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Hoy me vengo a enterar:

"Las sociedades económicas de amigos del país eran unas asociaciones surgidas en la segunda mitad del siglo XVIII en España —aunque también existieron en otros países europeos, como Irlanda o Suiza— cuya finalidad era difundir las nuevas ideas y Image
conocimientos científicos y técnicos de la Ilustración.

Nacieron en el reinado de Carlos III, quien las puso bajo la protección real para que fueran un instrumento del reformismo borbónico. En la actualidad algunas de ellas todavía permanecen activas y siguen teniendo como Image
objetivo el fomento de la economía de los lugares donde se asientan y de toda España.
La primera Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País fue una iniciativa de los nobles ilustrados guipuzcoanos conocidos como los "Caballeritos de Azcoitia" —encabezados por Xavier María de Munibe e Image
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An interesting policy proposal in this article by @SKaraganov in @ru_global:
He seems to suggest to throw nuclear war heads on countries that have
(a) not attacked Russian state territory, and
(b) have not even sent any troops to Ukraine. /1…
An atomic explosion as an answer to economic sanctions, and delivering some hardware, information & training to Ukraine? Perhaps, Russia and other nuclear-weapon states could then also use nuclear threats in their regular trade relations? /2

@Konflikt_Sicher @TerekMedia
Some if not most Ukrainians might support Karaganov's idea to directly involve third countries in the war. Finally, there would be real military allies! /3

@DipAcademyUA @LawUkrainian @Biz_Ukraine_Mag @BritUkrAid @ukrainiansquad
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"Traditional American Values and Principles of Justice".
The "Power of the People" is The Rule of Law and due process.
That is the ONLY power of the people.
#god #values #law #justice #America #education #commonlaw
American Justice Foundation® is a non-profit trust providing Justice Education for EVERYONE ... absolutely EVERYONE!
Common Law that protects the Common Man.
#god #values #law #justice #America #education #commonlaw
Rules that shield the innocent in court.
Knowledge we make easy to learn and use.
Knowledge you and your children have a God-given right to know!

"Tell Everyone to Tell Everyone"
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Donc le nouvel "argument" anti- #Zemmour serait "son public c'est que des vieux LOL". Non seulement c'est faux par expérience personnelle (et même avec ces photos), faux d'après la sociologie des votes du 10/04/2022, mais c'est une approche contre-productive.
Il faudra en effet se calmer sur la haine anti-vieux que beaucoup ont propagée, parmi les souverainistes et les "Anti-Covidistes". Les Boomers sont peut-être critiquables comme génération, mais 1️⃣ ne sont pas tous responsables de l'état de la 🇨🇵 , et 2️⃣ sont pour partie...
... indispensables à la victoire du camp national. Cracher sur les retraités - que nous serons tous - revient à renoncer à la victoire au 2d tour. Sauf dans la tête de ceux qui croient que les jeunes et médians de droite et de gôche vont s'unir contre les élites mondialistes.
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Brief thread:

Chinese weaponry and military equipment is now - in addition to large amounts of civilian Chinese goods and equipment - more and more supporting Russia's war of conquest in Ukraine. /1

This raises more and more questions about the assurances Beijing gave to Kyiv in its 1994 governmental declaration in connection with Ukraine’s accession to the NPT, and in the 2013 friendship treaty between China and Ukraine fully ratified in 2015. /2
Kyiv and other East European capitals may have to reconsider their relationships to Beijing and Taipei in the way that Vilnius already has. There is war with millions of victims, after all. /3

@DipAcademyUA @September_UA @Konflikt_Sicher @TerekMedia
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Misunderstanding of the sad events in Ukraine continues:

Most observers still seem oblivious to the fact that not only Ukraine but humankind's legal order and security system are being destroyed.../1

@SCEEUS_UI @Konflikt_Sicher @GSPSipo @TerekMedia @LawUkrainian @ictopyk Image
Every new Russian action of mass terror against Ukrainian civilians and subsequent international inaction or half measure confirm: Even the most bloodthirsty might will remain right if one is sufficiently ruthless.../2

@rightsinrussia @SakharovCentre @DUF_Forum @IDMVienna
Russia is an official nuclear-weapon state under the #NPT & allowed to have atomic arms. Since 2014, it has been punishing the non-nuclear-weapon state Ukraine for its weakness & for being forbidden, by the NPT, to possess atomic arms.../3

