′′ Modi ji has to be brought to his knees, government has to be proved unsuccessful ′′ This kind of thinking has created so much havoc.
If you don't #believe then read..........
You will be shocked to know this truth.
It is notable that the country has a total of 36 states including 28 complete states and 8 union territories (UT)
But the shocking fact is out of the 208330 deaths (yesterday)due to Corona in the country, more than 107602 (51.65 %) deaths have occurred in only 6 states
Out of these 6 states, 5 states are ruled by Chhattisgarh (8312,) Punjab (8909) Rajasthan (4084) Jharkhand (2540), and Maharashtra (67985) Congress and Congress alliance. The sixth state is that Delhi (15772) whose Chief Minister is Kejriwal
Isn't it shocking that the number of
deaths due to Corona in these 6 states is more than the remaining 30 states in the country.
The fact is even more shocking because the total population of these 6 states (34 crore) is only 24 percent of the country's current estimated population (139 crores).
Let me mention that the 6 states ruled by BJP with the highest number of deaths due to Corona are Karnataka (15306) Uttar Pradesh (12238), Gujarat (7010), Madhya Pradesh (Haryana (4118) and Uttarakhand ( 2502). There have been a total of 46693 deaths as of yesterday data
There have been 60909 (130 %) more deaths in 6 states ruled by Congress and Congress alliance and Kejriwal.
Another more shocking fact is that the total number of deaths due to Corona in 17 states ruled by BJP& its alliance & 7 union states (UT) is 57820. This number is only
27.75 percent of the total 208330 deaths due to Corona in the country.
The above conditions put the policy and intentions of the governments of the Congress and Congress alliance and Kejriwal ruled 6 states into the room of serious questions and doubts.
We have all seen how the Chief Ministers of Congress-ruled states stopped people from getting vaccinated by continuously spreading fear and confusion about the corona vaccine.
The Maharashtra govt itself accepted the truth of wasting 5.5 lakh doses of vaccine in such a
difficult situation.
Yesterday, the shameful & dangerous truth was revealed in the court that Kejriwal govt kept hiding 52000 doses of remdesivir injection & kept talking about only 2500 injections.
But the truth came out in court.
Yesterday it was also revealed that
the Kejri government closed the factory which supply 500 cylinder oxygen daily in Delhi, which is craving for a single drop of oxygen, without any reason.
The truth was also revealed in the court that Kejri's government had not handed over complete & accurate list of hospitals
to the company which supply oxygen till yesterday.
All the above deeds had the same terrible result and the havoc of Corona in the above 6 states kept increasing day by night. Why did these governments do this.?
Now understand this too...
One of the most important leader
of Congress in such dangerous situations and the Gandhi family’s most close and trusted Man Friday, since Rajiv Gandhi's time especially by Sonia Gandhi is Chidambaram.
Chidambaram openly appealed two days ago that the people of the country should take to the streets & revolt.
In the language of common man,the simple meaning of Chidambaram's call is that people should get on the streets and start rioting
Imagine when the country's situation is so critical that the govt has to deploy Indian Air Force war helicopters & ships to supply oxygen & medicines
When the country is in such a critical situation this Congress leaders openly provokes people to take to the streets to riot,so his demonic intentions are very clear.
The pair of Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and his sister PriyankaVadra have been continuously raining poisonous
provocative statements and accusations against the country's Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the past several days
P Chidambaram is openly appealing to the people of the country to get on the streets and revolt.
Looking at these situations
Yesterday senior journalist
Harshvardhan Tripathi tweeted and wrote that...
′′ Most people will call my point politically motivated right now, but the truth is that @narendramodi is to be brought to his knees, to be failed at all costs... “. never mind how many Indians die,never mind how many children
are orphaned or the country’s economy is destroyed
These non BJP States adopted a very careless attitude
This is a conspiracy whose only poisonous bigotry agenda is to overthrow the Hinduist PM Narendra Modi and his govt from the power of this country at any cost

• • •

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** Do you know about Ningthouja dynasty?**
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Reasons D K Shivakumar wants #TejaswiSurya arrested...

1. Exposing the #bengaluruhospitalbedscam that was holding 1500+ got beds in Bengaluru to ransom resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Covid patients.

2. Tejaswi Surya also exposed the Jihadi and minority mafia nexus
behind this #bengaluruhospitalbedscam

3. D K claims that Tejaswi is communalising the issue becos all the names found behind this mafia were moozlums

4. D K claims kinship with the jihadi community saying they r his brothers ... “ We live together, We die together”..
5. D K also claims that if u target this criminal nexus you will not be able t fix ur punctured bicycle tyres since all tyre puncturewallahs hail from this community
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Tejaswi Surya exposes hospital bed scam in Bangalore
100s of beds have been booked by BBMP’s Muslim Employees to be sold at rocket high rates to helpless & critically ill COVID patients, all this happens only becos these are NOT punished adequately
The Scam:
ICU bed blocking scam in Bengaluru

Expose by the BJP team of MP and MLAs

When people are dying because of shortage of beds.. Here's dirty politics played by blocking beds with fake names
A raid that exposed the scam
Ppl are dying but these people with
their sympathisers in a political party indulging in dirty politics and killing ppl by depriving them of beds


List of terrorists working in BBMP WAR ROOM killing thousands of Bengalurians. Listen to MP Tejaswi Surya read out the names
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In shocking development an ancient historic Jain Temple and its 67 cents of land has been taken over by Waqf Board in Kodavuru village #Karnataka as per local media reports.
The ancient Jain temple at Kodavuru was sacked & vandalised by Tipu Sultan more than 200 years ago,
the Jain temple and its premises consisting of 67 cents of land was under govt control till 14 Jan 2021.
A Mujlim man is said to have started living at premises by putting up a small tent some yrs back. Within a period of time,many more Mujlims started
occupying the temple land. Recently they started claiming ownership of the place, following which the Waqf Board staked claim to the property and claimed ownership to it formally.
The ancient historic Jain Temple & its 67 cent land property in Kodavuru which was under the Revenue
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Does anyone in India know this piece of history?
Answer must be a firm "No" from most of us! Now please read on.
Remembered in Japan,forgotten in India, that's how our history is
The day was 12 Nov,1948.
Tokyo Trials are going on in a huge garden house on the outskirts of Tokyo,
the trial of fifty-five Japanese war criminals including Japan's then Prime Minister Tojo, after losing WWII.
Of these, 28 people have been identified as Class-A (crimes against peace) war criminals. If proved, the only punishment is the "death penalty"
Eleven international
judges from all over the world are announcing......"Guilty".... "Guilty"...... "Guilty"......... Suddenly one thundered, "Not Guilty!"
A silence came down in the hallway. Who was this lone dissenter?
His name was Radha Binod Pal a Judge from India.
Born in 1886 in the Kumbh
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