Note well:

For anyone who might be confused, or for some bizarre reason thinks that he's doing it for his state, Joe Manchin has FVCKED UP with his decisions especially with the voters in WV, even republicans. The vast majority support Biden's agenda.…
Manchin screwed up - 2 - He has no grand strategy. It's all about him, and he has apparently miscalculated - badly.
Manchin screwed up - 3 - Real the other way, these same voters are probably less likely to vote for Manchin if he doesn't support voting legislation.

West Virginia may have voted for Trump, but even they apparently know what's at stake.
Manchin screwed up 4 - even with his filibuster decision.

It was never about his voters. It was always about him and having power in the senate over the agenda to appease the republicans - and the donors.
...[Read] the other way...
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More from @l78lancer

10 Jun
While fake economists have been pushing them inflation meme almost as of they've been trying to talk it into existence co counter Bidens's investment message, they didn't pay any attention to the fact that there's a real shortage of goods and services as a result of the pandemic.
Prices aren't going up because there's too much money available from the government. They are going up because production is down around the world.
As long as the republicans insist on disabling the effort to put people back to work with backward austere policies, putting a choker collar on the biggest consumer economy on earth, the US and world will languish.

Congratulation, GQP.
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9 Jun
I am not a conspiracist, but I don't believe too deeply in coincidences either.

I know a big deal is being made of the release of the tax info for Bezos, Soros, Buffet, Blumberg, Musk, and others, and how little they paid in taxes.
And, rightly so. It is a big deal. Everyone should pay their fair share of taxes, especially rich people. But keep in mind that info was leaked.

Why? and why now?
(It's peculiar that most of those folks just happen to be democrats or liberal leaning in their political views, too.)
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7 Jun
D-Day was launched 76 years ago today to defend against the march of fascism and autocracy across the world. Those evil elements are again on the march in the US. The Capitol was attacked, and democracy is under threat. The danger is high, and it's real.…
So in that context that it's imperative to understand that everything that Manchin states in the op ed above is a lie.

None of his reasoning, logic, politics, strategy, or solutions make sense, unless the goal is to undermine democracy while providing cover for the saboteurs.
It's an insult to every person who fought and died that day for him to pretend he supports democracy and freedom by blocking voting rights reform, appeasing white supremacists and neofascists, and compromising America's long-term stability for his personal and political benefits.
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5 Jun
There was really something bothersome about Putin sticking his nose in US affairs again on Friday by supporting the insurrectionists.

First and foremost, it's none of his business. But, there was something else.
In referring to the insurrectionist, it was notable that he said those people aren't "looters and thieves," and that their concerns were "legitimate." Why did he bother to say that? And in that context, what did that even mean? How the hell would he know?
Aside from the fact that it's a lie because the Capitol was clearly looted, vandalized and things were clearly stolen, why was it necessary to justify their actions by attempting to exonerate them for their actions caught on video?
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3 Jun
NFL "Race Norming" is nothing more than a variation on eugenics for the purpose of denying proper treatment and payment to black players. But it also affects every other aspect of how the NFL treats blacks including hiring coaches.

The NFL got caught.…
To be crystal clear, this is yet another example of structural, systemic, institutionalized racism. There is no good version of, or rational explanation for it.
The NFL's race norming starts from the foundational premise that blacks function at a lower cognitive level than whites, and go down from there. Since traumatic brain injury is determined by the amount it cognitive decline, if blacks are systematically artificially...
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31 May
Despite the breathtaking scope of the Tulsa Massacre atrocity, it is only a small segment of the ugly history of blacks in America. I am glad America is beginning to take note of the significance of that history. But, it's almost midnight in America, and tomorrow is uncertain.
Blacks have said so for generations, but for whatever reasons, most Americans have not been inclined to listen until now. So there's a lot of ground to make up, and not a lot of time to do it.
My questions are:

1. Why aren't more people pissed at having been denied that history?
2. Why are so many people seemingly docile and mute while republicans continue to rewrite and bastardize history even now for their own political goals, including undermining democracy? And,
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