We're at the #TXT_Freeze press conference! Follow this thread for all the updates. πŸ™Œ

We're kicking things off with the ICONIC concept trailer which. Could watch it forever.
The @TXT_members have arrived! The look fantastic in dark suits with white shirts. The stage design is leaning into the FREEZE motif #TXT_Freeze
@TXT_members Hueningkai is wearing a lace choker, Taehyun and Beomgyu are wearing neckerchiefs #TXT_Freeze
@TXT_members Soobin: #TheDreamChapter showed the story of the growth of a boy, now in #TheChaosChapter the boy's world is under assault. Meeting you is the salvation to cure the wounds this boy is experiencing #TXT_Freeze
@TXT_members Hueningkai says the title track, 0X1=LOVESONG is a pop rock track. Beomgyu says he loves the songs lyrics, and Soobin says all the songs are special but the title song is REALLY special. They were moved when they first heard it - "It was a real wow moment" #TXT_Freeze
@TXT_members Soobin says on his #TEOTFW shirt in the concept trailer: they try to watch media that relates to their own art. They watched the show and they felt the characters in the show experienced similar emotions to what is expressed in their music #TXT_Freeze ImageImage
@TXT_members On the the equation in the title track: 0 is the boy and 1 is the girl in the love story, according to Beomgyu #TXT_Freeze
@TXT_members Yeonjun: This is the first time we're doing choreo with hand-held mics...we talked about it and practiced it a lot. #TXT_Freeze
@TXT_members Taehyun says there's no right or wrong when it comes to music, but when he first heard Seori's feature he shouted "THIS IS RIGHT!" She interpreted the song in a way they hadn't expected, and it went well with their voices. #TXT_Freeze
@TXT_members Soobin said Bang PD was struggling with the lyrics and asked RM to take a look so that's how he came to contribute. They were unsure of what song would become a title track and RM was the one who voted in favour of
0x1=LOVESONG #TXT_Freeze
@TXT_members Hueningkai said he ran into RM in the Hybe building and thanked him for contributing lyrics to their title track, and he thanks him again now #TXT_Freeze
@TXT_members Soobin took part in writing the lyrics for Ice Cream. He drew a mindmap and wrote every word he could think of on the topic and then constructed lyrics from there #TXT_Freeze
@TXT_members Beomgyu wrote the lyrics for "What if I had been that PUMA" thinking about what kind of emotions he would feel trying to choose between two options, like in the Balance Game #TXT_Freeze
@TXT_members Taehyun says when they debuted he was happy just to sing in Tomorrow x Together but now they are all participating in other aspects more. No Rules is a song anyone will be able to relate to having lived through the pandemic #TXT_Freeze
@TXT_members Hueningkai says Dear Sputnik is a carefree song he looks forward to singing with MOA when they can perform live in concert again #TXT_Freeze
@TXT_members Yeonjun says he wrote lyrics for Frost which offers a new charm, and also says Magic is their first song entirely in English as a gift for their fans all around the world #TXT_Freeze
@TXT_members Soobin says when they entered the Billboard Charts they could feel the love from around the world β€” please continue to send them love! #TXT_Freeze
@TXT_members Soobin: We worked really hard on this album so we are looking forward to good results, and I hope we can get no 1 on music shows, but more than anything the most important thing is to enjoy the performances #TXT_Freeze
@TXT_members Yeonjun: "When people think of 4th generation idols, we want to be the group that first comes to mind. We want to be '4th generation IT boys. Those words make us feel good and proud." #TXT_Freeze
@TXT_members Hueningkai: Our music contains stories that only TXT can tell...we interpret the stories of teenagers in our own way...I want to be a team that best represents teenagers around the world #TXT_Freeze
@TXT_members Soobin says since they all participated in creating the album and are growing, they want to be known as "The group of talent that's growing step by step" #TXT_Freeze
The @TXT_members are about to show us their performance of 0x1=LOVESONG, brb screaming #TXT_Freeze
@TXT_members Ooooh first we're watching the 0x1=LOVESONG music video! #TXT_Freeze
@TXT_members *cough* ok if you want details: very coming-of-age movie

@TXT_members The live vocals have me SCREAMING πŸ”₯ #TXT_Freeze
I can't breathe that performance as so good ajbfiavfiaviklo #TXT_Freeze
The TXT members are back on stage in their performance fits to answer some questions from the press #TXT_Freeze
Hueningkai says Bang PD said the delicate parts of the choreo are important but expressing emotions is key and that's the advice they focused on for this comeback #TXT_Freeze
Taehyun says the 5 members have a group chat with Bang PD and he said "I haven't seen great choreo like this for awhile, this is going to be amazing" so that was a confidence booster for them all #TXT_Freeze
Q about breaking records before comeback β€” what is rason for global popularity?
Yeonjun thanks fans all around the world for showing love, and says the way they're always growing appeals to people.
Hueningkai adds that teens can relate to the stories they're telling #TXT_Freeze
Soobin said they thought hard about what stories only they can tell. They tried to show both their individual colours and their team colours. #TXT_Freeze
Yeonjun says Magic is their first only English song which is new for them, and he hopes MOAs can appreciate it #TXT_Freeze
Q about what current teen concerns are
Taehyun says they did a radio show and had a lot of letters sent in, they could see stories from teens that they're concerned about school, the pandemic - for TXT, they worry about being good artists and continue to receive love #TXT_Freeze
Soobin says WE LOST THE SUMMER reflected how teens feel in the pandemic. Now NO RULES is how we can live in a world with new rules. #TXT_Freeze
Beomgyu says they talk a lot about how and when they can meet fans in person again. They really want to spend time with MOA #TXT_Freeze
Taehyun says they're thinking deeper about their music, and also outfits and concepts and related things. "We have more to show than what we've already shown. We want to show our diverse music spectrum and break new barriers and interpret any genre into our own style" #TXT_Freeze
Beomgyu: "I really want to move people's hearts with TXT's music. When time passes and people listen to our music I want them to think 'oh my heart fluttered when I listened to this song'" #TXT_Freeze
Q about which song most resonates with their own coming-of-age experience:
Yeonjun says all the songs contain their stories. For him, it's NO RULES β€”Β the boys from NEW RULES feel confused now, their emotions have changed #TXT_Freeze
Hueningkai says DEAR SPUTNIK is important to him because it's the first time he's participated in producing. "I've put a lot of thought into this song and I hope MOA like this song" #TXT_Freeze
And with that, the press conference is coming to an end! The members are saying goodbye. Thanks for following along! ✌️ #TXT_Freeze

β€’ β€’ β€’

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21 May
#BTS_Butter is here! We're at the press conference. Follow this thread for all the updates 🧡

currently vibing to the mv for the 8th time this hour 🧈 #BTS_Butter
.@bts_twt are now entering! They look goooooooood are are doing their slow motion-step entrance. Most pressing question: is Jungkook's eyebrow's piercing real? #BTS_Butter
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