@USNPT @EU_NonProlif @TheNonproReview
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In minimum 80 overs are bowled today; i.e. 480 deliveries and we have two batters. Only if new wicketkepper batsman KS Bharat Bharat can hold his wickets at his end from this fierce Aussie bowling attack and Rahane at is till lunch, wear bowlers and then attack. #WTCFinal2023
exhaust the bowlers and in the meantime; guard wickets and gain confidence. For now 5 wickets are remaining is the mindset and not we lost 5 wickets. Wait for the bad deliveries and until then let the score keep ticking in ones and twos. Rahane will mentor & steer #WTCFinal2023
what really happens if match tied? Draw? Joint winners? Rain is predicted as well during 4th ans 5th day #WTCFinal2023
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First, "the law of God" is much more than what ANY bible says or could say with a trillion words. The law of God makes babies smile, brings the rain in dry seasons, and turns our hearts toward mercy when we survey our friend impaled by hateful nails on the cross
of mankind's self-interest and demand for power over others.
   The fundamental "constitutional law of society" is NOT the Constitution of the United States or of any of our several states; it is the law that knows love conquers all,
that peace and prosperity are the principle goals that we could be working together to provide for every living soul on this planet.
   God will NOT be bound by any book, dear friend.
   When this becomes better known by everyone,
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Ukronazism & similar constructs are, in view of the political marginality of Ukrainian fascism today, not antifascist terms. Such labels are often accompanied by bloating of minor phenomena, or even falsified stories or pictures, as those below. /1…
Terms like "#Ukronazism" are designed to dehumanize self-identifying #Ukrainians & to justify their #genocide by an imperialist, far-right & anti-egalitarian regime./2

@FFRAFAction @fghtfascism @vvn_bda @FascismJournal @BAntifaschismus @ColletivoA @ak_antifascism @derrechterand
Not only US and other ultra-conservative circles, but paradoxically also much of the world-wide #radicalleft indirectly supports this Russian ultra-nationalist project today.

@the_left @socialistes_cat @left_politics @LeftWingSociety @pslnational @dieLinke @Linksfraktion
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Zur Info, einfach auch kleiner Reminder:
Nein, ich habe mit der Beratung zu und bei #Pflegegrad nicht aufgehört, ganz im Gegenteil:
Ich habe vor einiger Zeit begonnen, mir das Thema #MECFS zu Gemüte zu führen.
@sibylle_berlin hat heute gesagt, dass es so schwierig bis…
unmöglich sei, einen adäquaten Pflegegrad als Betroffene zu bekommen. Ich verstehe die Problematik und will mein Procedere kurz erläutern:
In einem #Erstgespräch lasse ich mir die persönliche Beschwerdesituation kurz erläutern und prüfe dann die tatsächlich vorhandenen…
Einschränkungen der Selbständigkeit „vorsichtig“ durch. Das bedeutet: ich gehe ein „Probegutachten“ mit den Betroffenen und/oder Angehörigen durch, um die individuelle Problemstellung zu erfassen und eine erste (Vorab-) Einschätzung zu gewinnen. Eine Präsenz-Beurteilung lasse…
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How do people cope when thoughts are prevalent but there is the also despair of knowing we’d not carry out? We’ve a fear of hurting people (so some might say that’s a ‘protective factor’) &/or messing it up BUT then we feel trapped by the thought we have no way out.
And just to add, we bought this book for ourselves from @SuicideCrisis but for some reason we are ‘banned’ (by selves?) from reading it. Image
& another thing. When is a crisis a crisis? We’ve never phoned NHS crisis team as despite offering training, it’s never been taken up. No surprises there 🙄if there’s no guaranteed treatment pathway they’re unlikely to train staff in a ‘condition’ that’s not commissioned #DID 😩
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Cet article, écrit par un universitaire, est un condensé d'enfumages et de raisonnements malhonnêtes.

Le propos est simple et connu : être immigré ne rendrait pas en soi plus délinquant, c'est la pauvreté et la démographie (la jeunesse et la...

... masculinité d'une population en particulier) ainsi que la localisation des immigrés qui sont les principaux déterminants. Et comme les immigrés sont plus pauvres, plus jeunes et plus urbains que les natifs, leurs délinquance et criminalité semblent donc plus hautes.
Et on a aussi bien sûr le refrain sur le fait que les immigrés et étrangers sont davantage contrôlés et condamnés à situations égales que les natifs.
Ce qui est sans doute vrai, mais sans grand intérêt tant qu'on ne mesure pas quelle part de la surreprésentation des...
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Warum das SBGG in die Mülltonne gehört:

1. Nach dem alten TSG wurden wir unserem Geschlecht als zugehörig angesehen und bekamen die dazugehörigen Rechte und Pflichten.

