210510 Weeekly X AKP Forum Thread;

#Weeekly #위클리 @_Weeekly
OP: What is your favorite color?

[#Zoa] I like red, yellow, and white!
OP: How do you gals feel about being no.1 on Spotify's Viral 50 playlist?


[#Soojin] I couldn’t believe it and was elated when I first heard the news. I’d really like to thank everybody who likes Weeekly’s music♡
OP: is there any new hobby or interests you’ve developed lately? Also, i love your songs! you all are amazing!!!

[#Monday] Watching performances by K-Pop artists from the past!!
OP: YAY WEEEKLY <3 You guys have such a happy aura and energy! :blushing:

My question is: What were/are some fun things you like to do After School?

[#Soeun] I used to learn K-Pop dances for my after-school activities! That’s when I first learned how to dance.
OP: I’m a new daileee and I want you guys to know that I’m so glad I found you because you give me so much happiness and I love you so much

My question is: what makes you happy the most?

[#Jiyoon] Daileee♡, my family, and Weeekly♡
OP:... if you can describe each of the members with one word, what would it be?

i hope you girls stay safe!

and stay awesome! <3


Soojin “leader”

Jihan “cutie”

Jiyoon “hamster”

Soeun “bestie”

Zoa “our lovely youngest”

Jaehee “sister”
OP: To Jiyoon, How did you first get into songwriting and what tips would you have for beginners.

[#Jiyoon] I’m not that experienced to be giving tips yet, but…!

At first, I used to write new lyrics for the songs I liked.
I’d practice by writing various versions of lyrics as if I were writing poetry. I think it’s a good idea to try writing lyrics for many times when you first begin.
OP: Each member of Weeekly have their own assigned day of the week but if you were able to change your day, which day would it be and why?

[#Soeun] I’d like to swap with Jaehee’s Saturday! I love the feeling of waking up leisurely on Saturday morning after a busy week,
so I’d like to trade mine with hers.
OP: What is the first thing you do in the morning as part of your daily routine?

[#Jiyoon] Eating cereal!
OP: Do you guys think Zoa will grow to be the tallest member?

[#Jihan] Zoa’s still young, so I think she can still grow taller!! But I like her just the way she is now! Stop growing, please!
OP: what is your guys’ favourite fruits? 🍏🍌🍓🍊🍒 i love you guys 🤍🤍

[#Jaehee] I like strawberries, watermelons, pears, oranges, pineapples, grapes (especially Shine Muscat grapes), mangoes, peaches, and melons.
OP: If each member could choose a superpower, what would it be?

[#Monday] The ability to be loved by everybody!!
OP: If there is anything you would like to say to your trainee self, what would it be?

[#Soeun] “All your efforts are gonna pay off! You can do this!”
OP: 다른 멤버에 대해 가장 좋아하는 점은 무엇입니까? Love from Boston!
Trans: What do you like most about other members?

[#Zoa] I love how our members are so fun to be with and how we keep making each other giggle!
OP: Weeekly just had their first offline fansign event!! how was it and what do you feel after meeting those daileees that you have talked only on the video calls event?

[#Soojin] I’ve missed you so much! I was so thrilled for this chance to finally meet Daileee in person.
I hope the COVID-19 situation stabilizes soon so that we can meet Daileee from all across the globe also as soon as possible.
OP: I have 1 question, what do you do when you are going through difficult times?

[#Monday] I watch variety shows on TV!!

OP: Have you ever had a funny dream?

[#Monday] I dream of something new every night, so I really don’t remember them. ㅠㅠ
OP: if you could be another member for a day, who would it be and why?

[#Jaehee] 1. Zoa! I’d like to be younger, even if just by a year. > <
OP: What was your reaction like when you heard your stage name for the first time? Did you pick it?

[#Jihan] After it was decided that I’d be using a stage name, our staff and I contemplated together on which one to use. We were thinking of a name that’d sound similar to mine,
so we tried reversing the order of the syllables in “Han-Ji-Hyo” to “Hyo-Ji-Han,” and “Jihan” sounded like a great name! So that’s how we decided to go with Jihan.
OP: What songs can you recommend to us, daileees when we are having a hard time?

