Did you all see "THEY" are trying to cancel 'Snow White' now? .
"She didn't give him Consent" to kiss her awake .

These people are absolutely crazy and just doing all this because WE exist ..
'THEY" canceled Dr. Seuess A few weeks after I posted Green eggs & Ham..
did what "TEHY" did to GOYA 2 weeks after I posted about GOYA on my other account. All the dates prove all of it. I can still search up certain posts for the dates on my other account. Certain key words still pop up.

EVERYTHING "THEY" have done to humanity on EVERY layer is
because myself and the others exist and are against EVERYTHING 'THEY' stand for. "THEY" mocked us before WE were all born KNOWING we would not stand with "THEM" ..
WE save the children, "THEY" sacrifice the children for their own personal gain..
CONNECT all the dots.
WHY the
plant parenthood is so important in all of this. think of it as an easy way for them to send off cells/fetuses to create something. "THEY" created A system that helped "THEIR" way of life thrive while everyone else was trapped within A false reality/matrix so "THEY" could keep
living "THEIR" disgusting lifestyle so many elites lived.

I Know about the woods "THEY" hunted Humans in, I forgave it so justice could finally be served.
I Know about all the A-Chrome & the system used to create it, I Forgave so justice could be served.
made right and NONE of you have to forgive but I will tell you, when the truth comes out and you see it for yourselves-it will make it much easier moving forward. All the guilt ones may feel within because they allowed themselves to become "Stupid/Blind/Dumbed down" by evil
because of Evil in this world gave everyone all those distractions to keep them all dumbed down & Blind ..
Just know, you are forgiven and loved moving forward. "THEY" put all the things in front of humanity that bring out humanity's #DESIRES. Everyone has been lied to and
Deceived, there is A path that has been created for EVERYONE at #REDEMPTION. I made A promise to ALL existing #FOUNDATION s like sports, social media etc, That their existing Foundation can be used to build on within this new world .. There will most likely be MANY social media
sites that will have no choice but to be shut down because of all the child exploitation. Some it's just too bad to save. Others aren't as bad and can be rebuilt on their already existing foundations ..

• • •

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13 May
I Believe Women bring out the BEST in Men ..
Think about it, A Woman brings A fathers Child into the world and as soon as that child is brought into the world every Fathers says their lives change for the better even if they have A Good life..

HONOR Our Women
LOVE Our Women

WE as Humanity/Men need to stop allowing our women to be beaten to the ground IN MANY WAYS..
Women are not just slabs of meat.
Once ALL MEN around the world see & understand the truth that foods have been altered to make women
Chemically out of balance (ALONG WITH MEN TOO) I think Men will start treating women better. Think of how many men KNOW ones should be married before have sex but don't? Think of how many kids under the age of 18 and not only under the age of 18 girls under age eating
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13 May
When Art Mimics life ..

So many of the actors/Superstars didn't know where the information was coming from they had to ACT out. So much information they had to act out was from information given to #SOMEONE by SPECIAL Agencies for them to then give to an actor that could BEST
act out A part that NEEDED to be acted out A certain way so that TRUTH could be left hidden in plain sight..
So many of these athletes still to this day don't know of how deep all of this goes. #TRAVELERS would give agencies information from the future, that Agency would then Image
give that information that was needed to be hidden in plain sight to someone specific to then give to the actors/actresses (NOT KNOWING WHERE THE INFO CAME FROM) for them to act out within the Squared Circle..
Story telling at it finest of things that were to happen in the
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13 May
All the election tampering that is about to come out, is going to be coming out in States and Cities I Have ties too. Like Cobb County for example ..
Same with Philly.
Same thing Evil in this world did because I Posted QOYA, they did when I Posted Green eggs & Ham shortly after. Image
Because I Have been showing all of you the hidden truths of the world for 5 years now, Truth Evil didn't want any of you knowing because it made them powerless, Evil kept hurting you in ways it was mocking me, who I am & Where I come from. Knowing NONE of you would see clearly or
believe any of it. They thought I would just get so pissed off & Stop. I was making it so easy at times showing you,So EVIL kept messing with me. I Kept pushing forward. The MANY who refused to see clearly because of Ego's or whatever else spit in my face right along
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13 May
"Guns are Safe"
If I continued showed you WHY the Entire world was created, Would you stop treating one another poorly? Would you all finally just be yourselves? Would you start being the BEST version of yourself you can be?
I Don't like being Mocked as I have been by so many. Image
I Will continue showing you WHY Evil in this world did everything they did to ALL of you ..

WHY do dates & Times matter? Does it prove when something was posted? Does it prove something was posted before Evil in this world tried canceling culture?

Does it prove that Evil in this world only did what THEY did out of spite & NOT because things were so called "Racist"? Does it put these people in their place and the proof I am giving ALL of you, can it be used s A TOOL?

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13 May
I know everyone says they are ready, I know you are ready for the truth. BUT!! Are you READY to transition to Greatness? .
Check out what I found!!
Earlier today I explained about the GOYA, How I posted about it and then days later they tried pulling the same shit they did with Dr. SUESS?!?

I screen grabbed so much & archived offline. Here is the proof.
Dates & time matter.
What day was Day 1 of ImageImageImage
The whole Goya drama?

Connect all the DOTS please.
Also, VK- She remembered! 101 Dalmatians!
We're bringing the people into BIG BIG BIG leagues now. So many eyes are about to be opened. Do I care if they know who they been talking too? No. I want all the love & credit for
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13 May
.@JDS0591, On her "Sock Appreciation" post she made, how do you think she knew what color cloths to wear? I Didn't post these photo's or show these photo's to anyone until April 26Th ..
She knows everything about ME..
There is only 1 of ME & 1 Of Her ..
🏈 Perfect Catch ...
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