The poll earlier made me curious of the make up of my followers.

Only 4 options I know but that's all twitter polls allow.
Lets keep this going.
Yanks Only
Brits only.
And another
Would you date me
Jokes, back to serious ones.

Freedom of speech.

Kinda annoyed by this one because the poll answers only give you 25 characters.
2 party system.
Proportional representation for elections.
Laws should not be voted on by politicians, but by citizens.
leed wegal ayyylmao
Sex work being legal.

• • •

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8 Jun
Out for a smoke and a new suitor is approaching spider bitch.

Let's hope he has better luck than the last guy.
Dragged his arse off the moment I hit sent tweet lmao.
"I'm literally being consumed face first and you take pictures? Thanks hope it gets a lot of likes you fucking arsehole."
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11 May
Footage of the interaction between Deek Jackson and Humza Yousaf has been released, and you will not be surprised to hear that Humza Yousaf completely lied about what actually happened.

Humza told the papers that Deek was being racist and asked him questions about Pakistan because of "the colour of his skin". We can see from the video that's not what happened at all.

Deek was asking him questions about his "hate crime" bill that violates human rights.
Deek asked him if, for example, he would be allowed to criticize, in his own home, women being stoned to death in Pakistan, since Humzas hate crime bill can see you jailed for things you say in your own home. (Yes, that's how bad this law is).
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7 Apr
One thing I have just realised from LOTR is that it's all centred around "the one ring to rule them all" like it was the ultimate superweapon that would end the world, when in reality the "One Ring" plan was a complete utter fuck up on Saurons part.

Let me explain.
Sauron is appearing as an elf and all the other elves etc don't know he is Sauron, he is using an alias.

He teaches the elves (Celebrimbor being one) how to make rings of power, so they start making them , Sauron joins in making them, but adds a touch of his own dark magic.
He then joins in making the main rings we hear about, 3 for the elven kings/queens, 7 for the dwarf kings and 9 for the human kings.

He adds his own dark magic to them so that he can influence whoever is wearing these rings. These rings are gifted to the intended recipients.
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1 Apr
r/Scotland are handling the news of my candidacy well.
They are also so clueless about me that they think I'm running for UKIP, they didn't even read the article they are commenting on.

They also have no idea what libertarianism even is. But r/Scotland users having no clue about politics is to be expected.
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17 Feb
Fuck it I'll talk to my merch guy.
Might be able to swing some thigh highs to.

If the merch guy can do it what should I put on them?
What can I put on them so they can actually be worn outside?

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11 Feb
An explanation of what is going on with the Salmond enquiry.

Alex Salmond was the leader of the SNP and was first minister of Scotland, but he stepped down from this position after the SNP failed to secure the Scottish Referendum.

Nicola Sturgeon took his place.
Nicola was basically Salmonds underling and he was her mentor. They were very close.

Everything after this point is all speculation/allegations, so take everything with a pinch of salt until the facts come out.

If the SNP ever allow them to come out.
A rift had been growing for many years between Salmond and Sturgeon as he felt she was not progressing enough towards an independent Scotland, probably because the party focuses mainly on woke bullshit and hate crime laws for memes.

Salmond hinted a return to the party.
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