Explosive Thread

I request you to read my previous two threads (pinned tweet) if you didn’t read it yet. It will help to understand this thread better!

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Let’s start
1.During cold war, USA and Russia were trying their best to sell their weapons and other things anyhow to third word countries like India!
2. To establish network of KGB in India, Russia had k!lled Shatriji and it’s open secret that during Indira Gandhi’s tenure, KGB had access to every Gov files and offices!
4. In 1962/63 Subramanian Swamy went to USA for study and ‘The Rockefeller Foundation’ had funded it! Yes ‘Rockefeller’! According to many source Rockefeller and other USA NGO used by CIA!
5. During 1964-65 Sonia Gandhi meet Rajiv Gandhi in UK and they got married in 1968

6. You would be surprise that CIA was succeeding to deal with Indian Gov with help of Rajiv Gandhi after marriage!
7. Here is the Declassified document of CIA, which has an article regarding a firm of CIA agent who was dealing in arms and money laundering For Gandhi Family! Just read highlighted part! Surprise?
8. During emergency 1975 to 1977 Subramanian Swami was able to escape to USA twice!

9. After emergency, in Janata Government during 1977 to 1979 Vajpayeeji was Foreign Minister but Swami didn’t get finance ministry as Vajpayeeji told that he was CIA agent!
10. ‘While giving interview in 1980s, Vajpayeeji told that during his tenure of Foreign Minister he came across few documents that Swami is CIA agent!’ this was mentioned by swami himself! Now you should know why swami held famous tea party to break Vajpayee Gov in 1999!
11. Now let’s come to CIA again. By seeing this you will be shocked! Declassified document of CIA on dated Jan 1983 has mention of possibly death of Indira Gandhi and that too just before election! Also please note name of document! It has “Goal”!
After Rajiv Gandhi become PM, USA was trying to use his Gov honeymoon period to establish USA policy. Just read this declassified CIA document
13. In this time period Sam Pitroda a USA citizen (at that time) came to India and become very close to Rajiv Gandhi! Swami was also very close to Rajiv Gandhi in those days!
14.Sam Pitroda has responsibility in telecom and IT sector. He used it very well to give contracts to USA companies and some of them related to his personal business too! Just read this declassified document of CIA!
15. After defeat of Rajiv Gandhi in 1989 general election, he went back to USA and now Swami was in the government!
16. In 2003 just before election Sam Pitroda came again to help Rahul Gandhi and they won in 2004!
17. Sam Pitroda become adviser to ManMohan Singh during his tenure!

18. You will find him with Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi in their every official or unofficial foreign visit!

19. He became chairmen of Indian overseas congress in 2017!
20. Now rethink about his statement ‘Hua to Hua’ regarding 1984 riots!

Again I am not concluding anything here. I have just written timeline between 1964 to 2017 and posted open source details!
As you all know, I am freelance researcher and I invest so much time in research to unmask anti India cartels. I depend financially on donation and on my website.
If you want to support my fight against anti India cartels please donate on my UPI ID vgajera@ybl Thanks in advance!
Here is the PDF to share on other platform
I know I will be soon target by particular people. I know there is also risk of life when you unmask powerful people.

But I trust on Mahadev and want to fight for India.

Jay Mahakal🙏
I request to support me so I can continue to expose anti India elements 🙏

My UPI ID is vgajera@ybl

Please 🙏

• • •

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29 May
Hindi Translation of My Thread

यह थ्रेड पढ़ने के बाद हो सकता है आपको यकीन न हो या फिर आप गहरी सोच में पड़ जाए

आप कई चीजों को काफी आसनी से समझने लगेंगे

में वादा करता हु की यह थ्रेड पड़ने के बाद आपको बिलकुल निराशा नही होगी
1 सोरोस का एक NGO है 'ड्रग्स पोलिसी अलायंस' जो ड्रग्स केस में पकड़े गए लोगो को कानूनी मदद मुफ्त में देता है? आपको यह कनेक्शन समझ आ जाना चाहिए।

इतना ही नही सोरोस ड्रग्स को लीगल तरीके से बेचने के लिए भी वकालत कर रहा है। ओपन सोसाइटी फाउंडेशन से सबसे ज्यादा फंड इसी NGO को मिलता है!
2 26/11 मुम्बई हमले का मास्टर माइंड डेविड हेडली सिर्फ आतंकी नही बल्कि ड्रग्स पैडलर भी था!

अमेरिका में कई बार पकड़े जाने के बावजूद उसको कभी ज्यादा जैल नही हुई! उसका एक कारण पॉइंट नंबर 1 हो सकता है! कुछ लोगो का कहना था कि वो USA की ड्रग एजेंसी के लिए भी काम करता था!
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27 May
One more thread which will shock just like previous one!

You won’t regret after reading it!

So let’s start!

Super Explosive Thread!
1.Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi happened on 21 May 1991 & Just after one month a NGO created with name of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation on 21 June 1991 Just 1 Month!
2.She has established an UK branch too in 1993 and UK gov had passed a motion regarding it in presence of Sonia Gandhi.
3.She also Visited USA in 1993 for work regarding Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. What was it? I didn’t found!

4. In same year 1993, Soros launched Open Society Foundation in New York!
Read 25 tweets
23 May
After reading this thread, you will be shocked and surprise.

You will understand many things very clearly!

I Promise you won't regrets after reading this thread


Let's start
1.There is a Soros NGO ‘Drug Policy Alliance’ which works to save drug peddlers and give them legal service free of cost!

Why he giving it free of cost?

You must understand this basic connection! Also they are working to legalize drugs! They receive highest fund from OSF Image
2. 26/11 Mumbai master mind (?)David Hedley was not just a terrorist, he was drug peddler too!

who caught many times but he never spent much time in jail!

May be point one is the reason! Rumors are there that he was working for USA agency! (read his wiki to understand his role Image
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20 May
Biggest expose of Alt news!!


Claim: This Person Sam Jawed is claiming that he or she is co-founder of Alt news

My Fact Check: Claim is false!

Here is the details
When I have checked official data of directors in alt news’s parent company PRAVDA MEDIA FOUNDATION there are total 3 directors!


There was one MURLIDHAR POKARDAS DEOMURARI who has left alt news on 23 Sep 2019!
Even there is no employee with this name in Altnews

Thus, claim of this person is false and he or she is making people fool

So,it means there are chances that, this handle operate by one of the current director and this can be a 'proxy' account of one of them! CC:@rahulroushan
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19 May
Another Big Expose on Rahul Gandi


Yesterday I have exposed about Rahul Gandhi’s UK Company Backops Limited, Today I will expose his Indian company Backops services Pvt. Ltd.

Lets start
Everyone knows that Ulrik MCKNIGHT was Rahul Gandi’s partner in UK firm Backops Limited but do you know he was also director in Rahul Gandhi’s Indian firm too?

Let me show you their annual report!
But you know what is most shocking is? You can’t find it in official data now!

I think it has been removed! Why it has been removed? Just Google that name! He was involved in defense purchase!
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18 May
Biggest expose of Rahul Gandhi


Rahul Gandhi has removed his company data from UK Government data in which he was British Citizen!

Let’s start
There was a company BACKOPS LIMITED in UK, whose company number was 04874597 and Rahul Gandhi was director in that company. Not only was that, citizenship of Rahul Gandhi was British in that company. Please see document.
But now that company and all documents are removed from UK government data!

On 30th April 2019 MHA send notice to RaGa over his British citizenship issue.

there is new company created with similar name on 3rd may 2019! Just after 3 day of notice!
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