The January 6 insurrectionists would have killed politicians who disavowed Trump and the Big Lie. Now the GOP is destroying them by other means.…
To those talking about how the Republicans are "destroying the party" or themselves, that's not how this works. This IS the party now. They are destroying those who oppose them and the US system of democracy, which relies on the people's faith in it.
Purging the insufficiently loyal is a key part of every undemocratic movement, which is what the Republican Party has become. If you cannot win enough votes and can't change candidates or policies to attract voters, attack the system.
It's long past time to stop being nostalgic for a Republican party of conservatives because a few principled outliers like Romney and Cheney haven't been eliminated yet. This is it, and you either crush the lie or the lie crushes you.

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29 Apr
Predictably I'm also concerned about any big government! Biden had a good tone (the key to his election) but I'm worried about the agenda. He barely beat Trump and I'm worried 2022 & 2024 will be a disaster if the Dems embrace culture fights & far-left economics.
Obviously by "barely" I mean the handful of votes in key swing states, not the misleading electoral margin or popular vote. Dems can't rely on demographic shift alone ongoing. Biden ran on unity; abandoning it now would be a mistake.
Instead of planning for the long-term, Biden's agenda sounds like he feels he has to cram everything into the next year or two before the Dems lose their majorities. But acting that way is how they will lose them! Build up strategically, don't panic.
Read 6 tweets
28 Apr
Not mentioning any names here, but one of the dangers of committing crimes to win an election is losing and not having the friends in high places to cover them up!
Autocrats and would-be autocrats use this as leverage. "We all go down together if I fall." They make it impossible to hedge your bets. It's a mafia technique. This is why it's so important to clean things up, so there's no impunity.
If such people win, they write the pardons, the laws, and the history books. An example must be made of them when they lose, so others do not follow in their criminal, treasonous footsteps.
Read 4 tweets
19 Apr
A summit with a killer? Biden has been good on Russia so far, but he needs to be consistent if he wants to change Putin’s murderous behavior. My new op-ed in the @WSJ…
Just being better than Trump (obviously) or Obama (not hard) on Putin isn’t enough. Biden can’t sanction Russia but then give Putin the status and legitimacy he craves if he wants to defend American interests.
John Kerry is a genius at getting nothing for something. Now he has a “climate envoy” position to make deals with dictatorships that could undermine the White House and State Dept line. To quote Kerry, I’m deeply concerned.…
Read 6 tweets
22 Mar
The unjust imprisonment of Alexei Navalny must not be forgotten, but expanded to the unjust condition of all Russians in Putin's dictatorship. The free world must support a movement, not only a man. My op-ed with @AVindman in the Washington Post:…
Navalny always urges his supporters to keep fighting despite his repeated jailings and even Putin's murder attempts. The US should heed his advice by targeting Putin's gang and authoritarianism & corruption broadly.
As Navalny says, fighting Putin is pro-Russian, and the same is true about supporting democracy there. And it's not just idealism or pushing back against Putin's aggression. A world with more democracy makes Americans safer and more prosperous.
Read 4 tweets
17 Mar
Bingo. As I said in our RDI event with @EliotHiggins yesterday, the free world refuses to admit it's in a war and so is losing without a fight. Unless there are serious consequences for traitors and their handlers, it will only get worse.
One of the ways the West has failed to adapt to fighting modern dictatorships like Putin's is still thinking about national interests and ideology instead of individual greed. It's the money, stupid.
Betraying your country for cash instead of Communism is not an improvement. Putin and now the Saudi & Chinese dictatorships have figured out they can just buy what they want with few limits. Wallets instead of hearts and minds.
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6 Mar
Schröder does openly what would be a scandal bordering on treason were it uncovered. Brazen influence peddling in the service of Putin's hostile dictatorship. Now China too, why not?
"Realpolitik" was a failure even when in good faith. The pragmatic pursuit of interests over value-based foreign policy fails in the face of authoritarian regimes with no values at all. They take the deals and use "engagement" to spread corruption.
As for Schröder and his ilk, we take "realpolitik" from his language, but their behavior has a more accurate German word: "Prostitution". Though selling your soul and selling out your country is far less respectable!
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