🚨I’ve spent this morning responding to terrifying testimonials coming in from UK GPs. The crisis they are facing is incredibly serious; not safe for patients, not safe for staff🚨

We are contacting healthcare leaders across the UK and will be approaching trusted journalists...
to lift the lid on what is happening.

This is the next phase of the pandemic’s health emergency.

Much elective care was delayed due to the pandemic; GPs are managing patients who should have seen hospital specialists.
It is a complex issue; but essentially pressure has been building for months and GP services in many areas are struggling to cope. I put a call out to hear from GPs yesterday; many say they’re ‘going under’. Forced to offer 2 minute face-to-face appointments. Terrified...
For their patients. Staff leaving in droves. One GP I spoke to had recently worked ‘a 24 hour day’ to get through the urgent clinical work at her surgery.

We must raise the alarm about what is happening. The government need to run a public health messaging campaign,
provide emergency funding to help with staffing, and consult with GPs to support them through this crisis.

We’re heading for disaster unless immediate action is taken🚨


• • •

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26 May
I cannot tell you how it felt to receive emails from medics who were carrying out emergency surgery with cling film wrapped around their heads. I cannot tell you how it felt to see eminent consultants trying to make surgical gowns out of disposal hospital curtains. I cannot...
Express the anger and dismay of doctors told to take off their masks in hospital cafes because they’d ’scare the patients’. I cannot convey the terror of doctors who didn’t have masks because there weren’t enough, they’d been locked away.

It’s not good enough to say sorry now...
Gaslit, ignored, placated, ridiculed, thrown under the bus, dismissed in life, dismissed in death.


I will never ever forget what you put NHS staff through. Never.
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24 May
🧵It’s extremely difficult to become a non-profit campaigning organisation which is trusted.
1. Charities are facing increasing limitations on their ability to speak up frankly about politics. This means that organisations often decide they can’t operate as charities..
This is a two-fold problem.
🔴if you’re not a charity, you can’t access financial supports given to charities.
🔴all campaigning organisations face trolling. Trolls hook onto the idea you’re ‘a company’ and smear non-profit org leaders online.

2. The government evade the truth,
they do not answer questions directly. When a crisis emerges and emergency situations develop, they mislead the public, avoid media scrutiny and publicly condone campaigning organisations. Constituents have been told by Conservative MPs, for example, that EveryDoctor is ...
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17 May
🧵 Want to know why these legal cases matter to us?
Because we run a community of doctors; a network. Doctors don’t receive a lot of pastoral support, they found it with us.

And the stories I heard; the stories divulged, were enough to make your blood run cold....
There aren’t enough masks so use them ‘sparingly’, or not at all.

Don’t wear a mask in the canteen; you’ll ‘scare the public’.

PPE monitors; volunteers deployed to tell off junior doctors wearing masks in hospital corridors.

Emails telling doctors not to speak to the press..
More emails, telling GPs they’d have ‘no access to central PPE supply’. To ‘contact hairdressers or schools to help ‘make PPE’.

Cling film around heads. Bin bags pulled across bodies. Masks which didn’t fit many. The need to soldier on regardless.

And then the sickness...
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13 May
🌟The situation facing junior anaesthetic doctors. URGENT.
Thread 🧵 🌟

I’m sharing some of the testimonials I’m receiving from junior doctors who are training in anaesthetics. If any journalists would like to write about this, please email on press@everydoctor.org.uk....
Lots of info is shared with EveryDoctor. I’m sharing these stories to inform the public.

Junior doctors working in anaesthetics all over the country have had a terrible 14 months. They have been right on the COVID frontlines, and have endured horrifying experiences...
Junior doctors do a lot of postgraduate exams and other training which are absolutely gruelling. During COVID-19 many of these have been delayed or cancelled, which leads to uncertainty for doctors regarding their futures. This group of doctors are training to become NHS...
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12 May
Who are these ‘centrist voters’ who we need to rebuild Labour for? Because I’m a doctor and I represent doctors. I’m one of the ‘metropolitan elite’ (if you believe such a thing exists, with our poky flats and high rent and overcrowding).

I represent doctors. And the vast...
majority of doctors I represent want to rip up the political rule book and create a society which cares about people and the climate. And that’s it. We want a bold vision, we don’t want to hark back to the 1950s, or the 1850s, or whenever it was that our country was allegedly...
‘Great’. We want an equal society. A society that cares. Politicians that tell the truth. Fair pay. Jobs for everyone. A health service and a school service which work.

I can’t see any current solution to this. Splitting the country into ‘red wall’ or ‘blue wall’ doesn’t...
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2 May
I don’t often get angry, but I feel really rattled tonight. EveryDoctor has devoted a significant portion of our limited resource to fighting the government in 4 legal cases since last May. When we took them on initially, my husband was working on the frontline in ICU, and our...
doctor members were experiencing unimaginable horrors. Taking these cases on was a leap at a time when we were already fighting for adequate supplies, fighting for really basic protections for NHS staff. It was a big deal to us and our members; and frankly at times it has been...
Re-traumatising for members to have to confront these PPE cases; to confront the knowledge that while they soldiered on in bin bags, VIPs were being handed billions in public money, often for unsuitable PPE.

Despite the knowledge that we are co-claimants being in the public...
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