@gmukunda @HeerJeet @JamesSurowiecki Guilty of not dropping a dime on her husband Julius and her brother David Greenglass, yes... But (if you can rely on Wikipedia):

"In 2001, David Greenglass recanted his testimony about his sister having typed the notes. He said, 'I frankly think my wife did the typing, but... 1/
@gmukunda @HeerJeet @JamesSurowiecki ... I don't remember.' He said he gave false testimony to protect himself and his wife, Ruth, and that he was encouraged by the prosecution to do so. 'My wife is more important to me than my sister. Or my mother or my father, OK? And she was the mother of my children.'
He... 2/
@gmukunda @HeerJeet refused to express remorse for his decision to betray his sister, saying only that he did not realize that the prosecution would push for the death penalty. He stated, "I would not sacrifice my wife and my children for my sister... 3/
@gmukunda @HeerJeet ... Deputy Attorney General of the United States William P. Rogers, who had been part of the prosecution of the Rosenbergs, discussed their strategy at the time in relation to seeking the death sentence for Ethel. He said they had urged the death sentence for Ethel in... 4/
@gmukunda @HeerJeet ...an effort to extract a full confession from Julius. He reportedly said, 'She called our bluff', as she made no effort to push her husband to any action. 5/END

• • •

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8 Jun

First: Yes, Republican politicians say in private. Trump is dangerous to our democracy and unstable. But it would be limiting to our careers for us to do anything but enthusiastically support him. And he is rapidly losing his grip—very soon he will... 1/
...be gone, so why should we do anything other than enthusiastically support him? And, in any event, the Democrats will block him from doing anything really bad.

That is what they all think, and do. All but Liz Cheney:

Steve Schmidt: ‘Most significantly, [Liz Cheney]... 2/
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Dear Mr President,

You have made yourself the Trustee for those in every country who seek to mend the evils of our condition by reasoned experiment within the framework of the existing social system. If you fail, rational change will be gravely... 1/
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Twitter’s aggregation tools are absolute s–––. They are s––– by design: trying to trap your eyeballs within their walled garden in order to sell you ads to… so far this week it’s just clickbait websites, not overpriced gold funds, crypto scams... 1/
...or fake medical cures. So far this week.

This means that when there is a good discussion on twitter—increasingly rare these days—it is hard to save and then present it elsewhere. <twitter.com/threadreaderapp> will do tweet storms but not conversations.

I hoped this... 2/
...morning that <wakelet.com> would be a solution, but it was (a) slow, (b) clunky, and (c) buggy—at least on Mac Safari with a quad-core i5-1030NG7 running at 1.1 GHZ. (How much better it would be on an M1 I won’t know until and unless I try it in my office)... 3/
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First: Best Recent SubStack Post I Have Read: Nicole Barbaro: EdTech Can’t Forget That Humans Evolved to be Social: ‘A fundamental limitation to online and remote learning: students are missing the social experience…. Students generally learn... 1/
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And: Marco Rubio Writes to Me, Personally: The really depressing thing is that this must work: A/B testing must have shown that this is a very effective way to get the people... 2/
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Key Insights: Brad cannot, in fact, reliably and accurately multiply two-digit numbers in his head… When people comment on twitter that we are a nerdy podcast, we respond by going nerdier... If we get an relatively egalitarian income... 1/
...distribution, the care-centered service economy will give us at least as many interesting jobs to do in the future as we could possibly want—at least for “future” meaning “next two hundred years”… Who controls the consumption spending decisions is key to answering the... 3/
...question of what the future of work will be like: it really matters whether it is a few rich people, a broad base of humanity, or the robots… The market economy is very efficient at crowdsourcing solutions to and then organizing the implementation of the problems that... 4/
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PROJECT SYNDICATE: Xi's Historic Mistake: My June column, on the vital importance for China of a separate government controlling the island of Taiwan. China is not a country but rather a civilization, and so centralization is extremely... 1/
...…inappropriate for the long haul. Where would China be now if its armies had rolled into Hong Kong and Taiwan in 1949, and if those territories, too, had been subject to the tender mercies of the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution? China today would then be... 2/
...desperately poor, and desperately weak:

J. Bradford DeLong: Xi’s Historic Mistake: If China historically had pursued the path that its current paramount leader, Xi Jinping, seems to want to take, it would not be a rising economic superpower. History shows that it is... 3/
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