Can we physicians, for the love of God, stop qualifying our opposition to FPA/OTP and misappropriation of titles with "NPPs are an important part of the team"? Since dirt, RNs, NPs, PAs have, in some capacity, even prior to their official designations, always worked alongside
2)docs. Who doesn't know this s**t? "Team" is not a neologism. No man is an island. Teams have also existed since dirt, so how about we stop perpetuating corporate medicine's rhetoric as if there have been no teams until the 21st century? Medicine would not function w/o
3)teams--is there anyone who does not know this? What has been forgotten in the NPPs umbrella organizations' push to blur the lines and perpetrate physicians is the patient. Physicians are not innocent in this mess when we support that s**t. How the f**k have we forgotten that
4) for patients, we would have no teams? And that not one of us HCPs who trained on these people would be the physicians, RNs, NPs, PAs, RTs, Dieticians, Social Workers, etc. we are today? At some point these human beings had to consent to allow us to learn. And how do we repay
5)them? By endorsing and participating in the lying, misrepresentation and deception. For f***ing what? A PE-backed corporation? The business of medicine? To save our jobs? For self-gain? The f**k are any of us to say we have a heart and not only allow this s**t to happen, but
6)willingly participate in it? Who is protecting them? Who the f**k are their advocates if not us? Who? AAPA, that BS title change didn't have s**t to do with physicians, it had everything to do with perpetuating a lie. Call it what it is. A fraudulent title. A trash act with one
7)purpose: to deceive the public. I see you. You have every intention of using that title to promote OTP which does nothing but throw doctors under the bus legally. You didn't do s**t for physicians. Just so it is clear to everyone reading this, NPPs efforts to impersonate
8)physicians by promoting OTP/FPA, create sham online doctorates and effectuate title changes are a symptom of a bigger issue. PE-backed corporate medicine and the dumba** IOM's white paper on the "Future of Nursing" campaign. Physicians you are too expensive and too obstructive
9)when it comes to patients, so you have to go. The AANP and AAPA became opportunists in the business of medicine. By their actions, they support it. The only ones who think this is the future of medicine are the slobs who don't think patients are worth the fight. If it is not
10)clear by now, I am not on that team. Lastly, what's said is just as important as what is not said. Where has anyone seen the AANP, AAPA or another NPP organization state or corporate medicine actuallly state tthat physicians "are an integral part of the team"? Yeah, chew on
11)that. Today, don't assume it's a given. Physicians, I see you too. You matter. Patients/ matter the most.
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30 Apr
A FYI for followers: State insurance commissioners are consumer advocates. They deal with insurance fraud as well as health, homeowners, life, flood, etc. companies which tend to be obstructive when it is time to pay the piper. Health insurance is the worst. This is MedTwitter,
2)so I will focus on the health insurance scumbags. If you and your doctor determine that your health insurance company is denying a claim or refusing to honor a medication and instead is telling your doctor how to practice medicine, you as a consumer can contact your state
3)insurance commissioner and file a complaint against your insurance company as well as the medical director or physician who denied your claim. You can ask the insurance company for the name and medical license number of the physician to provide to the commissioner. Many times,
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I'm asking all TX physicians, as well as the citizens of TX, to please support Betty's Law. This law "would require healthcare workers providing direct patient care and practicing in freestanding ERs and urgent care clinics to wear a photo identification…
2)badge." The law was introduced by the parents of Betty Wattenbarger, after their 7 y/o autistic little girl was misdiagnosed by a pediatric nurse practitioner(PNP), sent home and died from complications related to sepsis/pneumonia. The PNP did not identify herself as a Nurse
3)Practitioner nor did she have a badge that was visible-so the parents thought she was a physician. Similar laws do indeed exist on the books; however, the associated consequences don't. Violation of Betty's Law may lead to the medical facility being…***
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26 Apr
A perfect example of physicians being left out of the conversation when it involves healthcare. These fools are intent on making docs obsolete in the provision of rural health care. Invisible. By intent. No doctor on this list.…
2)Health insurance executives are well-represented. Right at the top. Now take a look at the "hospital representatives". Not one f***ing physician anywhere. One RN. One CRNP. No physician. Let me reiterate for those in the back...HOSPITAL REPRESENTATION,…
3)WITHOUT PHYSICIAN REPRESENTATION. This is how non-medical entities control the narrative of health care. So for the docs who keep yapping that this "is the way medicine is going" have relinquished their position in the driver's seat. I'm not one of those docs. Medicine is our
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25 Apr
The attached commentary is from Reddit(…). I will be the first to admit that medicine would not be going into the toilet w/o the assistance of irresponsible or lax physicians expediting the process. This MS1 documents their experience with seeing a
2)"Rheumatology NP" in a clinic "supervised" from a distance by a Rheumatologist. NP diagnosed the student with scleroderma--who knows how or why. Fortunately, the MS1 had a fabulous PC physician who advocated for them and found the student an actual Rheumatologist who diagnosed
3)and treated the student accordingly. Knowing that there is no actual ACCREDITED NP curriculum for rheumatology that exists, I decided to see if there was anything that could pass for rheumatology NP "education" and lo and behold, there was. An online curriculum(of course)
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14 Apr
So this is the response from Envision's CEO to the hubbub that occurred a couple of weeks ago regarding their dismissal of anesthesiologists from WRMC in Wisconsin. It reads as one would expect..I'll leave it at that. He states that "physicians" were not replaced by CRNAs. No one
2)claimed that--I will be more specific and reiterate ANESTHESIOLOGISTS were terminated from WRMC and replaced. And they were not replaced by air. How do I know? Look at the original letter that states they are going to a "100% CRNA model". If they were using CRNAs in this model
3)before, then why was it necessary to make the announcement in the first place? In addition, a lead CRNA will be managing anesthesia services. Not an anesthesiologist. Also note in the letter the statement, "An Envision anesthesiologist will be on staff at this hospital and will
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12 Apr
Welp, EM docs, it's happening...With CMGs opening their own EM residencies, the proliferation of NPP "residencies" and "fellowships" and ignoring the warning by the American Academy of Emergency Physicians(AAEM) in 2016 about the threat of an oversupply of EPs, we finally did it.
2)Created a glut. We already knew compensation was dropping. We witnessed all the EPs being terminated in favor of NPPs who were perceived as saving costs and increasing revenue. IMO, the CMGs developed their own programs for two reasons:
-To control physicians whom they would
3)would train to prioritize metrics and thus increase revenue(thereby engaging in the illegal practice of medicine).
-They needed medical licenses for liability purposes so as not to incur full ownership of NPP malpractice/negligence that would occur because of our failure to
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