I have been writing threads consistently for the past 60 days

Some of them did okay

Some of them did really well

And almost 2 of them got kind of viral

Here is my complete writing process


You have to understand that in a narrow way there are 2 kinds of threads

1.Truth threads

2. Provider threads

Truth threads are kind of threads in which the writer shares his own

-Certain hacks
-His view of the world (idea dissection )
The latest example of such kind of banger truth thread is

@Yannick_Veys SEO thread

Provider threads contain

-Highlights of certain books
-Quotes of certain public figures

Compilation of other person's work in an organized way
Truth threads resonate with people more

because the truth is relatable

They are good for establishing credibility & will build you a more loyal audience than provider threads

Truth threads take lesser time to write

Because the author has already done that shit in life
it's all in his head

A Provider thread on the other hand is kind of another person's work

They are not so easy to write & take a hell of a lot of time

I myself bookmark a lot of them because some of them are really cool
One gem of advice that I stole from @mrdbourke is

When somebody follows you

They follow you for your content, your ideas your fuckups

Not for someone else's stuff

So if you want your audience to connect more with you

You should go with truth threads more
The writing process

1.Finding the idea

2.Brain dump

3.Refining the dump

4.Cutting the edges

5.Crafting the heading

6.Finding the banger image

7. The End
1.Finding the idea

When someone tells me that they are not finding ideas for writing

I laugh my ass off

Because it’s not possible

If you are running low on ideas you are thinking too small

Ideas are fucking everywhere
How do I find ideas?

I go on an idea hunt once a week


-Go to Twitter
-Read other people’s tweets
-Take a note of what different opinion you have
-See what people are asking under best threads
-What people want to know more
-What people are asking in your dms
What are your best-performing tweets expand on that

Use those ideas & fit them into any of these categories

-Your opinion on it
-Your learnings on it
-Your experience with that idea
-How to do it in an easier way
-What you have read or found useful recently about it ?
You can write about any of them

Now you have got the idea it's time for a brain dump
2. Brain dump

Sit down

Write every fucking word that pops into your brain related to that idea

NO judgment NO thinking about perfection

Just vomit words

I am doing it right now

I am not judging I am just banging these keys
Knowing that you’ll find shit tons of value in this thread because it's my truth

& it will resonate

Mostly it depends on what topic you are writing

but brain dump doesn't take more than 15-20 minutes

Now your brain is empty

You have put that idea out in the world
It’s time for refining that shit
3.Refining the dump

Now go out & fuck around a little bit

Come back & see what you have written with fresh eyes

Take notes side by side

You'll find a pattern

A journey

A path in your shit

Just take the notes of those stopping points
Your notes are your subheadings

Categorize your whole brain dump into those subheadings


You have written something which has some flow
4. Cutting the edges

Now read it all again

If something doesn't resonate with you

Seems like bullshit

Remove it

Edit ruthlessly

This is the hack of best writers

They write like you & me

But they are the greek God of editing

So do that
What must be left with you now is pure truth with

tons of value with the least amount of bullshit
5.Creating the heading

Your heading is the most important part of your thread

I have spent 4 hours writing the best threads of my life but they didn't work

Because their heading was shit

Headings are like tik tok videos

Their main job is to capture your attention
By god's grace & my laziness I am terrible at it

But @dickiebush wrote a banger thread on writing headings

Here it is

Read it later

let's finish the process first
My formula of writing headings

Heading = Grab my attention + what's in it for me + give me the answer in easy steps

Look at the heading of this thread it contains

all these 3 elements
6.Finding the banger image

There is no hard and fast rule that you have to put an image in your first tweet

But our aim is to grab attention & image does that really well

Finding image is the hardest part of writing threads

You can use these sites

Pexels & Unsplash
7.The end

Your thread is read hit Publish

Sit back & repeat the process again

Your job is done
This is my complete recipe for writing threads

It’s not perfect but its work really well for me

Try it

Test it

Let me know what do you think about it

You can read my another mega-thread on building confidence from scratch here

if you liked this thread

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Follow @Onesupermann

1.Types of threads

2.The writing process

1.Finding the idea
2.Brain dump
3.Refining the dump
4.Cutting the edges
5.Crafting the heading
6.Finding the banger image
7.The end

• • •

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