Florida Democrats' Senate primary has the potential to be as nasty and destructive as their gubernatorial primary. And with the primaries in August, that's not a lot of time to repair the damage and heal wounds before the general election. politico.com/states/florida…
It's not just in Florida that Democrats might have acrimonious primaries. Two dynamics will be at play. "moderates" vs. progressives for one. But identity politics will be a big factor, too, with white candidates vs. minorities and minority vs. minority. washingtonpost.com/politics/biden…
It's pretty clear the North Carolina Senate race left a bad taste in a lot of mouths. The "electable" white guy who Chuck Schumer foisted on NC Dems instead of the black woman favored by local activists imploded. They all but say not this time.
You always hear about Republicans blowing Senate races with nasty primaries that produce unelectable candidates. But the Democrats aren't immune.

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9 May
Alex Witt lying to her audience again by having Susan Del Moronico and David Jolly on to talk about the GOP, though neither has anything instructive to say about it since they expunged themselves from it. But they can wishcast about how it's doomed for MSNBC viewers, so they do.
I was in grad school the last time Susan Del Brain Damage had anything to do with the Republican Party.
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9 May
Finished the first season of "Wallander." The body count in the last episode is like a whole season of "Inspector Morse." I knew the twist right away because it's obvious from the photo. These guys are detectives and I noticed before them. Though that's the theme of the episode.
The previous episode, the one with the conspiracy to destroy Europe's financial system, was the best of first season. Though there too I knew how it would go because it has one of those characters who's either going to die or is really a bad guy. Or in this case, both.
Characters can be tropes, too, and this character had trope written all over them. The climax of the final episode was also predictable. "Family member in jeopardy!" Don't get me wrong, I still liked it. But after a while you hope things you see coming a mile away don't show up.
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8 May
"Put simply, Liz Cheney is on her way out because she not only squandered the trust of her peers, she spurned it."

Me on Liz Cheney, Donald Trump, and why getting rid of the one is the only way the GOP will get rid of the other. My latest for @ArcDigi. counterpoint.arcdigital.media/p/cheney2
"The truth of the matter is that Cheney has been on thin ice for a while . . . If you keep putting stress on thin ice it'll give way eventually. Cheney, in her colleagues' eyes, didn't just keep putting stress on it, she used it as a trampoline." counterpoint.arcdigital.media/p/cheney2
"Cheney's newfound status as a lone voice telling the truth in the wilderness of Trump's GOP has made her a convenient cudgel for a media which likes only two kinds of Republicans: dead ones and those who criticize other Republicans." counterpoint.arcdigital.media/p/cheney2
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8 May
"Fervently hating Donald Trump and writing sanctimonious diatribes for Jeff Bezos's newspaper is Jennifer Rubin's job. She's meant to be representing the interests of her constituents and of the Republican conference."

When you put it like that. spectator.us/topic/liz-chen…
I've said that most people can't name anyone who held the job of Republican Conference Chair before Liz Cheney. There's a good reason: No one lasts in it for long. It's kind of a cursed job, as @pkcapitol illustrates. Watch out, Elise Stefanik. washingtonpost.com/powerpost/stef…
Even if you concede that what Liz Cheney says about Trump is true (and most of it is), you'd think at some point she'd realize she may not be one to deliver that message. But clearly not. So in that sense, she's undermining herself. That's bad politics. washingtonpost.com/politics/chene…
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8 May
The padawan who escapes at the beginning of the first episode of "The Bad Batch" is Kanan Jarrus, right?
The second Depa Bilaba called him "Caleb" I knew that's who it was. I don't know if it's supposed to be a secret, but he can't be anyone else. First, Kanan's real name was Caleb Dume. Second, all the cartoons are connected. "Clone Wars" to "Rebels," now to "The Bad Batch."
Anyway, "The Bad Batch" is great so far. The second episode was a bit conventional and probably more in keeping with the series (and its predecessors). But the pilot was really well done. Excellent writing and pacing. A couple of the twists were predictable, but executed well.
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25 Apr
Does pushing nonsense like having KY, LA, and KS as Tier 2 states for the Dems get your followers to donate to your Patreon, or are you actually that stupid?
LOL at this grifter thinking Chuck Grassley's long tenure would be a liability.
When you have no understanding whatsoever of how American politics works.
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