TSG § 10 Wirkungen der Entscheidung
(1) Von der Rechtskraft der Entscheidung an, daß der
Antragsteller als dem anderen Geschlecht zugehörig anzusehen ist, richten sich seine vom Geschlecht abhängigen Rechte und Pflichten nach dem neuen Geschlecht, soweit durch Gesetz nichts anderes bestimmt ist.
2. Mit Inkrafttreten des SBGG werden wir diese verlieren und aberkannt bekommen.

SBGG Zu § 15 (Übergangsvorschriften)
Zu Absatz 2 Für eine bereits nach dem TSG oder nach § 45b PStG abgeschlossene Änderung des Ge­schlechtseintrags und der Vornamen gilt zukünftig die
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🧵 Living and exercising with #DID #ukrunchat
3 weeks ago we pushed the pace whilst out running. Hadn’t done any speed work or hills etc for months as was too worried about my injury prone body. Had several months of steady miles & strength training under my belt & felt ready.
My head was beyond full from everything we are managing - marriage breakdown, prospect of moving home, menopause and of course living with #DissociativeIdentityDisorder - The symptoms for which are just so vast and debilitating that we are too exhausted to try and explain.
That Saturday morning we NEEDED to run hard. Had our mind set on max perceived effort, an out and back of 20 mins each way & ran alongside an experienced and fast runner. So this is where the ability to dissociate becomes dangerous and some might say was an act of #SelfHarm
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5 Ai स्किल ज्या तुम्हाला 97% लोकांच्या पुढे ठेवणार आहे..!
AI क्रांतीमध्ये पुढे कसे राहायचे याचा तुम्ही कधी विचार केला आहे का, या झपाट्याने बदलणार्‍या जगात केवळ टिकून राहण्यासाठीच नव्हे तर भरभराट #Aiमराठी #स्किल #unroll #म
#थ्रेड 🧵(१)
होण्यासाठी आवश्यक असलेली कौशल्ये शिकण्यासाठी तुम्ही उत्सुक आहात का, या थ्रेड मध्ये आम्ही तुमच्यासोबत कौशल्ये शेअर करू. तुम्‍हाला 97 टक्के लोकांच्‍या पुढे राहण्‍यासाठी आत्ताच शिकण्‍याची आवश्‍यकता आहे, ही अत्यावश्यक गैर-तांत्रिक कौशल्ये आहेत जी तुम्‍हाला तुमच्‍या
आजूबाजूला असलेल्‍या AI संधीचा पुरेपूर फायदा उठवण्‍यात मदत करतील तुमचा व्यवसाय किंवा उद्योग कोणताही असो.
📢 १) प्रॉम्प्ट अभियांत्रिकी
प्रॉम्प्ट अभियांत्रिकी म्हणजे जीपीटी फोर सारख्या AI भाषेच्या मॉडेल्सकडून अपेक्षित प्रतिसाद मिळविण्यासाठी प्रभावी प्रॉम्प्ट तयार करण्याची
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@_whitneywebb All involved in nonconsensual brain/transhumanist research w/implants and torture. Epstein/Wexler/Page nexus The Edge group. Obama allowed these people to nonconsensually implant/torture for brain research and ‘radical gaming.’ Then he covered his crimes:…
@_whitneywebb Remember how many times Google met in Obama WH? Research done in US too. I am ‘beta one.’ I need help.…
@_whitneywebb ‘Mental illness’ is used as legal mud on issue of consent per Anders Sandberg: Nih/cretins use ‘legal nonpersons’ — prisoners, orphans, alleged mentally ill. They are collecting different brain types.
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پیارے پاکستانیو!
خان صاحب کا خطاب ہو چکا، انہوں نے جو کہنا تھا کہہ چکے، مگر اب خان صاحب کی زندگی کو خطرہ 300٪ بڑھ چکا ہے، خان آپ کے بھروسے پر وہ جنگ شروع کر چکے ہیں جس کا نتیجہ پاکستان کی آزادی یا خان صاحب کی موت ہے۔
خان صاحب کو آپکے ساتھ، آپکی سپورٹ کی اتنی ضرورت کبھی نہیں تھی
جتنی اب ہے ۔
خان صاحب نے اپنی زندگی کا سب سے بڑا داؤ اللہ تعالیٰ کے بعد عوام پاکستان کے بھروسے کھیلا ہے، آپ کو خان صاحب کا دلو و جان سے ساتھ دینا ہو گا۔
آنے والے دن گزرے دنوں سے زیادہ کٹھن، پرتشدد اور سخت ہونگے، اس لڑائی کے آخر میں آپکی، آپکی نسلوں کی آزادی ہے۔ ثابت قدمی سے اپنے
حق کیلئے اپنی آزادی کیلئے ، اپنی ترقی و بقا کیلئے ڈٹے رہئیے عمران خان کے ساتھ ، پاکستان کے ساتھ۔
رب ذوالجلال آپ کو ہمت ،طاقت اور اپنی رحمت سے نوازے۔ پاکستان کی تاریخ لکھی جا رہی ہے آپ سب اس تحریک کے جانباز سپاہی ہیں۔
رب العالمین کی امان میں رہیں، پاکستان کی مائیں ، بہنیں، بیٹیاں
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Obligation vaccinale et sels d’aluminium comme adjuvant : les réponses du Ministère de la santé aux questions de parlementaires
"une mission a été confiée à la députée Sandrine Hurel."…
Le gouvernement confie une mission à Sandrine HUREL sur la politique vaccinale en France (2015)…
Rapport sur la politique vaccinale
Remis le : 12 janvier 2016
Auteur(s) : Sandrine Hurel…
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Ein Thread dazu.… via @welt
Neben den beiden Erwachsenen, die in der Szene als Drag-King und Drag-Queen agieren, soll auf der geplanten Lesung auch Julana Victoria Gleisenberg, ein 13jähriges Kind, auftreten. Wie im vergangenen Jahr auch….
Julana, deren älterer Bruder und beider Eltern, werden in dieser Doku vorgestellt .
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While it is prudent to prepare for a long war, I expect it to be short or at least not long - for the reasons Łukasz Adamski outlined in a Facebook comment to @MykolaKapitone1's posting of the Ukrainian version.../2

