In scientific terms, your adult life is passing you by because it's a joyless soul suck.

And it's dopamine's fault (OF COURSE).

I already did a thread on the WHY & HOW of low DA sensory time loss👇🏾, and now here's the promised list of methods to help slow your sense of time⏳
1. Routinize your life. This seems counterintuitive, but routine shouldn't = banal. Many of us lose huge amounts of time to bad habits, job burnout, and procrastination. Autopilot lives here.

Routine helps us find balance and manage time so we can make space in our lives for...
2. Novelty! Schedule newness in your life. This is hard when surviving in a capitalist hellscape, but start small! Set aside 30 mins a day for something new. A walk at a park you've never been. A new recipe. A random subreddit. It'll spike your dopamine.

Slowly make more time in your life for novelty. Read a book in a genre you don't usually go for. Try a restaurant outside your food comfort zone. Build a new skill. Play a new game. Visit a place you've never been, even locally. Talk to a new person. Try to make a new friend??
3. Practice reward linking. Certain things are always fun. Video games, music, cookies, orgasms, high reward activities that the brain will pay attention to.

Link these high reward activities to activities that are necessary but possibly banal.
Only listen to music if you're cleaning or exercising.

Only eat your favorite snack during work hours or AFTER you've finished your hardest task of the day.

Pause videogames every 30 minutes to fold laundry or meal prep. Interspersed banality.

All of this helps build...
4. Anticipation! Anticipation is truly the master of time deceleration. Plan something fun and then let yourself look forward to it! Simple!

You may scoff at people who schedule sex, but if it's rewarding and not a chore, it's a great way to put a slow burn on the week.
5. Emotion creation. We have far more control over our emotions that we realize because, while the brain enjoys context, it doesn't NEED it.

Meaning, if you tell your brain that something is happening when it's not, sometimes that brilliant idiot believes you.
You can produce feelings of anticipation and excitement for things that you don't really anticipate because they aren't excited by basically lying to yourself.

Tell yourself that an unfun task is actually a blast, that you can't wait to start, and it's going to be great.
Be purposeful in your self-talk. Really try to feel excitement. Hype it up mentally and out loud. It may feel silly at first, but your brain will eventually go with it.

Do it enough times, and you'll trick yourself into a real dopamine hit that will trigger on its own.
Seriously, lie. I do this for writing. Manuscripts, twitter threads, all writing sucks ass, but I have to do it.

So, I'll look in the mirror and say in a cheerful voice, "You're going to write so much today, isn't that amazing?! How exciting!"

And my brain will be like
I always recommend mindfulness meditation for everything, but a mindfulness practice can also make it easier to trick your brain into switching a task from banal to rewarding on its set list.
6. And lastly, vegetables and physical activity. The most boring way to naturally increase dopamine in the body, but it's very helpful.

People who get enough folate and exercise regularly have boosted mood, higher dopamine levels, and subsequently, better episodic memory.

• • •

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