This is a great piece of political reporting and analysis. It is revelatory and accurate at a surgical level of precision. Every person who cares about winning the 2022 elections for the American Pro Democracy coalition should read and understand what it means. (1)
Strategy Memo: There have been three elections in the last 120 years (1902, 1934, 2002) where the Incumbent President’s party has picked up seats in the first mid term election. Presently, Democrats hold the Senate by virtue of @VP’s tie breaking vote while holding the House by
five seats. @ProjectLincoln is operating on the optimistic premise that Democratic redistricting losses will be 12 seats which turns the majority into a functional -7 minority by the morning of Election Day 2022. (3)
.@ProjectLincoln believes this article validates our strategy to provoke chaos and infighting over Trump. We hope to help advance the craziest and most unelectable Republican candidates all over the country into General elections where they can be (4)
electorally crushed. Here is the formula. We want to force every vulnerable Republican out of their spider holes and wherever possible draw them into Trumps revenge and conspiracy fantasies. We want Trump to know the names of the disloyal sheep who lack devotion to his 5)
autocratic madness for the purposes of placing them on Trump’s political kill list. The goal of @ProjectLincoln is to help (proverbially)burn Americas’ large and powerful autocratic movement to the ground. We do not live in normal times. We face the worst crisis in our 6)
democracy since the Civil War and the battlefield is confusing. Since January the Republican Party has contracted to historically low levels. It was down to 34 percent at last checking. This has happened because of the overwhelming revulsion to the murderous attack on our 7)
country by Trump’s mob. This means there are multitudes of voters who voted for Trump who finally left him. I believe Trump was right about being able to shoot someone on Fifth Avenue but in the end we did actually find the boundary of his disgrace for GOP voters and it was 1/6.
The GOP is shrinking. It is getting smaller. It is important to understand basic political physics in order to understand the result of the “shrinkage” ht @IJasonAlexander. When political parties shrink they become more extreme. Extreme movements impose purity tests and those 8)
purity tests lead to purges. See @Liz_Cheney case study. This party is of a particular type. It is the vessel of an authoritarian movement that seeks to come to power via an elections process. It is a fusion party that combines vestigial Republicans with a charismatic leader 9)
that has built a cult of personality around previously fringe groups. In this case we are talking about Proud Boys, white supremacists and other societal cancers. Within this fusion party the chief virtues are willful blindness and delusion among the vestigial republicans about
the reality of their new team. Thus, the desire to move on from 1/6 by adopting the strategy of pretending it never happened suits a deeply seated psychological need as well as fulfilling a political necessity. The necessity is simple. The GQP want to lull the GOP voters who 11
defected to Democrats in 18 and Biden in 20 back by erasing memories of what drove them away and replacing them with fears from the culture war they are waging. The message is simple and anywhere a right wing autocratic movement has ever come to power electorally it has 12
Effectively stoked fear of an imaginary left that is directed by unseen and nefarious forces, usually Jews, but in this case it includes black, brown and Asian Americans. The story is always the same. It is the message of the gangster. I’m here to protect you from those people 13
Who seek to destroy you. Always, always always this is the message. The Fox hate and lie machine is running at full blast. It’s why they won’t run the @MeidasTouch ad that offers Police testimony about the 1/6 attack. They will do anything to make the memory of that day fade. 14
It must not. It defines our present and will write our future if we do not treat the growing Metastic cancer in our democracy before it is too late. The GQP wants to run a campaign about critical race theory, cancel culture and a noxious stew of grievance, resentment and fear.15
Democratic leaders are making it easy by living in a delusional world where cooperation and bipartisanship are always just around the corner. There is an urgent national necessity to account for the attack on America by a Commission and to respond to the full frontal assault 16
Against voting rights on the basis of a premeditated lie that has been nourished by conspiracy theories in the name of Trump: The failure to recognize the nature of this fight and the absolute urgency of the moment might be the reason we lose American democracy for our kids.