@MieroszewskiPL @LukaszAdamskiPL
The likelihood of internal instability in Russia rises with every additional day of war. Ukraine is under domestic stress too, but will probably muddle through, for now. War changes everything, all the time. In Russia, it is for the worse rather than better.../3

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Il n'y a pas d'apartheid en 🇮🇱.
Rappels pour ceux qui pensent le contraire :

➡️ le régime sud-africain voulait exclure une partie de ses citoyens, sur des bases raciales, dans des "Bantoustans" qui ne furent jamais reconnus comme des États indépendants par le reste du monde.
➡️ 🇮🇱 se bat depuis 1948 contre ses voisins, et a occupé ou occupe à titre défensif des territoires qui ne font pas partie d'🇮🇱, même du point de vue israélien. Seul le Golan, et peut-être à l'avenir une partie de la Zone C de Cisjordanie, s(er)ont l'objet d'une annexion.
➡️ 🇮🇱 ne veut exclure aucun de ses citoyens sur base raciale ni instaurer de développement séparé (signification de "apartheid"). Les Arabes israéliens sont des Israéliens comme les autres. Les Arabes de Gaza ou de Cisjordanie n'ont jamais été israéliens, à tous points de vue.
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Tomorrow, 06 May, at Sunset, Indian Navy will decommission #INSMagar, after 36 years of Service to the Nation. Magar (L 20), was the Lead Ship, in the Landing Ship Tank (Large) or LST (L) category. Much history is associated with the Ship & its namesake predecessor. A thread. 👇
2/n. Amphibious Ships going by an alphabet soup of nomenclatures - LPD, LST, LCU - don't have the glamor of powerful destroyers or sleek corvettes, the aura of aircraft carriers they don't radiate terror of submarines, yet they form a most important component of Navy, especially
3/n. Any big & credible Navy. Their flexibility, ability to essay a wide range of roles from power projection to Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief (HADR) & everything in between gives them unique status. Amph may not have Oomph, but are perfect combination of hard & soft
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@rblgokdemir @odatv @oparlar Meclise, ittifak kontenjanlarından ve bir kısmı da Chp adayı olarak fetö iltisaklı vekil giriyor.
İyi Parti ve Akp listelerinde de varlar.
Paranoya yok.
İnce'nin teklifi asla kabul edilmeyecek. Çünkü listeyi -kısaca- Abd yaptı. Karşı gelemez. Sadullah'a gelmediği gibi.
@rblgokdemir @odatv @oparlar Üst twitin doğruluğu artık maddi gerçeklerle teyit edilebiliyor.
Size soruyorum Rubil bey:
Siz genel başkan olsaydınız, oyları olmayan ama "bir araya gelebilme algısı" için kaç vekil verirdiniz? Bakanlık vermek sizce de şart mıydı?
Cumhurbaşkanı yardımcılığı makamı şart mıydı?
@rblgokdemir @odatv @oparlar Son güne kadar aday ismi bile konuşmayan masa, tek tek 77 vekil mi konuşmuştu?
Yani mesela Babacan, bana 27 kontenjan ayıracaksınız Kemal bey dedi ama Kenal bey'e aizi cumhurbaşkanı olarak görmek isteriz demedi. Hayatın olağan akışına uygun mu?
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