on my sixth week of bullet journaling. I didn't really give it a chance before, but after seeing some tweets (I believe from @yoshuawuyts) and reading about its creation, I decided to give it a try regardless of my feelings.

i am so glad i did.
i like it so much i actually am considering trying to do a paper-based zettlekasten and just like, end my accounts with various online-based productivity and knowledge management tools.
i've got a lot more to say here. maybe i'll blog someday. let me write that down in my "projects quick capture" page...
because who knows if i'll ever blog, here's the main thrust of a blog post: Steve's Ultimate Productivity System. after reading about and practicing every system known to the internet, i have amalgamated them into one single Grand Theory of Everything
Step 1: capture stuff in the lowest friction way possible
Step 2: take some periodic bit of time to sort through the stuff in step 1, and organize it in some fashion
Step 3: look at your organized stuff, and do it
Step 3 is the goal of all of these things. Step 1 is basically universal in all of these systems. Step 2 is where the rubber hits the road, and is *actually* what GTD vs PARA vs BuJo vs Whatever is talking about. how, and in what way, do you organize?
IMHO, step 2's details don't actually matter. what matters is that doing stuff is a producer/consumer problem. the queue doesn't actually matter. it's that you make it easy to produce, and that you regularly consume.
one of the key insights shared by many of these things is that quick capture of stuff, and then being able to trust the system you have, means that you reduce the amount of stuff you have to think about. ease of capture is key, so that you can get stuff out of your head.
trust in the process is key, so you can let go of the need to remember all this junk all the time.
to do that, imho, you start small, and then build from there. it's fun to nerd out about specific practices, and there's some fun hacks to get something jumpstarted, but the best thing is the thing that grows up around you and how your brain works.
anyway, one of the problems with all of this stuff is that there's a "now draw the owl!" step in a lot of it. and that's what i'm doing here. because these are tweets. but really, that's it
1. get stuff out of your head
2. filter and arrange it in some useful way. adjust this way over time as you want things and dislike things.
3. do the things

thanks for coming to my ted talk

• • •

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25 May
PSA: I plan on blogging about this, but haven’t yet, but semver is now a dtolnay crate. There’s basically nobody else I’d have given this too. Very glad to see what he’s doing with it
I have been trying to get a 1.0.0 across the line for like two years. It’s kind of been an albatross for me. He actually did it, and it’s very good.
psa @zkat__ ^
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6 May
I am gonna die
Okay number two I had a tiny tiny bit and thought “this is fine” but I know better, gave it a second, and it’s still fine but I feel it in my whole mouth. Not sure when I’ll feel okay about trying 3, I put too big a dab hahah
Haven’t died yet. FUCK that is spicy though. I could not eat a full wing with this on it
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5 May
This week’s experiment: a YouTube Short. Vertical video, one minute long at most.

It’s tough to fit things into just a minute! My first attempt had ten extra seconds…
It is a lot less work overall to make a sixty second video than the ten-minute ones though. Which was nice because I’ve had less time these last two weeks.
... can you tell the point where The Algorithm decided to start promoting my video?
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3 May
= note: LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'ftdi1.lib'

Found libs:

wtf computer. it's on the screen, right there
did you know that your computer is one big ball of mutable state and if you decide to "clean up your documents directory a bit" and remove the wrong thing everything is fucked
the plot thickens. and by "thickens" i mean "cargo is passing the right flags so, wtf Image
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2 May
My “the project isn’t run by one person or company” tshirt sure is raising a lot of questions answered by my tshirt
Listen: I really like and respect most of the folks on this list. I get it, I do. And hey, maybe literally everything has changed in the past eight years. I doubt it though.
Just ask yourselves: if Rails really is truly independent, what was the last major feature that DHH didn’t like that made it in? Where’s the stuff Basecamp doesn’t use? Why does the community replace like half the stack?
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1 May
Haymarket explosionSolidarity of labour: labou...Thank you for your hard wor...1st May
remember that each year, to oppose International Worker's Day, the US declares it "Loyalty Day."

that is, to be loyal to the united states is to be anti-worker. their statement, not mine

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