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@HyapatiaLee 1/10 [URLs at end] Historical examples of culturally-accepted child killing and sacrifice can be found all over the globe, including Europe and the Middle East.

Child Sacrifice [CS]: Thracean (Bulgaria), Pelasgians (Italy), ... 1/10
@HyapatiaLee 2/10 ...Carthaginians* (Sardinia, Sicily), Phoenicians* (Sardinia, Sicily), Canaanites (Levant), Samnite (ver sacrum ritual, Italy).

"Exposure": Ancient Greece, Ancient Roman, middle ages (Europe)... 2/10
@HyapatiaLee 3/10 ...
Mass child torture and execution: French Duke of Savoy, 1655 (Waldensians, France, Italy), SEE QUOTE IN IMAGE. ... 3/10 Image
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nessuno di coloro che come me vuole la pace e mira a negoziati che portino al cessate il fuoco perché questa stupida guerra finisca pensa o crede che Putin non sia un dittatore il quale per difendere il suo potere è pronto ad incarcerare uccidere giornalisti e oppositori
E che lo stesso ha avviato una guerra evitabile motivando la dimostrazione di muscoli con l'aggressione ad un paese sovrano con lo scopo di difendere l'integrità dei confini della Russia e l'incolumità della popolazione russofona
ma ciò non toglie che il consorzio occidentale a guida USA sia nei metodi e nelle strategie meno bellicista della Russia La storia fino ad oggi lo dimostra non importa andare lontano citandone alcuni : Iraq Siria 20 anni Afganistan dove sono stati perpetrati crimini di guerra
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"We Have Removed Any
Sense Of Border In The
Irish Sea"

It Is A Terrible Deal
Here's Why? ImageImage
The Green Lane
The Red Lane

#WindsorFramework 1. ImageImage
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Si donde comen dos caben tres, digo yo que donde trabajan tres caben dieciséis. Qué manía de esclavizar al trabajador o quererse quedar con todo el trabajo.
Es como el juego de los cinco dedos, en el que uno puso el huevo, otro lo cogió, otro lo frió, otro lo echó sal y llegó el más gordito y se lo comió.
Creo que se llama capitalismo.
Si el gordo hubiese sido el que puso el huevo en vez de comérselo, habría huevo para todos.
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Ena bolj na hitro pripravljena nit za #SLIKANADAN. Podpoglavje #AKTUALNAUMETNOS

Dejansko neposreden odgovor ob večkratni (žal negativni) omembi Olje Grubić danes. Mimogrede, ima prav zdaj zelo dobro razstavo v Škucu.

Performans kot oblika umetnosti ima že kar dolgo zgodovino, zametke najdemo pri kabaretu (gledališču) in dadaizmu (v času prve svetovne vojne umetniki s šokantnimi nastopi protestirajo proti nesmislu vojne. Šokirajo (malo)meščansko publiko.

V 60-ih in 70-ih letih dobi velik zalet, razlogov je več, pomembnejši je recimo ta, da umetniki zavračajo komodifikacijo (umetnost kot prodajljiv kos - slika, kip), bolj jim je pomembno, kaj gledalec odnese od konkretnega dogodka. Chris Burden se da ustreliti v roko ...
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@RepThomasMassie @SlowTrader Mr. MASSIE, the Congress of 100 years ago gave our banks to wealthy individuals. Today’s Congress has given them our COGNITION, our brain wave data, under Obama’s
bullshit “National Neurological Conditions Surveillance System” passed to cover crimes.
@RepThomasMassie @SlowTrader Political targets have been CHIPPED/ tortured/deliberately misdiagnosed to hide crimes. IF CONGRESS
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I saw “Melania” Trending and wondered if the Woke Haters were attacking the First Lady again.
Here’s the pattern: Attack President Trump, Mock, Berate.
When His Ratings go Up ⬆️ like Now,
More Insults, Mean, Nasty Tweets start in.
Then Women Berating Mrs. Trump.
Women. Like the……
More screenshots…
4 more…
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1) Let me pose a simple question, if I may.
Why do you stop at a stop sign?
Is it because you know what the stop sign implies?
Or is it because you know that if you do not stop, you may encounter some infraction for violating a rule?
Would you stop if no one is present?
2) Imagine our roads and the conditions, if there were no stop signs (traffic code) or if the drivers refused to stop or yield to other drivers.
Would you feel safe with your family on the road?
What are they?
Are they necessary?
Imagine a world with no rules.
3) What would that look like?
Rules are necessary for a society to function in an orderly, secure, and predictable way. They help create boundaries that protect individuals from one another and provide a sense of structure and certainty in people’s lives.
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@Stephen63784249 @ChesterEndofMrY @jenben71 @june65wigan An Old woman is walking round a supermarket, knocks over a whole display of tin cans.
Store manager comes over and asks if he can help
The old woman replies "I'm looking for tinned broccoli"
Manager replies "we have no tinned broccoli"
So the lady toddles off.
@Stephen63784249 @ChesterEndofMrY @jenben71 @june65wigan Not a minute later there's another crash round the corner.
The manager comes round to see the old woman has knocked a display of bottles over. He asks if he can help.
The old woman replies "I'm looking for tinned broccoli"
@Stephen63784249 @ChesterEndofMrY @jenben71 @june65wigan So the manager says "look love, spell CAT as in catastrophe"
The old woman replies
"C A T"
The manager replies "spell DOG as in dogmatic"
The old woman replies
"D O G"
The manager replies now spell FUCK as in broccoli."
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Women's Day gangers who keep ranting about EQUALITY.
Then Please can you show me anyone woman doing sewage cleaning job on streets like MEN do ? Please do show it.

