@ericgarland @CanadianWizardT And then, as they say, it gets. Actually. Bad.

Realize there's just one vast map of evidence on top of another on top of another, & so on.

All of them integrating together in a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts.

When even *one* of them, *alone,* was apocalyptic.
@ericgarland @CanadianWizardT I won't even bother to list them.

That list runs over multiple tweets, just citing the publicly known evidence sources.

This thing could have been eaten alive by everything Eric just mentioned, plus, say...

Cryptocurrency logs. Cell-phone logs. Records of paid botnets.
@ericgarland @CanadianWizardT Botnet components unplugged and "sitting in grandma's attic."

Security-video archives from DC and elsewhere, enhanced, data mined and parsed with facial recognition.

It just goes on endlessly.
@ericgarland @CanadianWizardT So, as you read this on your geolocated phone, sending out responses which are dated and timestamped.

Just remember.

Going after people who let you know, years in advance, they're keeping public records.

Is truly some "next-level stuff."

But *hey!*
@ericgarland @CanadianWizardT At least you didn't accuse FBI Deputy Director McCabe of leaking highly classified national-security intel to you!


Never mind.
@ericgarland @CanadianWizardT And really.

If you're congratulating yourself for not being "That Guy" while still connected to any of this...

You might as well have.

RICO, baby. *RICO.*

Not to mention, That Guy's OPSEC is now *your* OPSEC.
@ericgarland @CanadianWizardT You're breathing the same infected air, as they burn down every deflection, every game, every contact, every nuance of tradecraft or strategy.

It's like cryptocurrency.

No one said anything, for *years,* because even a dusting of criminal users was too good to be true.
@ericgarland @CanadianWizardT So when people are running "operatives" with...

Two. Days. Of. Training.

No, not to scam kindergarteners out of vegan cupcakes or something.

But in the middle of the biggest intelligence investigation in history, during a coup against the US Government.
@ericgarland @CanadianWizardT You own these people.

And they own you.

"That man over there, he's your brother!

"That woman over there, she's your sister!"

Just... Not in a good way.

More in a "I hope you and Gaetz never exchanged more than hot words and cold stares, Mr. Stone."
@ericgarland @CanadianWizardT Any conflict or chaos being stirred up on Twitter at this point is at best a distraction.

The bloodless coup failed.

The bloody coup of January 6th failed.

Justice is moving.

And so is the IRS.

• • •

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16 May
@ericgarland @ProfPaulPoast I believe we will have a world government.

Either before or *after* the technology for nuclear weapons - and equivalent weapons of mass destruction - is as widespread and easily employed as the technology for an electric toothbrush.

Before leaves us a much larger population.
@ericgarland @ProfPaulPoast You will notice with this pandemic, all the research China made in weaponizing coronaviruses since 2015, and the increasing distribution of do-it-yourself biotechnology, that in many ways we're already there.

You'll note I'm doing what I can to give us time.
@ericgarland @ProfPaulPoast From the technology to track weapons of mass destruction globally using generative adversarial networks.

To the ability to map illicit flows of wealth and targeted psychological operations.

But while the solution is clear, to a large degree, I'm not making that argument.
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14 Mar
@IRS_CI is investigating cryptocurrency, you say?

How *curious!*

IRS 'Operation Hidden Treasure' Looks to Do Some Bitcoin Mining of Its Own a.msn.com/00/en-us/BB1ew…
As promised regarding cryptocurrency and the IRS. You'll find this one *fascinating.*

Please note the prominent mention of @coinbase.

cc: @ericgarland @truth_eater @NatashaBertrand

By way of reminder...
From the Newsweek article:

"Coinbase Global is expected to launch an IPO soon. The company has about 43 million accounts and may be valued at about $100 billion."

43 million accounts?

Curious, indeed.
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10 Jan
@ericgarland You can automate the personalized propaganda for each individual, using evolutionary algorithms in psychological warfare.

They haven't just lost this tool with only 10 days left.

They'll struggle to reconstitute it & coordinate across multiple platforms.
@ericgarland These platforms gave white supremacists, conspiracy theorists and foreign-intelligence assets a captive audience without people having to leave a "legitimate" site for some neo-Nazi forum or Russian social media.

Imagine trying to coordinate sedition when social media knows it?
@ericgarland So either you give up the refined algorithms and enriched data of existing social media, which let you test and refine messaging and calls for action in real time, in exchange for losing most of your following and scattering the rest across multiple niche sites...
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2 Jan
@LincolnsBible While the indifference people are showing not only to strangers but also the lives and health of their friends and loved ones is disturbing, there may be more forces driving this attitude than we imagine.

You already know about the vast, targeted psychological warfare online.
@LincolnsBible Allegedly being executed by actors such as Cambridge Analytica, Russian intelligence and other actors, via social media.

But there's another factor, built into this medium.

The steady addiction to the dopamine release of using it.
@LincolnsBible Others discuss this more in depth, but the goal of so many product manufacturers and service providers is to capture their audience by addicting them.

But even people who, say, play video games incessantly have trouble doing it all the time. They have work, school, etc.
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16 Dec 20
IRS is ‘setting the trap’ for bitcoin and virtual currency investors on 2020 tax form money.yahoo.com/irs-bitcoin-an… via @Yahoo
Let's try to remember all the people who have effectively *already* pled guilty to tax evasion on their tax returns in 2020.
Check me on this, but I don't think leaving out significant sources of income on your tax returns is somehow exonerated by neglecting to fill out that part of the form altogether.

@IRS_CI wanting it made *crystal* clear is understandable, however.
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2 Dec 20
@ericgarland Can we all pause for a moment to appreciate the sheer genius of dropping this response to Trump's first, insane pardon, as he dangles full, sweeping pardons for *everyone* inside and outside his Administration?

The possibility of state charges puts him, personally, at risk...
@ericgarland With *every* pardon.

People like @TheRickWilson, who have studied Trump intensely, realize he is intensely self-centered.

If there is a real possibility that each successive pardon offered in exchange for something - money, silence, loyalty, favors - increases the likelihood...
@ericgarland @TheRickWilson He will not only end up in prison, but in a *state* maximum-security prison, like Rikers Island, what are the odds he will endanger himself personally to do so?

*Worse,* what happens when that not only occurs to Trump, but to everyone relying on him for a pardon?
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