1/ What is missing here is a consideration regarding immunity but in a practical sense, which is basically what every single person should care about. Will the disease kill me or make me severely ill, to the point of causing long term & sometimes irreversible damage to my body ?
2/ If the answer is no, then you are basically immune, at least in my book, in the most basic & practical sense. Why ? Because when you come in contact with the pathogen, you are getting either no symptoms, mild symptoms or short term illness with sniffles, headache, rash ..
3/ .. diarrhea or maybe 2-3 days in bed with high temp. etc. I honestly believe that the aforementioned severity of infection (none to mild basically) is perfectly acceptable for the general population, something that just happens in life from time to time.
4/ This is how healthy & practical immunity works & also how gaining immunity looks like in real life. When you actually start looking at immunity from that perspective, the next question is obvious. How can i avoid death & severe illness ? The answer is simple, by taking care ..
5/ .. of your body & feeding your immune system what it needs for proper function. Starting from proper nutrition, to sun exposure and ending up with movement & physical activity. All your cells in your body rely on macro & micronutrients, every biochemical process requires ..
6/ .. key micronutrients for proper function. Your metabolism, enzyme activity, antioxidant activity, immune response, gene expression etc. basically your entire body is literally running on both macro & micronutrients that are used to run all the complex biochemistry that ..
7/ .. keeps you alive & well and protects you against pathogens. We have an immune system that is designed to deal with all pathogens, regardless of their nature, activity & origin. It it very easy to understand, animals know this and humans knew that too, but we somehow forgot.
8/ I can also tell you that the large part of "science" regarding past infecious diseases & pathogens, their severity and impact (deaths) that plagued humanity in last ~2000 years is biased, misrepresented and sometimes even blatantly fraudulent.
9/ What science is missing are the basics, meaning living conditions, diets & nutritional status of humans who were living throughout various epidemics & pandemics at that time. You can find scary graphs & huge death toll reports, but none of this is ever put into perspective.
10/ One paper that everyone needs to read, on this very topic, is this one: "The Questionable Contribution of Medical Measures to the Decline of Mortality in the United States in the Twentieth Century" by McKinlay & McKinlay from 1977.

11/ Now, how pharmacology & natural solutions (plant toxins etc.) fit into that ? Both are useful in case someone is not strong or healthy enough to fend off infection on their own. Both have their use as prophylactic & early treatment in suboptimal diets & lifestyles, which ..
12/ .. paradoxically still happens worldwide but mostly by choice, especially in Western countries. What about the V's ? Well, to put it mildly, their efficiency, necessity & usage has been vastly overplayed & overestimated, all due to commercialization & financial incentives.
13/ I don't want to delve much more into the V topic, i will only say that they have its role in the world we find ourselves in. For example, if you want to visit Asia or Africa, you will get a recommendation to get certain vaccines. Should you take them if you are healthy ?
14/ If you are going for a holiday or for a business trip, getting a diarrhea, rash or a flu like illness for a few days might not be something that you would want to experience during that time. This is where risk / benefit analysis comes into play.

15/ As for the V's for SARS-CoV-2, they are completely unnecessary, regardless of age or health status. They only exist because of these three things:

1) profit for Big Pharma & shareholders
2) vaccine passport narrative
3) censorship regarding prophylactic & early treatments

• • •

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1/ So, TES found more evidence to support the case for an earlier outbreak that was not disclosed by China in 2018. This explains why certain regions were hit sooner than others, gained saturation over 2 year period and showed either very little or no impact from virus in 20/21.
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1/ Many people still don't get it, even some of the good guys. The situation has changed. You need to shift your view & unlearn everything you have been taught to grasp the emerging reality around you. You can no longer trust your own government, the media, govt advisors, experts
2/ incl. doctors, scientists etc. that appear in the MSM or what they all try to pass as "science". You can no longer see the world & other people through the same lenses as you did before 2020. If you still are using arguments against the covid jabs & try to show that they are..
3/ still in an experimental phase, allowed under EUA (The Emergency Use Authorization) & phase 3 trials have not been finished, then you are part of the problem. How stupid can you really be to think that covid jabs won't be eventually approved ? Or some next iteration of them ?
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3 May
Powerful message from Vera Sharav, a holocaust survivor, who issues warnings about public health becoming weaponized medicine.
"Adults are not rebelling against the things that are wrong. They are following the authority like sheep, without questioning. This is very dangerous." - Vera Sharav, a holocaust survivor.
What happens when you deny the human individual the right to think, question, assess the situation & to make decisions ?

Vera Sharav, a holocaust survivor, explains. Are we going in this very direction & into a modern day slavery ? Do you really want to live in such a society ?
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1/ An important lesson from Sun Tzu. Why are they doing this ? What is the end goal here ? Is there something more to the global narrative, to proven & even wild theories ? Is there anything else beyond what is officially public information ? To understand your enemy's intentions
2/ .. you need to start thinking like them & find out what makes sense, why it makes sense & what doesn't. I think we all need to engage in a thought exercise & put ourselves in their position, to understand the motivation, rationale & their thinking process if we want to win.
3/ What would you do in their position of influence & power and why ? Why be so open & even brutally honest about your supposed plans & intentions ? Why little to no secrecy ? Why keep everything in the open while the rest is so easy to figure out ? Or is it perhaps a diversion
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1 May
When vax passports get introduced (not if) then end result will be:

- enslavement & genocide of all & those who oppose them (#TeamReality)
- imprisonment & genocide of those who force & promote them (#TeamApocalypse)

There will be no middle ground.
It will be one or the other.
My prediction. Lunatics are not showing you their true intentions, only because they not yet have a full control over you & your lives. It will take time to put the necessary infrastructure in place along with the vaccine passports. It will start with a 2 tier society but ..
.. once they achieve their goals you can expect more isolation / detention centers, re-education facilities & eventually a form of "peaceful euthanasia" for the people (dissidents) who are not fit to live & exist in their "utopian" society / new normal.

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