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Q Prediction Proof #4
Here is QPP#1 in case you missed it:

On December 11, 2017, a pipe bomb partially detonated in the subway station adjoining the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, injuring four people including the suspect Akayed Ullah.
Mayor Bill de Blasio called it "an attempted terrorist attack". The suspected “would-be suicide bomber” was identified by police as a 27-year-old Salafi Muslim immigrant from Bangladesh.
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(1) I heard #RandPaul is tied into them

The tech has already been deployed, it already is a night-mare and the #JadeHelm Operation by USMIL a few years back was actually deployment of Palantir-style, "predictive" software that can also be used as an Active Denial System
(2) If you take the aforementioned technology into consideration with the tech described in Malech's 1974 Patent things get crystal-clear, real quick.…
(3) A multi-dimensional (planes of operation), AI + Q-Bit combinatory system, with edge/node (human being) processing, coordinates and monitors the entire world population through a once (solely) artificial neural network which has now been interfaced with the global population.
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@CristeTara @IncarnatedET We are spirit beings with a soul that lives in a body. There is, of course, a spirit realm filled with angels&demons (created beings)... as followers of Jesus Christ we are, through the Holy Spirit, granted access to see/experience that realm...
@CristeTara @IncarnatedET In the occult many are trained to control their own spirit man as opposed to how God intends for our spirit to be under the guidance of the Holy Spirit... Often, as an intercessor in prayer, I have offered my spirit man under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to be used in battle
@CristeTara @IncarnatedET In that guided scenario I have been involved in tremendous battles in the spiritual realm but I have the protection of my Father in Heaven thru the Holy Spirit... w/o the Holy Spirit as a guide/protector there can be some serious backlash from exploring this spiritual realm
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(1) The arrogance of .@SpeakerPelosi AKA #TweakerPelosi is nauseating.

She talks out of both sides of her mouth with a forked tongue.

Nancy you lecture .@POTUS on the "harm" of a shutdown (your fault BTW), and then attempt to commandeer a military aircraft ....
(2) during said shutdown.

Do you know how incredibly nasty you appear (ethically speaking)?

I don't know how an individual could get any more slimy and reprehensible than you.

Your behavior and demeanor is DISGUSTING.

The trip - with all of the logistical support and ....
(3) security - all of the military personnel tasked to every country OUR military aircraft flies over, with the thousands and thousands of man-hours involved, is probably close to 50 Million Dollars.

How much per hour for all of the escorts, security teams, contractors?
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I don't like your power plays
Don't like this global stage
The role you made me play
You're so cruel
No I don't like you

You don't like my moral crimes
How you expose my lies
You said the fault was mine
I'm a fool
and I don't like you
Now I'm defeated, not retreating in the nick of time
But will we rise up from the dead? We do it all the time
I've got some human rights to cancel, let me underline
We're voting once, we're voting twice...? Oh!

Look what you made me do
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(1) In many cases the #SouthAfrican #Boers carved oases (plural of oasis) out of arid terrain & turned said arid land into arable acreage.

The indigenous hunter-gatherers, pastoralists and fisherman did not have the knowledge that the Boers brought with them to develop the land
(2) Thus the real misappropriation is from the very families that developed the land over many generations.

This phenomenon echoes of #Rhodesia-#Zimbabwe

When the local squatters stripped the farms from the white settlers in Zim (who had developed the land), they crashed them.
(3) They lost their viability as profitable agriculture-for-profit ventures (which employed uneducated locals by the scores).

Rhodesia led to Zim which heralded the downfall of productive for-profit agricultural operations, developed by 5th generation white settlers
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(1) This guy complained to the Police Department that he was being targeted by #SonicWeapons.

What do you want to bet, he was listed as a #NonInvestigativeSubject on #FusionCenter databases by #FBI?…
(2) The sad thing is that an innocent woman - who was not involved with his extra-judicial targeting was harmed as a result of his (inappropriately) lashing out in violence.

The other "sad thing" is that a lot of #LEOs r engaging in #stalking & #harassment as part of #TheProgram
(3) #TheProgram is coordinated thru #ThreatFusionCenters.

