2 questions you can ask yourself and 3x your sales as a salesman

If you're not doing very well in sales these are two simple questions you can ask yourself

Everytime I struggled it was always down to these two things..

I also learnt them from being a preacher

Here they are
There's a similarity between selling and preaching

Both are a communication of beliefs..

And any salesman and preacher knows..

You can't convince someone else of something you don't

1.Believe strongly in

2. Understand well

if you're doing poorly in sales

Ask yourself,
1. Do I have faith in this product? Why?

This is what gets into the emotional brains of your prospects

You can't fake energy, belief passion

Sales is a communication, and transfer of energy, ideas, beliefs.

If you don't believe in what you sell..

Why should others?
If your answer is No..

It's probably because you don't think the product delivers on its promise..

Or because you feel the product is shady and unclear

And because you have a living conscience.. if you sell it, you'll consider yourself a fraud.

This is a battle you must win
2. Do I totally understand this product. Can I describe its value, benefit etc with my eyes closed

When you've emotionally gotten into people.. you need to quickly seal it with logic

People want to know they're talking to an expert on the subject.

A salesman should know the
Product like his face..

That's why it comes natural to sell product you've used and liked.

You've got to honestly answer these questions

If your answer is No

To any of them

I'll advise you go back and reassess or study the product

Or sell something else.
Remember sales is simply a communication and transfer of beliefs, energy, passion, idea.

You have to first sell the product to yourself..

Before you sell it to someone else.
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If you're struggling to sell ask yourself this two questions

1. Do I believe in this product

2 Do I understand this product.

If your answer is No

Then you should do something really fast about it.

• • •

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Never ever be ashamed of selling what works

I see some newbies ashamed of selling a product.

Because of fear rejection or what people would say.

See... ask Me last year, if I would quit my then job

Work anywhere I wanted

Work whenever I wanted

Own a car

20x my salary

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Never sold or made money online

No ads spend

How? ImageImage
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I’ve been able to highlight 6 factors that made this possible.

Both a combination of luck and genius, these are things that all played a role in achieving this target.

And you can employ and apply them in different ways
1. Novelty: There are 3 things that’s bound to command attention.

A. Sex
B. Danger
C. Novelty/ Uniqueness/Difference.

The program, course, strategy were all new.. not to everyone but to my audience

And because it was/is a lot of people were interested which leads to nos 2
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Time is NOT Money..

Tho on the surface it means, time is valuable..

Time is way More than money..

If you lose money, you can always get it back..

If you waste time, you’re never ever getting it back.
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