism, genocide, war, and other abuses

maybe there's a fucking problem with your concept
Like, again, openly white supremacist ideology is higher among Christians than non-Christians in the US.

And no, not just among evangelicals. Across the spectrum of denominations.…
And I know some genuinely good Christians. A tiny handful.

But like, man, have they ever done the WORK to untangle their belief system from its colonialism, from its racism, from its antisemitism.
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5 May
oooh, oooh, I used to be a wedding musician and did I SEE some shit, friends. gather round
okay, so I started playing at weddings when I was in 7th grade and I was too young to actually get a lot of the innuendo, but my earliest mortified wedding memory was of a sister giving a toast to the bride and reassuring the groom about her sister's prowess in bed
this is not from one of my gigs, but back in the day I had a conservative evangelical friend and he asked me to come with him as a +1 to a friend's wedding, as a friend

I agreed

the ceremony was a little odd, but I was used to odd at that point
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2 May
I wish people could get it through their heads that you don't have to believe in the supernatural to *experience* things as supernatural.
Like, after my cat died, I had a dream about her. She'd been absolutely ravaged by cancer, had her leg amputated, etc. She was suffering a LOT at the end.

And a few days after she died, I had a dream that I woke up from my sleep and heard her chirping from under the bed.
And I wanted so much to see her, to hold her, because I missed her *so much*, and yet, in my dream, I knew she was dead and I was afraid to see her.

I was afraid she'd look even worse than when she'd died, be suffering even more. Or that she'd be dead and decomposing.
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