A very helpful distinction, and something I think about not just with teaching, but writing. I disclose parts of my life publicly to connect to my audience, but I purposefully choose not to share all kinds of things because I have no wish for an intimate relationship with readers
The reality is that a writer cannot have an intimate relationship with readers, even though we as readers may feel a kind of intimacy towards the writers we read. That's a one way street, though. I have desire to even construct that one-way street as a teacher or writer.
My students will learn all kinds of things about me, but it's in the context of instructor/student, always. They will hear my frustrations about the world, but not my personal problems because what are they supposed to do with that stuff.
When I was leaving full-time teaching I had to be very careful about this. On the one hand, I was honest about why I was leaving and how it was reflective of a system that made me continuing the work impossible.
On the other hand, students weren't subjected to my anger and bitterness over the state of things. They don't need to be privy to that to understand the conditions under which they were learning. It's immaterial.
I want my students to know me as human, and to know them as humans, but I'm not their friend, therapist, or confessor. When they tell me things that are more appropriate for those other roles, I respond as best I can as their instructor & point them toward help if necessary.
If an instructor sees students as a vehicle for filling their intimacy or self-esteem cups, I think they're courting trouble.
"no" desire.

• • •

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8 Jun
I am as friendly and helpful to students as I can be. I will meet with them in appropriate settings to discuss things I can be helpful with in the role of instructor, but none of this is in the service of building a friendship. It doesn't work that way.
I have been in contact with students off and on over the years, but I've never considered those friendships. Those are former students with whom I'm in contact, which is a perfectly good thing in and of itself.
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7 Jun
The more experience we gain as writers, the more we know what possibilities we might be leaving behind with our choices, which is indeed hard. This is the kind of wrestling we should strive to get students to reach. Better indication of proficiency than any assessment.
Big part of developing as a writer is having the confidence to put something down knowing its provisional, but is enough to move forward to develop the idea and then go back to fix what's not right. It's revision driven by the writer, rather than the "teacher."
A big part of achieving this for students is freeing them from focusing on instructor assessment, and instead letting them write to authentic purpose and audience. Let student solve a challenging authentic problem and watch them go to work.
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5 Jun
Love, love, love @Bookshop_Org, but wish it would credit the authors of the blurbs it cites for its own goodness, particularly since I'm the author of the second one here. Drives me batty when publishers do this too. Credit authors and include the source. Image
Here's my column from aways back making the case that it's in publishers' interests to always include the name of the reviewer with the pull-quote blurb. Building awareness of the voices who champion your books is smart business. chicagotribune.com/entertainment/…
Cause here's the thing @Bookshop_Org, the Chicago Tribune probably doesn't have a store on your platform, but I sure do! bookshop.org/shop/bibliorac…
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3 Jun
Good analysis on the gyrations the powerful go through to deny that their objections are purely political, rather than principled. Strip away the fig leaf and it's obvious, and the pattern is clear.
To me, this is identical to how the framework of Coddling the American Mind is used to thwart challenges and dissent from students. Student dissent is pathologized, and the august, (almost exclusively white) faculty police what speech is and is not in bounds.
Coddling does not just present a different ethos from student protestors, it explicitly argues that certain types of protest and speech are the product of a (treatable) mental disorder. People like @JonHaidt are then positioned to say who is and who is not exhibiting pathology.
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25 May
Holy moly is this some shameful stuff from @HdxAcademy whitewashing Campus Reform's bad faith assaults on faculty speech and pattern of engendering harassment against faculty. This is really beneath an organization that claims to support free inquiry. heterodoxacademy.org/blog/condemnin…
The author even acknowledges Campus Reform's self-stated aim to intimidate faculty that they characterize as "leftist thugs" and yet this it tut-tutted away because really, we gotta make sure we keep an eye on them liberals.
I mean, look at this garbage. This is essentially saying: "Sure, the study showed that appearing in Campus Reform results in threats and harassment, but on the other hand, what if those faculty deserved it?"
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25 May
Oh, the irony! A plea from one think-tank school reformer retweeted by another calling for "constructive engagement" that relies on a partisan push poll as the evidence for his position. I'll be glad to engage constructively when they cut this shit out of their playbook.
Here's a "shared value" I could get behind, not relying on obvious propaganda to make my argument while claiming to be a good faith partner in pursuing equity in education.
Read and marvel at this rhetorical turd burger: "I am as anti-racist as they come, but I'm worried about a particular flavor of anti-racism because lots of people think it's un-American." How does someone type this with a straight face?
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