If you have your heart set on financial freedom, but all you do is plan out ways to spend your money,

I promise you that your goals and actions are not aligned.

Home deco, wardrobe updates, landscaping, hobbies, etc. all provide opportunities to to spend IF you let them.
At some point you have to make a choice to STOP.

For me, it was such a strong choice that I actually had to talk myself into spending.

Before it was the opposite.

It was an argument not to spend. Then it became an argument to spend when I noticed myself being too cheap.
But just like any life changing decision, it’s going to take a 180.

Dieting and getting in shape — you can’t half do it. You have to go all the way to find success.

And the same is true for money. The beginning is NOT going to be easy.
Once you start making traction, the momentum will carry you and you can relax a bit.

You spend way less than you make. Your income continues to rise. It starts rolling.

You can relax. But NOT at first.

• • •

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More from @finance_hipster

23 May
I have a confession:

I do NOT own a home. I’m renting.

A few reasons:

☝️I think the market is high
☝️Renting allows me flexibility
☝️Renting takes away pressure while looking for a property I really want
☝️I think the market is high (worth saying 2X)

A few facts scare me about the housing market.

• There are currently more realtors than homes on the market
• Foreclosures and properties are being held off the market due to mortgage/rent relief
• Home prices were rising as high as 13%+ a year from bidding wars

People are feeling pressure to buy NOW, or risk losing out on current prices and getting locked out.

They’re rushing off to lock into a mortgage far and above what they originally expected to pay just a year or two ago.

I don’t want to be rushing into a $300k+ decision.

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21 May
5 money moves that will take you from broke nobody to rich somebody in 7 years (or less) 👊🏻💥


Save $1 of every $10 you make. Start here, and as it becomes easy move to $2. Then $3, until you get to saving $5-6 of every $10 earned

This will ensure you’re consistently saving and putting more of your money to work

More money saved = more money to invest

Get rid of consumer debt NOW (other than a mortgage)

Owing others money and having monthly payments zaps your cash flow

Building your monthly cash flow (amount extra you can put to work) is a key to building wealth FAST

This frees up money that goes to work FOR you
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21 Feb
Here are a few REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) that I own shares of:

$O - Div/Yield 4.6%
$STAG - Div/Yield 4.53%
$CUBE - Div/ Yield 3.7%
$NHI - Div/Yield 6.45%
$MAIN - Div/Yield 7.13%
$LAND - Div/Yield 2.89%

Each pay a nice dividend yield, with several paying monthly.
As a renter, I love REITs because they provide me real estate exposure that I otherwise wouldn’t have the capital to invest in 🏡

You buy shares,

get paid dividends and capital appreciation,

and someone else has to fix the roof and toilets and collect the rent.
If researching and picking out one individual REIT company scares you due to risk,

you can also invest in multiple through an ETF.

Two REIT ETFs that I own:

🔘 $VNQ (vanguard US Fund, low cost) 3.89% div/yield
🔘 $SRET (riskier, global, higher yield/cost) 8.74% div/ yield
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23 Nov 20
We discuss a lot of books on here with money knowledge —

But films 🎥 are more rare.

That doesn’t mean you can’t learn anything though.

On today’s reel, Wall Street (1987).

Get in the car —

Gordon Geeko is teaching class today.

This film is full of fast money and stock market pump and dumps 📈 📉

Classic insider trader moves and back restaurant deals.

But buried in there are actual real money and trading gems 💎

I’ve pulled a few out just for you (because I like you, that’s why)

“I look at 100 deals a day, I chose one.”

When you first start investing, every deal looks good 🤑

You want to jump on every opportunity because to you everything looks like money.

It isn’t.

Learn to sift through the junk, and find the one.

This has saved me money.

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21 Nov 20
My current yearly allocation:

▪️401k (4% company match)
▪️Roth IRA max ($6000)
▪️HSA max ($3500)
▪️Gold 5%
▪️Bitcoin 3%
▪️Remaining goes to after-tax brokerage where I split 50/50 ETFs/Individual Companies

Savings rate: 50-60% (this gives me a lot of options)

A few other stats:

▪️I do not use DRIP (automatic dividend reinvestment)
▪️My 401k/ROTH are set up with about a 60/40 split US/International total stock funds
▪️ETFs — I favor the lowest expense ratio option when available
▪️Favorite ETFs: $VTI, $VOO, $VXUS, $ICLN, $VGT
Saw similar summaries from @thewealthdad and @DecadeInvestor and figured I’d share my own!
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21 Nov 20
Spend as much of your money as you can on:

1️⃣ Things that pay you money
2️⃣ Things that will be worth more money in the future than what you paid for them.

I prefer the first option because it guarantees 💵 coming to you.

The second option is good for for diversity and potential gains.

Both are asset classes,


One gives you guaranteed income and the other makes you wait in hopes someone will be willing to pay more for it at a later date.

Some examples of each:

1️⃣ Things that pay you money:

✔️ Dividend paying stocks
✔️ Interest paying accounts (bonds, notes/loans, high yield accounts, etc.)
✔️ Rental properties or vehicles
✔️ Business ownership

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