How to stop coming across as a needy beta in a conversation?

5 things that guys do that kills the vibe

1. Shitty body language

BETA guys try to take minimum space as they can

Tight shoulders, No Space between legs

They stand like they are in a fucking business meeting

You don't have to do anything special

Just relax & take as much space as you usually do
2. Laughing at your own jokes

Beta dudes try real hard to make others laugh

Understand the fact that you are not a standup comedian

You say things for yourself

Don't convey social nervousness by laughing at your own shitty jokes
3. Agreeing to everything

You are not having the conversation to have a fight

But if you are giving affirmative response to every single thing

then you are coming across as a needy guy

It means you got no opinion of your own
4. Being too logical

No one wants to listen to the tiniest nerdiest detail that you have

Don't kill the vibe by being too logical with your data & facts

Fuck around a bit

say things that you feel like saying

Have fun
5. Leaning in

The world is a woman

If you want to penetrate it you have to be erect like a dick

Never lean in

Understand the fact that green lines never lies

@alpharivelino thanks for the picture
Stop getting used by women

Stop jerking off like a degenerate

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16 May
How to be more captivating in social interactions?

4 Hacks to be more interesting & fun to be around

1. Be Fun

Work on your sense of humor

Watch shit tons of standup comedy

Be humour in interaction

Make people laugh

Everyone wants to be around that guy who is having more fun
2. Do interesting shit

No one wants to listen to what your boss said to you
or what deal you cracked

Capture their attention by telling them about your crazy experiences


For doing that

You have to experience some crazy shit first
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15 May
How to talk like a Man?

4 rules for staying grounded in a conversation

1. Speak your shit slowly

A simp talks in a hurry

Because he believes that whatever he has to say

Does'nt carry any value

Stop embracing that bullshit

Speak slowly

Give your words the weight & value that they deserve
2. The body language

Stop Fidgeting

Don't keep your body tight

Occupy space

Stop compensating for your insecurities with your hand movements
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14 May
4 strategies to win the Frame Battle

Frame battles are pretty normal

it's just a fight of alpha chimps who are proving their

Dominance in the group by sub communication cues

Leverage these strategies when you find yourself in a frame battle
1. Finish what you have started

They will try to cut you in the middle of the sentence &

What guys usually do is

They stop speaking

Don't do that

If you stop in the middle it means you don't believe in what you are saying

Finish your part
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13 May
How to be comfortable in your own skin?

-THREAD- Image
You are at a party

You look around

You see "humans" who are X level up in status game or money or other standard set by the society than you

You feel like everyone is judging you

You feel like you don't belong here


You are fucked up
1. Piss & shit

When you find yourself being uncomfortable in your skin

Just look around

Look at all the classy people who have surrounded you

And say to yourself " They all piss & shit like me "

Say it loud enough so that they can listen to it
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11 May
Why having a scarcity mindset is fucking up with your

life and how you can turn it around

1. Embracing Abundance

Get this shit straight into your head

-For girls
-For money
-For opportunities
-For anything else in life

They all are present in an infinite amount

From a very young age

You have been conditioned to believe that all the good

things are rare
Take a moment &

Look around in nature

You'll find an abundance of resources

That's true with everything you want in life
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10 May
Why being real is the easiest way of becoming a
High-Value Male?

3 ways to be a Congruent Alpha

1. Being a human is better than being perfect

You are living in a time where everyone has some ulterior motive for being nice

Most communication is a form of manipulation

In these times

When you offer your realness

You are bound to become a high-value male
Because no one else is doing that

Every dude wants the validation of fucking the hottest

& when they hide that intention by being a bitch

They become creepy
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