Oh, hello, Marie.
I spent a LOT of energy in the last 15 months debating what my first request was was gonna be back in Marie’s. In the event, they were playing a bunch of fifties stuff, and I called an audible.
“I Could Have Danced All Night.” It was perfect.
If you just felt a little rumble under your feet, it’s because Jim just played “I Am What I Am” and “Another Hundred People” back to back.
Ladies Who Lunch! What I Did for Love! Don’t Rain On My Parade!

God, it’s good to be back.

• • •

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8 Jun
Is it just me, or is Ben Dreyfuss leaning into the heel turn?
I saw his tweet pining for the days when college students could get drunk with their profs, and was going to respond, and then I read the rest of the thread, and was like, "Ah. Okay."
Has anyone written anything specifically about the anti-cancel-culture spiral so many (mostly) white (mostly) guys dive into? Feels ripe for a longform unpacking.
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6 Jun
I've always thought that George Wallace's "I got out-n—d," on why he lost the 1958 governor's race, was essential to understanding white supremacy in the Jim Crow era—race hatred as an electoral tactic, race hatred as a verb.

The guy Wallace was referring to died this Friday.
The past, as the man said, is not past.
Which is, I guess, a pretty good pretext for sharing something I've had on my desktop ever since I stumbled across is a couple of months ago—a front-page New York Times headline from 1967.
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5 Jun
Elvis: *shows me an assortment of "you got weezered" Tiktoks*

Me: I think I've reached the limit of my ability to understand Zoomer humor.

Elvis: I mean, you got pretty far.
To those who are asking if this is 2021's version of rickrolling … no. I mean, kind of, but also no. It's like that plus BOFA but … color-based? And then there's a bunch of other stuff mixed in. The video Elvis showed me included stock art of an apple for some reason.
(I asked, and apparently the apple was being transformed into an Among Us character. Also there was an Ed Sheeran joke because "Gen Z finds Ed Sheehan hilarious in a cringe way." The video was like 30 seconds long.)
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4 Jun
Honest question: Are there places in the US where ice cream trucks don't sell soft-serve?
A few people are saying there are a few soft-serve trucks outside NYC, but the consensus seems to be that they're overwhelmingly a New York thing.
So for context, in NYC, pretty much every ice cream truck—I want to say LITERALLY every truck, they're so ubiquitous—has one of these machines in it.
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31 May
Is it me, or are people getting the "X, let alone Y" construction backwards more and more often these days?
It almost feels like "much less" misuse is sloshing over into "let alone."
Someone mentioned "could care less" in replies, and that's one that I 100% have no problem with.
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30 May
Eddie Albert being in his late forties when he made Roman Holiday is the precise inverse of all of those “look at these middle-aged-ass teenagers from the olden days” threads. Image
Also, apparently the guy who played the barber was fucking the pope? Like, in real life?
(He wasn’t the pope yet, to be clear. But the actor who played the barber who cut all of Audrey Hepburn’s hair off was apparently in a long term relationship with the Archbishop of Milan, who went on to become Pope Paul VI.)
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