Should that happen it will be a tragedy and catastrophe not just for Americans but for all of humanity and history, but by all means keep looking. I hear there is some bipartisanship in those hills #

• • •

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11 Jun
Let me help. Are you a journalist? If you are, he is not. If he is a journalist, then you are not. Was Father Coughlin a journalist? What about Hannity and Ingraham? Is there even such a thing as journalism in 2021? There is. This catfish is an internet bully and every media
reporter in America should be calling @HuffPost and @NYMag tomorrow at the crack of dawn to inquire if this bullies journalistic license to kill has been repealed. The Catfish character assassin isn’t a journalist, he’s an internet thug and I’ve received 20 calls from people
terrified of him today. On what planet is it ok to annihilate people’s livelihoods on the basis of stories that have 34 anonymous sources from someone like this guy. I am in awe of your achievements. The answer to the question you asked is simple. You are a journalist and your
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11 Jun
I have no doubt that @jaketapper, Murrow’s heir in our wretched era of misinformation will speak to this and define some baseline of journalistic ethics. I am praying he doesn’t have Saas-itIs. Rick, do you think the A list reporters in that story have any idea about their
beclowning? Journalism is @mikebarnicle and Joe Galloway on a Vietnam battlefield. Journalism is @RichardEngel, David Bloom and @clarissaward. Journalism is the local reporters in Flynt Michigan and @DanaBashCNN. Journalism is @AshleyRParker @costareports @_RoxanneRoberts.
Journalism is Cronkite, Brokaw and Jennings. Journalism is @wolfblitzer, Bernard Shaw and @carolelee . Journalism is Scotty Reston and @MaeveReston. Journalism is Ernie Pyle and Daniel Pearl. Journalism is essential to democracy. The cancer of @yashar, his bullying, grift
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10 Jun
One of my very favorite podcasts is @gaslitnation with @sarahkendzior and @AndreaChalupa. They have been warning the country about the collapse of American democracy for a very long time. Chalupa wrote a wonderful movie called Mr. Jones. It tells the story of the big lie
And more importantly the bundles of lies that flank it. Mr.Jones tells in part, the story of Walter Duranty. He was a Pulitzer Prize winning NYT reporter who functioned as a stenographer for Stalin and lied to the world about mass murder in the Ukraine.
The truth is under assault all over the world and Trump isn’t the only assassin. There is no incompatibility between patriotism and journalism. The Patriot loves the truth and fights for it. American society and our 244 year old Republic depend on the truth for survival. All
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10 Jun
This is an astonishing story that every person in America who calls themselves a journalist should read . The @LAmag story written by Peter Kiefer is a journalistic masterpiece that illuminates both the profound crisis in American journalism and a sickness in our society. (1)
It is among the most depressing cultural stories I have ever read. If you want to understand how Trump got elected President, read this story. This isn’t the profile of a journalist, it is the portrait of an internet bully and character assassin. (2)
This CATFISH has been given a license to kill by America’s journalistic elite. It’s ok to annihilate careers and reputations in stories with 34 anonymous sources? That’s journalism ? What about his conflicts, finances and methods? It’s chilling,obscene and utterly disgraceful (3
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9 Jun
America tonight. 40% of the population has $400 cash in savings. Huge swaths of the country lack broadband and our national infrastructure is decrepit. Billionaires who fund their own space programs pay no taxes while the countries senior political leaders who incited
an insurrection remain protected by their own coverup. The concept of truth has been obliterated by a toxic combination of algorithms, misinformation and greed. There is an autocratic movement that is large, rich, powerful and on the March. It is maneuvering yet somehow it
Remains invisible to the people who are nearest it and have the power to do something about it. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned about this through the story of Neville Chamberlin. The story is more complicated than most people have been taught. He was an honorable man.
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9 Jun
In fact, Hitler used his short time in prison to write a book in which he articulated his beliefs very clearly. Released early: @nytimes reported that Mr. Hitler seemed chastened and would be retiring from extreme politics as he returned to Austria. @maggieNYT @TheRickWilson
Hitler had another enormous takeaway from the failed coup. He realized that he would have to take power by lawful and democratic means which is exactly what he did. It only took six months to kill ALL remnants of German democracy and it was all done LEGALLY. The Nazis
were genius propagandists.They used democracy to kill democracy. Lies, cynicism conspiracies, hate, blame, grievance and a lack of restraint around the application of violence for powers sake were their weapons. They moved in an ooze of self dealing, opportunism and fantastic
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