#SonicWeapons are real. #DEWs are real - and can be purchased on the internet - starting at a few hundred dollars.

A few months ago, a young fireman - who recently left the military - was shot in what was referenced ....
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(1) .@POTUS .@realDonaldTrump .@EricTrump .@realDonaldTrump .@IvankaTrump .@SaraCarterDC

#DOD or #DOJ developed an #encrypted #PokemonGO-styled #smartphone app, which is utilized by #DOJ-funded #SurveillanceRolePlayers & #FEMA-compensated #CitizensCorps members to ....
(2) extra-judicially target innocent Americans, with said targeting operations being coordinated through #ThreatFusionCenters with the support of #NSA #DIA & #CyberCommand.


The #BushCheneyCabal's #PatriotAct opened the door for multi-trillion dollar #racketeering ....
(3) operations, in which patriotic Americans are labeled as #threats (and by #FBI as #NonInvestigativeSubjects) & then targeted for profit - by Private Intel Agencies & Private Security Contractors - which organize #CitizensCorps members & #SurveillanceRolePlayers into #MILITIAS
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மீண்டும் தாமரைக்கனி போல்
ஓருவர் வேண்டும்

மிகச்சரியாக 20.7.1982 . அன்றுதான் ஸ்ரீவில்லிபுத்தூர் அக்கிரகாரத்தில் ஒரு பிராமணர் கூட்டம்.

மொத்தமாக கூடி தொகுதி எம்.எல்.ஏ தாமரைக்கனியிடம் புகார் அளித்தனர்.

அக்கிரகாரத்தில் தி.க தலைவர் வீரமணி முதல்நாள் கூட்டம் போட்டிருந்தார்.
ஆண்டாள் பற்றியும் அந்தணர்கள் பற்றியும் அச்சில் ஏற்றமுடியா வண்ணம் அருவறுக்கத்தக்க வார்த்தைகளால் மேடையில் அர்ச்சனை.

அதை புகாராக தெரிவிக்க தாமரைக்கனி வீட்டில் ஒன்று கூடினர்.

அத்தனைபேரையும் அமைதிப்படுத்தினார் தாமரைக்கனி.
எவன் என்ன பேசினாலும் உங்களுக்கு பக்கதுணையாக நானிருக்கிறேன் என்றார்.

வீரமணி இன்னும் வத்ராப்பில்தான் இருக்கிறான். இந்த வழியாதான் போகணும். கவலைப்படாம போங்க ... நான் பார்த்துக்கறேன் என்றார் கனி.

அப்போ எல்லாம் இந்த மாதிரி வசதி இல்லை.
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(1) So while #TerrorismLiaisonOfficers AKA Militarized Fire & #EMS r getting extra $$$ to target innocent Americans, the very technology - extra-judicially deployed - is harming them as well.

#KarmaSandwich - #FairfaxCounty

Bye-bye Gonads!…
(2) What is mounted on towers around schools, fire departments & #LE facilities @ffxfirerescue?

10G (classified)
"Non-lethal weapons" #NLW's ("Non-lethal?" - They impact fetus & sperm development)
Millimeter Weapons Systems
Microwave-generating Magnetrons
(3) #2G #3G #4G r fine for data-transmission. Everything else is an active-denial weapons system or #ADS.

#DeepState has figured out how to track the world population 24/7 via remote, satellite (+ aerostat-, drone-, tower-mounted) remote #biometric reading & analytics platforms
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It's #SinglePayerSunday
January 13, 2019

We're less than a month out from the National #MedicareForAll Week of Action!

Hundreds of barnstorms will be held from February 9-13 in a nationwide push.

Join a #singlepayer barnstorm near you:
Americans understand that the healthcare market is broken.
The country has moved.
70 percent of all Americans want a #MedicareforAll system and healthcare is a right, not a privilege. @PramilaJayapal
#SinglePayer #MedicareForAll #SinglePayerSunday
Medicare for All is a Fight to Democratize the Economy…
#SinglePayer #MedicareForAll #SinglePayerSunday
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(1) .@POTUS .@realDonaldTrump

As part of the #dehumanization that #DHS #DOJ #FBI #JTTF subject their targets to, they create a lot of deviant & psychopathic fairy-tales, with which to smear their targets.

