Prof Curtice doesn’t hold back for Lib Dems.


He also says there is NO evidence to support the idea that the revoke policy cost the Lib Dem votes. He says that when canvassers met that as an issue on the doorstep that is because people have decided not to vote for Lib Dem for other reasons.

The Lib Dem vote is REMAIN
Lib Dems problem is going to be regaining trust from their disastrous decision to start equivocating on Brexit.

It should aim for socially liberal University educated base. Labour remain voters

He says brexit is not going away. Labour desperately wants it to.
But taking a position on Brexit is crucial but not sufficient.

There was not enough in the 2019 offering to appeal to the socially Liberal Labour voter. I agree. It sounded too close to the traditional Tory position with fiscal retraction.

That was a vote loser.
I also think that if the Lib Dems MUST plan on how to detoxify any return to EU process so that means talking about electoral systems, maybe people’s assemblies and how to have difficult national conversations better.

Learn from eg Republic of Ireland.
The damage from the coalition has not yet been repaired.

I also think it should be thinking HOW to tackle sleaze effectively….What constitutional change is needed to make this effective?
He also says that Lib Dems should be undermining the confidence of Leavers in leave.

Nothing Lib Dems do will attract the ardent leavers anyway.

Forget them.

It is the more equivocal leavers that they should aim for.

But what are the other policies that will appeal to them
Personally I think Ed Davey should come clean and say he made a serious error of judgement on the back of the 2019 defeat and got his ass verbally whopped by members and supporters for equivocating on Brexit.
However I also think he should consider whether he is best placed to lead the Party because now he going to be strongly associated not just with the coalition, tuition fees but also with saying rejoin is for the birds and Lib Dems is not a rejoin party.

• • •

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9 Jun
Covid contract for Public First run by Cummings friends was unlawful, judge rules

The total contracts value £564,393.

As if that was not bad enough the Gov dipped & weaved & refused to limit its costs which it put at £600k. OUR MONEY.…
So they were plain wrong and throw yet more of our hard earned cash at defending the indefensible.

The Good Law Project could not operate without the contributions (mostly pretty small) of its supporters.

Will you consider a regular subscription?
The @GoodLawProject acted responsibly, writing to Hancock making proposals to improve procurement and get better value for money for taxpayers -offering if that invitation was accepted, to drop the further procurement challenges to save public money

Mr Hancock did not respond
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Very good thread here from @Mike_aka_Logiqx on the rising signals.

Worth reading in conjunction with @jburnmurdoch thread today.
Cases, driven by school aged children, moving up through parents age group, are now beginning to rise in all age groups
Here @jburnmurdoch looks, in particular at now rising hospitalisations especially in the NW.

But cases are rising everywhere now and there is little reason to think that other Regions will not follow.
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8 Jun
🦠 6048 new cases ⬆️ over 60% on a rolling 7 day average and ⬆️ 91% on last Tuesday

⚰️ 60 day deaths (26) double 28 day deaths (13).
The latter is ⬆️67% on a rolling 7 day average

💉419k vaccination doses given.
Looking at 🦠 cases by specimen date (remembering most recent days will likely have cases added to them) last Wednesday and Thursday were over 6k.

The highest day the previous week was 3.7k and the week before 2.7k.

We are CLEARLY travelling in the wrong direction
Positivity rates have doubled in a couple of weeks.

It was 0.8% on 23rd May

In ENGLAND On 3-6-21 it stood at 1.7%.

It isn’t more testing
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The Government Wants to Sell Your GP Medical Records – Here’s How to Opt-Out – Byline Times

1st July. Whoosh! “Data about diagnoses, symptoms, observations, test results, medications, allergies, immunisations, referrals, recalls and appointments..…
“ including information about physical, mental and sexual health.” This will also include data about “staff who have treated patients”, and data “on sex, ethnicity and sexual orientation”, as well as other sensitive data.”

And they won’t “sell” it. They will “charge for access”
“Having collected millions of patients’ GP histories, their data will be “disseminated” – including into the secret ‘VIP lanes’ for GP data.
It is likely that the majority of the population will not be aware of any of this.”
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6 Jun
She has such good judgement.

She chose to interview Alexander Nix, Facebook & Telegraph to talk about data analytics and ethics, consent and Fake News all in Feb/ March 2018 when she was (& is) Head of NHS Improvement & when the Cambridge Analytica/ Facebook débacle headlined
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6 Jun
515 HCW median age 45 in AZ arm, 43 yo in COVAXIN arm
Few over 60 yo.

Both vaccines elicited good immune response after 2 doses. Seropositivity rates & median anti-spike antibody titre was significantly higher in Covishield compared to Covaxin arm.
📌 Among the 515 HCW (305 Male, 210 Female), 95.0% showed seropositivity after two doses of both vaccines.

📌Of the 425 Covishield and 90 Covaxin recipients, 98.1% and 80.0% respectively, showed seropositivity.…
📌However, both seropositivity rate and median (IQR) rise in anti-spike antibody was significantly higher in Covishield (AZ) vs. Covaxin recipient (98.1 vs. 80.0%; 127.0 vs. 53 AU/mL; both p<0.001).
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