[#Soojin] I’d like to recommend “Butterfly” by Weeekly! We can get through this, Daileee!!
OP: Who is the best cook among all of you?

[#Soojin] All of our members are really interested in cooking. To be honest, we’re pretty much the same when it comes to cooking, but if we’re talking about who cooks the most, that would be Soeun and me.
OP: If you could be any day of the week which day would you be and why?

[Zoa] I’m going to stick with my Friday♡, since I think it’s the day everybody loves and looks forward to the most. Just like how everybody can’t wait for Friday to come,
I want to be somebody who can give many people that kind of happiness.
OP: Monday, Do you know Raya?

What is your reaction when you first knew that a Disney Princess looks like you?

Much love from Philippines❤

[#Monday] You mean I look like a Disney Princess? What an honor! ToT
OP: Do you guys get nervous performing on stage? I love watching your performance it's like a serotonin boost for me♡

[#Jihan] I’m not that nervous on stage, probably because I’m with our members. And when I do get nervous, they help me relieve the stress!
OP: From the "We Play" album and why? Are there any behind-the-scenes stories of recording the songs or filming the music video for After School?

[#Jiyoon] My all-time favorite song on the album <We play> is “After School.” I loved it so much that I got goosebumps
when I first heard the song! As for the story behind the recording... well, my rap part was slightly lower in pitch when I first recorded it!
OP: What are your favorite lines/parts from After School?

[#Jihan] My favorite lyrics in “After School” are my part that starts with “We’re on our skateboards” and the final “I feel so free”
OP: Describe Weeekly in one word.

[#Jihan] Weeekly is “fun and rowdy”! I think this expression is perfect for Weeekly because we’re rowdy and have so much fun when we’re together!
OP: What Korean food or snacks you like the most? 😊 Hope to visit South Korea soon and meet you all.😊❤❤❤ Weeekly fighting!

[#Soojin] I love Doenjang Jjigae(Korean Soybean Paste Stew)! I really hope you try Doenjang Jjigae if you ever visit Korea.
OP: To Jaehee: You just dyed your hair for After School. What did it feel like? Also, any future hairstyles and colours you'd like to try in the future?

[#Jaehee] This is my first time bleaching my hair and dyeing it blonde! I’ve always wanted to dye my hair, so I was so
excited and happy to try it. Next time, I’d like to try dyeing my hair pink!
OP: What is your most essential food for breakfast?

[#Jaehee] I drink Sikhye(Korean Sweet Rice Drink) first thing in the morning. Then I always eat yogurt and take probiotics.
OP: what's your favorite animal?

[#Soeun] I really love dogs and cats both, so it’s hard to choose just one favorite animal. ToT
OP: Since Weeekly haven't perform in front of Daileees officially on stage yet, which Weeekly's song will our members want to perform the most? (B-side tracks are also fine~)

[#Soojin] I’d really like to perform “Tag Me (@ Me),” which is our debut song. “Top Secret” is also +
a song for Daileee, so I’d really like to perform it for you when we get the chance.
OP: What is your favorite late-night snack?

[#Jaehee] I like ice cream and fro-yo! I also like fried chicken, pizza, Tteokbokki(Spicy Rice Cakes), and meat! ♡
OP: What do Weeekly like to do during their free time? Can you recommend us some of the things we can do in our free time? movie to watch maybe?

[#Soeun] We like to watch movies together during our free time! I’d like to recommend the animated movie “Soul,” which we really
enjoyed watching recently!
OP: what is your favorite song when summer comes??

[#Jiyoon] “Falling In Love” by 2NE1.
OP: do any of you have a routine you do before you perform, maybe something you do to calm down?

[#Zoa] I usually chat with members or play games to relax before going on stage.
OP: Do any of you want to dye your hair a certain color, or are there any new hairstyles you'd like to try?

[#Zoa] I’d like to dye my hair in red shades or black if I get the chance. Thank you for rooting for Weeekly!
We’ll continue to do our best to put on even better performances!

• • •

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