Dear #POTUS, Who without such a background could fabricate ....
(2) such detailed stories of perversion, mental illness & deviancy? This is a #Stalinist tactic.

#DHS #FBI #JTTF have labeled millions of Americans as "threats" - and even worse.

This is a #communist ploy to take down patriotic Americans - regardless of party ....
(3) #InfraGard #CitizensCorp #JTTF - with their #ThreatFusionCenter partners are running around and destroying the lives of several million Americans with their #Kompromat #targeting charade.

These acts - en masse - equate to #DomesticTerrorism honorable #POTUS ....
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(1) So recently the #PSYOPS has moved pretty heavily to #Twitter.

Those of you who r extrajudicial #targets of what the #IC refers to as #TheProgram, know these infantile perps love sending personalized special messages during their #taxpayer-funded #StreetTheater ....
(2) Well over the past two weeks (in my case), they have tripled or quadrupled their #twitter #PSYOPS with the usual ridiculousness that pervades their #StreetTheater.

I have one or two individuals I follow, who are either participating in this illegal operation, or their ....
(3) accounts are hijacked ....

Secondly, whomever is running my #twitter #PSYOPS program, has hacked into the "Promotion" feature of this platform, to do what they do best - attempt to demean, dehumanize and disrupt.

Check what out what was funneled into my Twitter feed....
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(1) The #FBI is sealing its own fate

Wait until America learns about the extrajudicial, #DOJ-funded, #PoliticalTargeting protocol, run thru #DHS-operated #ThreatFusionCenters

#Comey helped roll this out. There r now more than 3,000,000 innocent Americans labeled as #terrorists
(2) #DHS #FBI #DOJ #NSA #JTTF #InfraGard #CitizensCorps are engaging in citizen-targeting ops in coordination with what #DOJ refers to as "Surveillance Role Players" AKA SRPs (Do a Google job search using this term).

SRPs are DHS/DOJ-funded, vigilante citizens ....
(3) who engage in stalking, vandalism and over harassment (called #BirdDogging during the 2016 election).

Private Intel Agencies, usually run by retired #FBI #DHS #NSA #JTTF personnel, organize these SRPs into groups which basically constitute a terrorist militia, as they ....
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I mention from time to time. My Swedish ancestors were Settlers of Bishop Hill, Illinois, a failed Utopia. I was the victim of a near tax sale of my farm paying taxes 9 months late and the “progressive “ selectboard only told my husband.
They Violated my Constitutional Rights and Nobody cared.
So I Blog Away, hoping someone will see that Socialism, Anti-Capitalism, takes your Individualism away. Always enjoy your Primetime Live 😎💃🏼Tgiff!
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@farmerdarrell I know how you feel about @POTUS
Please listen to People at border having to deal with all the People Coming Through the porous border without structure to handle and sort out true refugees from criminals.Employers hiring people here illegally is a separate issue.
To me, at least several different issues.
@POTUS not popular with about half of USA
Solution: We have an election every 4 years
Porous Border: Invites inappropriate border crossing (ever been at Canadian border? You don’t cross there without papers,scrutiny)
Bad Employers R Bad
I’ll say again, Monkton Vermont selectboard Tried to sell my Century Farm I Owned with my husband for $10,000 (Vermont Property Taxes 9 months late). They never noticed Me, Girl Flatlander Wife Of 4th Generation Vermonter. Violated My Constitutional Rights. Nobody Cared, Nobody!
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1/To summarize today's meeting of GA's SAFE Commission: On a series of voice votes on changes to a draft report that only the commissioners had seen (no publicly available version before the meeting) attempt after attempt to guarantee enhanced security of Georgia's election...
2/...system were frustrated by a group of election officials who place their convenience and their relationships with vendors over the security. Some of them said as much.
3/Stung by the letters from election experts and comments from GA voters, Chairman Fleming cast the election officials as the "true experts." I want to remind you these are the folks who are responsible for our current election swamp.
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beleidsmakers van de toekomst zijn misschien wel engineers. @AriefErnst #fixingtheinternet #fixinginternet
In hoeverre zijn de problemen gerelateerd aan het Internet. #nepnieuws was ook vroeger al een probleem. Monopolies zijn ook al oud. internet is alleen maar een nieuw domein -- zaal #fixingtheinternet #fixinginternet
Data moeten niet altijd centraal opgeslagen worden. Het is een vals dilemma, dat er niets kan als het niet centraal opgeslagen wordt. Voorbeelden zijn belgische gezondheid smart card, basisregistratie en eduroam @jvantill #fixingtheinternet #fixinginternet
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(1) This blurb was in response to a comment by .@GeorgWebb a few years back in reference to "Active Shooter Creation." He made some great statements & I followed with reflections regarding the shooting at .@WDBJ7 by #BryceWilliams