#WomenNoRights First Learn To Do Every Job Then talk of #WomensRight
RUSSIA VS UKRAIN WAR SHOWED HOW many women (FEMINIST FLEW UKRAIN MEN WERE LEFT BEHIND) so where is men's right to LIVE ? bldy hypocrisy. #NoRightsForMen #EveryRightsForHypocriteWomen
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2/ Such good friends and soon we will see why

is it me or is Canada presenting more and more of a military edge as the years pass?
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It’s easy to stand for truth when everyone that you surround yourself with believes exactly the same way.
It’s more difficult to be bold when you are exposing and speaking out against something that your circle of people may not agree with.
Are you really speaking truth when you fear speaking against what may go against popular opinion within your circle?
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@Arun_Golaya @CaptDKS @JohnsonOdakkal Thks @Arun_Golaya. This is a good recap of a well-known story by @singhshwetabh71. A detailed history has been brought out in our official history book for the period 1975-90, 'Transition to Eminence' by #VAdmGMHiranandani. (Pp 90 to 94). Some of the guys who played a key role in
@Arun_Golaya @CaptDKS @JohnsonOdakkal @singhshwetabh71 2/n. In this transfer are Radm Narpati Datta, then DCNS, Cmde Puri then DNAS, Cmde Joginder Singh, then DNAM, Cmde (or RAdm) MK 'Micki' Roy who was the First Sqn Cdr of INAS 310 & was subject matter expert. While the official history glosses over the role of Adm Jal Cursetji, CNS
@Arun_Golaya @CaptDKS @JohnsonOdakkal @singhshwetabh71 3/n. At that time, other accounts suggest that it was he who was majorly responsible for smoothing the frayed edges of transfer with his diplomatic skills & was able to win over ACM Moolgavkar, the Air Chief then. Moreover he showed leadership in accepting the AF challenge and
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@RepThomasMassie Let’s cut to the chase: FBI, proven liars, are FALSIFYING FISAS WITH CLAIMS BY PAID CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANTS, put political targets on watchlists which are the ‘feeds’
from which DOD/Darpa/NIH pull citizens for depraved experiments enriching oligarchs. Congress shrugs and
@RepThomasMassie The DOD/CIA hires morally depraved doctors to implant ‘neural prosthetics’ & ‘injectable electronics,’ two of Darpa’s favorite playthings. Darpa is fascist umbrella under which ‘private-public’ partnerships develop totalitarian tools for WEF corps.
@RepThomasMassie Citizens targeted/chipped for destruction. Doctors who want to help receive calls threatening their families or, in some cases, have military liars embedded in their offices. Every lawyer refuses victims’ cases, begging question if they are threatened too. Still, Congress shrugs.
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A 🧵 This #DIDAwarnessDay MeWe have some news to share. Since last October a small volunteer group, including ourselves, have been working hard to prepare for starting a charity for and by people with dissociative disorders, their supporters and professionals working in the field
We are proud to announce our name - ‘The Dissociative Disorders Alliance’ @TheDDAGlobal #DIDAwarenessDay #DissociativeIdentityDisorder #DissociativeDisorders Image says The Dissociative Disorders Alliance’. Bright gr
Once established as a UK Charity we want to;

* Improve access to appropriate and effective support and care
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Folks, few days ago was absolutely delighted to get this beautiful photo essay book on #VAdmSHSarma, one of our icons, who, among other things, led the Eastern Fleet with distinction during the 1971 war with Pakistan. While I have read the autobiographical account of his life in
2/n. His book "My Years at Sea", (cherished autographed copy), I am looking fwd to dig into this new tome for the wealth of detail, many photos & illustrations & previously untold accounts, all put together in an elegant format. 'Lovingly curated' by #CaptNavinChandraSarma &
3/n. Presented by him & Mrs Nalini Sarma as an autographed copy it's a fondly cherished Collectors item. Incidentally, Capt Navin is a Master Mariner and ex Dufferin alumnus like his Father, and his son too is in the Merchant Navy. Further, his brother #CaptDinabandhuSarma,
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Morning everyone. Coffey has suggested that all you struggling people out there need to work harder, longer hours. In order to afford food. She claimed £27,986 in  expenses last year. As environmental minister she voted to allow the dumping of sewage into our rivers.
As health minister she allegedly handed out prescription drugs to family and friends. It appears to me she is not fit for purpose and should be removed from office.
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Bon, puisque toute la twittosphère catholique gazouille au sujet du #carême, profitons-en pour présenter la pratique orthodoxe.
Dans l'Eglise orthodoxe, le carême commencera lundi prochain, le 27/02. Avant de revenir sur la raison de cette différence avec la pratique catholique, qui fait commencer le carême un mercredi, rappelons que le chemin de pénitence a déjà commencé depuis trois semaines.
Quatre semaines avant le début du carême, l'Eglise orthodoxe lit la péricope (un passage de l'Evangile) de Zachée, qui monte sur l'arbre pour voir le Christ, puis déclare se convertir en renonçant à ses richesses mal acquises.
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Kurzkommentar zur heutigen Rede von #WladimirPutin:

