.@vp has invited the female US Senators for cocktails. It is consistent with the graciousness and good cheer that seem so much a part of @vp’s personality. @MarshaBlackburn will be on that list. She is completely crazy and profoundly dishonest.
She is a purveyor of conspiracy theories that are poisoning our democracy. I love the idea of having cocktails with political opponents that you can agreeably disagree with and debate the issues of the day in good faith. We don’t live in that world and pretending we do is foolish
.@MarshaBlackburn is a purveyor of toxic insanity. She has given moral support to the murderous insurrection through her embrace of the lie that caused it and her refusal to investigate it. These aren’t people you drink with. They are indecent people who stand for an un-American
cause that has turned against democracy. No one should be drinking with them. They should be opposed 24-7. When this terrible movement has been brought to submission after multiple consecutive defeats in national elections, maybe something new will emerge, If it does, that will
be something to raise a glass for. In the meantime, when it comes to the Seditionists, the liars, the conspiracy theorists, white nationalists, fascist proud boys and US Senators like @MarshaBlackburn who are the agents of that rotten lot, let us dispense with social niceties.
These people have earned the deep contempt and disgust of all patriotic Americans and they deserve to be treated that way. All around us are signs of normalcy. The economy is red hot and we are emerging from the Covid pandemic. The President is globally respected and popular.
.@POTUS is a good and competent man. Kamala Harris is succeeding in her first trip abroad, on a mission to clean up Trump’s Central American debacle. The sea seems placid but it is violently churning below the surface. Our democracy is under assault. The lie that Trump won, has
hardened into unassailable dogma within the GOP. That lie will metastasize in a thousand virulent directions and @MarshaBlackburn is good with that. There is no compromise to be had with these people of bad faith. They must be opposed and confronted.Their lies must be exposed
and challenged. The we’re all friends after 5 o’clock era is gone. No one should be drinking with people who are obstructing a Commission to investigate the facts of a murderous insurrection that killed 5 people,including cops, 5 months ago. There should be no toasts or small
talk to be had with the most powerful elected officials in the country who are part of a systematic, sophisticated, coordinated, well funded plot to roll back voting rights for black people and other minorities.
There is a fever of delusion in Washington DC around the nature of the seriousness of the fight we are in to hold on to our 244 year old Republic. Activities that give the appearance of normality have the disastrous impact of camouflaging the extremism of @MarshaBlackburn
and others. After all, how bad can they be if the @vp is having them over for happy hour? There can be no compromise between people who believe in democracy and at long last full equality for every American vs. the assertive manifestation of 21st century knowNothingness.
being made by Trump and the toxic gaggle of extremist groups he encouraged, inspired, incited and led into attacking America on 1/6. One side will win and one will lose. Trust me when I say this. If the pro democracy side loses, the victorious autocrats won’t be hosting
Defeated opponents for drinks. They will act quickly to consolidate power and use the instruments of the state to punish disobedience by non compliant citizens. It will happen fast and it will be nothing to drink to. It’s time to wake up and understand that we are fighting an
American Cold Civil War that has turned hot on some edges already. It’s a new type of war, it’s being fought globally and it’s battle space is the contact point between the truth and the lie. It is an information war being fought in a digital world where venom, abuse and lies
abound. Reality is our friend in all of this. Bottom line: these are bad people you don’t drink with.

• • •

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10 Jun
This is an astonishing story that every person in America who calls themselves a journalist should read . The @LAmag story written by Peter Kiefer is a journalistic masterpiece that illuminates both the profound crisis in American journalism and a sickness in our society. (1)
It is among the most depressing cultural stories I have ever read. If you want to understand how Trump got elected President, read this story. This isn’t the profile of a journalist, it is the portrait of an internet bully and character assassin. (2)
This CATFISH has been given a license to kill by America’s journalistic elite. It’s ok to annihilate careers and reputations in stories with 34 anonymous sources? That’s journalism ? What about his conflicts, finances and methods? It’s chilling,obscene and utterly disgraceful (3
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This is a great piece of political reporting and analysis. It is revelatory and accurate at a surgical level of precision. Every person who cares about winning the 2022 elections for the American Pro Democracy coalition should read and understand what it means. (1)
Strategy Memo: There have been three elections in the last 120 years (1902, 1934, 2002) where the Incumbent President’s party has picked up seats in the first mid term election. Presently, Democrats hold the Senate by virtue of @VP’s tie breaking vote while holding the House by
five seats. @ProjectLincoln is operating on the optimistic premise that Democratic redistricting losses will be 12 seats which turns the majority into a functional -7 minority by the morning of Election Day 2022. (3)
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9 Jun
America tonight. 40% of the population has $400 cash in savings. Huge swaths of the country lack broadband and our national infrastructure is decrepit. Billionaires who fund their own space programs pay no taxes while the countries senior political leaders who incited
an insurrection remain protected by their own coverup. The concept of truth has been obliterated by a toxic combination of algorithms, misinformation and greed. There is an autocratic movement that is large, rich, powerful and on the March. It is maneuvering yet somehow it
Remains invisible to the people who are nearest it and have the power to do something about it. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned about this through the story of Neville Chamberlin. The story is more complicated than most people have been taught. He was an honorable man.
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9 Jun
In fact, Hitler used his short time in prison to write a book in which he articulated his beliefs very clearly. Released early: @nytimes reported that Mr. Hitler seemed chastened and would be retiring from extreme politics as he returned to Austria. @maggieNYT @TheRickWilson
Hitler had another enormous takeaway from the failed coup. He realized that he would have to take power by lawful and democratic means which is exactly what he did. It only took six months to kill ALL remnants of German democracy and it was all done LEGALLY. The Nazis
were genius propagandists.They used democracy to kill democracy. Lies, cynicism conspiracies, hate, blame, grievance and a lack of restraint around the application of violence for powers sake were their weapons. They moved in an ooze of self dealing, opportunism and fantastic
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8 Jun
Governor, I know you to be a man of good will and I have long admired your steadfastness and refusal to submit to the Trump cult. What is happening in America is something we need to talk about. I think your arguments are ludicrous. Joe Manchin is no hero. He is a politician.
Using the moral examples of Dr. King, Natan Sharansky and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was incinerated in a Nazi oven, to contextualize the current unappreciated courage of Joe Manchin and worse to insinuate that as the American people continue to evolve, one day, with the wisdom
that comes from time and hindsight, Joe Manchin will join the ranks of such men in the esteem of people who admire valor is absurd. Further, the arguments you make are built on bundles of cliches like the one you have highlighted above about loneliness
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7 Jun
.@ProjectLincoln I’ll take a shot at answering this. It might be helpful to invite the eminence grise of America’s fair and balanced network @brithume into the conversation. Fox News is a corrupt organization. In fact, it is the most corrupt public company in America.
.@FoxNews has repeatedly argued in court that it is not a news organization. Fox is a propaganda network in the service of an authoritarian movement built on a foundation of lies. Here, @FoxNews acts with total predictability. They are trying to shield their audience from the
truth. Fox is having the same reflex Soviet censors once had which is to Shield the people from the truth. What other explanation is there? There isn’t one. Where is the fighting front in the great political battle we are having in this country? It is found at the place
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