How to read people and avoid getting manipulated?

Have you seen those dudes who seemed to just get
other people

They exactly know the right set of words that will unlock
the other human

Honestly speaking

They are no different than you and me

They have just mastered a skill

Here is how you can do that too
1. Grasp on the motivation

People behave the way they do for a reason

Their is a motive behind every action

You are reading this thread for a reason too

Once you can grab the motivation behind someone's words

You can Predict their actions
Humans are driven by these factors


The easier way to spot their motivation is to ask

"What's in it for them?"

Look for their actions when they are not around
Humans are bad at hiding their intentions
2. The Body

Your body language & facial expressions reveal
a hell of lot of shit about you

The way someone dress

Their Physical appearance

A flinch in their eye

Every fucking thing is indicating something
You can't become a pro at reading body language
Just by reading threads

But these are some threads that you ll find useful

Jump onto them later

Finish this first
3. Why you are wrong

Every fucker believes that he gets other humans

But you are wrong

You are made to feel like that

You are not aware of your own biases

Forget reading other people
Reading other people like a book is a difficult process

Because humans are complex fucking Beings

If you want to master this process & want a complete actionable process on it


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