Ein besonderer Schwerpunkt dieser #PutinRede war der angeblich defensive und reaktive Charakter von Russlands offensivem und völkermörderischem Krieg.... /1

@SCEEUS_UI @UISweden @DUF_Forum @IDMVienna @RusVerstehen @TerekMedia
@SCEEUS_UI @UISweden @DUF_Forum @IDMVienna @RusVerstehen @TerekMedia @Konflikt_Sicher @Osteuropakanal @DGO_Berlin @swud_org @pw_portal @GSPSipo Putins Darstellung der #Großinvasion der Ukraine im Februar 2022 als provoziert durch westliche Pläne und Aktivitäten zum Angriff auf #Russland richtete sich sowohl an das heimische als auch an das ausländische Publikum... /2

CC: @IGFrieden @FIfF_de @dsfrieden @MucFriedenskonf
@SCEEUS_UI @UISweden @DUF_Forum @IDMVienna @RusVerstehen @TerekMedia @Konflikt_Sicher @Osteuropakanal @DGO_Berlin @swud_org @pw_portal @GSPSipo @IGFrieden @FIfF_de @dsfrieden @MucFriedenskonf Die interne Unterstützung für die russische so genannte "#Spezialoperation" und internationale Geduld mit ihr nehmen ab. Gleichzeitig kann Moskau weder beeindruckende militärische Siege noch plausible Szenarien für eine Beendigung des Krieges... /3

CC: @karenina_pdo @deruforum
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The #RussianUkrainianWar should serve as an occasion to delete the "#Eurasia" label from #areastudies. Unless it geologically denotes the entire Euro-Asiatic continent, "Eurasia" has #protofascist connotations. #Eurasianism was the Russian version of the #ConservativeRevolution.
PS: "#CentralEurasianStudies" seems to be ok if it denotes #CentralAsia, which can be seen to be in the center of both Asia and Eurasia, understood as continents rather than cultural realms.
PPS: See, on the similarities between #classicalEurasianism and the #ConservativeRevolution, the relevant papers by, above all, #LeonidLuks, but also by #MarleneLaruelle, #MartinBeisswenger, #StefanWiederkehr, #MarkBassin and other experts on Russian political thought.
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Parents be on alert!  Districts are trying to take custody of your child with special needs!
School districts like @CJUHSD and the @AltaLomaSD are using the legal system to intimidate parents into silence about their child’s educational rights.  The law firm of choice is @F3Law
who has filed multiple legal actions against parents to remove the parent as the child’s guardian.  Please private message if you would like to read the entire Court order which, goes into detail about how FFF filed a Motion to exclude the parent from making legal decisions about
their child with autism.  AFTER the school district had agreed to settle the case, according to the order:
“Defendant filed an opposition to the motion for settlement approval”
Thankfully, FFF failed in their attempt to remove the parent as the Guardian for a student who
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Folks, this is an excellent Twitter thread by my young friend & Navy enthusiast @zwerubae on a little known aspect of Indian Naval history. It's very well researched & has great pics accompanying. About the Women's Royal Indian Naval Service or WRINS for short. I will only add
2/n. Few small bits in this thread to accompany the earlier one. While the monograph by #ValentinaVitali remains one of the most authoritative studies on WRINS, a very short piece by Peggy Cooper in the book 'Bombay Bucaneers' is worth reading too. @MHSofIndia had also done an
3/n. Article on WRINS few years ago. Adm SM Nanda in his autobiography 'The Man who Bombed Karachi' also makes a mention of WRINS. In fact he was appointed as their Divisional & Training Officer. As may be expected, in the initial days many of the WRINS were 'wives or daughters'
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As an historian it’s fair to say that no one should be necessarily blamed for anything their ancestors did or didn’t do in the past but in the case of today’s surviving Trevelyan family it’s a little more complicated than that!

- Via @Lovindotie…
For a starter, BBC reporter, Laura Trevelyn’s current family has already seemingly done well enough from the ignominious actions of their four times removed Grandfather, Charles Trevelyn of the Irish famine hall of shame when they could choose to voluntarily cough up £100,000!
That not insignificant amount whilst seen as a noble gesture that was also accompanied by a formal apology for their ancestor, Charles Trevelyn’s part in the slave plantations on the island of Granada raises uncomfortable questions.
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A Thread-Justice informs Good Government.

0) Justice informs Good Government, and we are called to inform our children as well as the adult population of this nation under attack by liars and fools.
Justice obeys Rules.
1) know and use to make life safe and secure from legal abuse, rules amazingly easy to teach using the tools that cyber-science provides,
2) Only YOU can prevent tyranny ... but YOU NEED a central organization to provide Justice Education for you and your children.
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