🧵 I went for a walk tonight.
Nothing happened to me.
Because nothing ever happens to me.
A woman in a hijab approaches. Does she see me as a threat? I smile and nod as we pass. She smiles back. Does she know about yesterday? Of course she does. But still, deep down, I hope somehow she doesn’t.
A young Black girl rides her bike past me. It’s so easy to look at the world and think that we all coexist peacefully. Such a seductive fantasy. “I don’t see colour”. Because people that look like you and I don’t have to.
The thing about privilege is how insidious it is. It’s so easy to not notice barriers that have never existed for you. Do I wake up every morning grateful for my sight, when I’ve never gone without? Is a fish aware of the existence of water?
I get back home. My heart is heavy. I try to remember the last time I felt unsafe. It’s been a long time. The world I exist in is not the same as others. It never has been.
I went for a walk tonight.
Nothing happened to me.
Nothing ever happens to me.

• • •

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7 Jun
In honour of Pride Month, my sister just told me a great story about pronouns that I have to share. 🧵

My sister works with a woman (we’ll call her Jane). Jane is a manager and has a woman on her team (we’ll call her Susan).
Susan lives and works in a small rural town. If there was a progressive centre of the universe, this town is the furthest thing from it.
One day, Jane is visiting Susan’s office and Susan brings up a mutual colleague of theirs. She’s talking as though she’s learned the CIA’s deepest, darkest secrets and says “I figured something out about Debbie. She’s a LESBIAN.”
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3 Jun
🧵 I've been thinking a lot lately about how we approach domestic labour in straight relationships, specifically around how we assume women’s responsibility by default.
I think a lot well-intentioned guys look at the our relationships and see tasks where no one person is responsible. We both do the laundry. We both cook. We're doing great! But it's easy to overlook the fact that every job usually has a default owner.
Sure, sometimes I cook and sometimes she cooks. But if no one says anything or I don't volunteer? It's assumed that she cooks. She is the one who does that by default.
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24 May
Every time I read a story about police breaking up an encampment of people experiencing homelessness, I think about when I got laid off 12 years ago. 🧵
I’d moved out to Ontario after getting a job there, and nine months later they laid a bunch of us off. When they did so, they gave us full salary and benefits continuance for three months. They didn’t have to. I was lucky.
Once that ran out and I still couldn’t find work, my partner and I moved into her parents’ rural cabin nearby. We lived there for four months, for free. What if her family hadn’t lived out there? I was lucky.
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18 May
I don't normally tweet angry. Today is an exception.

I’m done being nice to antivaxxers. If you don’t want to get vaccinated, I can’t force you, but stop spreading your ignorant bullshit around social media as though you have even the faintest idea of how this stuff works.
You're not a virologist. You're not an immunologist. You read a Facebook status once from someone using big words and and decided that you know more about this topic than people that have dedicated their entire lives to its study. Stop. You’re embarrassing yourself.
Vaccinations eliminated smallpox from the globe. Most people no longer have to worry about polio, measles, rubella, mumps, diphtheria and TB, all because of vaccines. They are a public health miracle.
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29 Apr
I’ve seen a lot of “I’m going to remember what I learned about people over the last year” posts recently. And I am too. But maybe not in the way you think. Here’s what I’m going to remember. 🧵

I’m going to remember every one of you that celebrated your birthday on their couch.
I’m going to remember every post about fighting with your airline for a refund because you cancelled a long-awaited vacation.
I’m going to remember your socially distanced campfire selfies, and all the times you got together with friends outside to go for a walk.
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12 Feb
Every time it gets this cold, I think about a night a few years ago when I realized how strong my privilege is. I was buying something off Kijiji, so I drove to an apartment building on the other side of the city and picked it up. When I got back to my car, it wouldn't start. 🧵
I had AMA, but the wait time to get a boost was around three hours. It was probably -25 or so, and hadn't exactly dressed for an extended period outside. So I decided to wait in the buzzer area of the apartment building.
I stood there for about three hours. During that time, a couple dozen people came through into the building. Not one asked me why I was there. Most were friendly. No one called security. Probably a third of them asked me, unprompted, if I needed to get let in.
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