He was an #FBI #NonInvestigateSubject AKA Target
(2) Bryce Williams was a target of the #FBI #DHS #JTTF #NLP #NeuroLinguisticProgramming protocol, which is coordinated through #DHS-funded #ThreatFusionCenters as part of what #DOJ refers to as #TheProgram.

William's co-workers were coached in #Zersetzung targeting ....
(3) tenets which were geared to provoke the target. What coworkers were not aware of was that (A) #FBI #DHS warnings about the shooter were actually meant to further isolate and provoke him, (B) some of the allegations against him were false, and meant to dehumanize him ....
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Sebagai seorang bibliophile, saya paham kalau membaca adalah persoalan kebutuhan otak. Saya memulai perjalanan literasi saya kala TK dengan manga Doraemon dan lanjut pada Detektif Conan. Semasa SD, saya disupply berbagai judul manga. Namanya juga masa-masa bermain.
Tapi saat itu juga saya disupply buku-buku karya @helvy dan Gola Gong. Dulu, Ketika Mas Gagah Pergi itu adalah satu cerpen dalam satu buku dengan judul yang sama. Saya juga membaca buku-buku Lima Sekawan dan Trio Detektif.
Kala SMP, saya lebih rajin membaca buku-buku tentang programming dan web design karena ketertarikan saya. Buku Bermain-main Dengan Registry Windows karya Tri Amperiyanto pun saya lahap ketika itu.
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(1) What the Federal Government has not told #ThreatFusionCenter personnel, LE personnel and Fire/#EMS, is that all of those nasty transmitters for #Microwaves #5G #10G #50G that they have mounted on towers above their buildings, to illegally surveil & target the population ....
(2) with #ADS AKA #Active Denial Weapons Systems, is that those radiation emitting systems, also negatively and severely impact their health as well, in addition to the rest of the population.

Some of these #ADS utilize #DNA or #BiometricSignature targeting mechanisms ....
(3) so that individual targets can be selected out of the population.

HOWEVER, the radiation is still lethal to all over a period of time; including to the operators & other individuals working in facilities with these transmitters & #magnetrons mounted on towers or buildings.
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It's #SinglePayerSunday
January 6, 2019

Join thousands across the country 👉 Sign up to host a #SinglePayer #MedicareForAll event in your town during the February 9-13 National Week of Action:
The Year of Medicare for All… via @commondreams
Behind the disheartening statistics found in the current for-profit system are real people, enduring suffering that is unacceptable in the wealthiest nation on earth
#SinglePayerSunday #MedicareForAll
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Learning about surface vs deep learners. @lsu Teaching Colloquium. Thinking about implications and applications of learned information.
Learner needs to regard info as important, intriguing, or beautiful. Then deep learning occurs. Learner needs to be in charge of the question. But, few students will not take a deep approach to learning.
Students are conditioned to take a surface approach to learning. School is the biggest place that conditions surface learning. #KenBains #learning #whatTheBestCollegeTeachersDo
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