True love is beautiful & it is something that everyone wishes to have & those that have found it make sure that it lasts forever.....but some use wrong ways to make their love to last forever, by using spells to keep their love strong...😳😲
This is mainly done by women who use spells & evil potions to keep a man in a relationship even when he is no longer interested.....Evil disgusting things (That I cannot mention here) are mixed with a love potion & it is then put in a man's food to eat...😳😲
after eating that food he will then start to love this woman even when he was showing signs of rejecting her or that man can have dreams where he is eating & Boom the spell is in. He will sometimes leave his family & stay with this woman & forget about his children,😥😪
this spell creates great fear in this man, he will fear his woman so much that when she calls he will tremble with fear, he will report everything to this woman & give her his credit card, she will be in control of everything.😲😳
If she threatens to leave this man, he can even commit suicide or kill them both because the love is so strong, he can not let her be with other men.😲 If the family members of this man care about him they will then seek help, he will be given food to eat
and that food is mixed with herbs from a Shaman. he will eat without suspecting and this evil potion will be out soon...But it becomes dangerous sometimes because when a man realizes that he was under a certain spell he can even kill that woman who used a spell on him😳😲
due to hatred & anger. I talk about things that I know, my Granny used to help in those situations where men have left their families due to the spells they were under & they gave her cows, goats & money to thank her.🙏🤗
Some men are very powerful, they use animal fat (For example crocodile fat) that protects them from all that...✊


Nosipihiwe Yellow Buthelezi

• • •

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More from @Black_Nobilliti

10 Jun
Njuzu Matters

I am not an expert on Njuzu matters but I have have been priviledged to explanations from people who move in & out of that realm. 

Yes your Njuzu is an energy in your system that is chosen by your idlozi/ Mudzimu. The pact is between the two entities Image
& you are the host. Some Njuzu are strong, some are weak. Some are male, some are female. You can be gifted with more than one Njuzu, each one with a specific purpose. Your Mudzimu are the warriors, the defenders, your direct DNA.
Your Njuzu is not a relative, or even from the same area of your forebears. Their real purpose is to gift you with certain abilities & skills. Often these are  skills that can be extraordinary, that you don't learn in school, whilst others struggle to learn the same.
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10 Jun

I've always struggled accepting phone calls, mostly it's because I know what people want to talk about before the conversations happen, I also understand how much it takes from me to allow conversations to happen.
The thing is, I know what it is to be honest, on the same breath honesty is an expensive energy frequency, I also know how to see & learn when people aren't able to listen or hear or understand.

During initiation I was taught that the most difficult things to do are
the ones we know how to do, this is because of complete awareness, as a result we don't like to do the things we know how to do, we know how much it takes to do.

Some time after initiation I re-organized my circles to dodge unnecessary conversations,
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9 Jun
The Njuzu Water Spirit

The njuzu is a water spirit. The plural form of njuzu is nzuzu. The nzuzu live in caves under the rivers & pools of Zimbabwe & Central Mozambique. These water spirits were created by Mwari, the Shona-Venda deity &
they originate from the sacred cave-pools of Mabweadziva (Matopos). It was the nzuzu who gave humans knowledge of medicines, or ruzivo. At Mabweadziva, these water spirits are the ones who train the Manyusa, or the Mwari Acolytes, who are stated to sink to the depths
of the cave-pools to receive guidance on many issues, including how to protect & manage the environment. In other places in Zimbabwe & Central Mozambique, the njuzu are said to kidnap people in order to train them to become n’anga, or traditional healers.
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8 Jun
Thokozani 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Please keep in mind... 

1. Don't advertise your happy marriage on social media. 

2. Do not advertise your pregnancy on social media. 

3. Don't advertise your kids achievements on social media. 

4. Don't advertise your expensive buys on social media. ImageImage

1. Not everyone is going to be happy for you. 

2. Most of the "nice" comments you get are just fake. 

3. You're just attracting the evil eye on you & your family. 

4. You're just attracting jealous people into your life.
5. You don't know who's saving your pictures & checking your updates. 

6. You really need to stop this because it may ruin your life, family, marriage & career. 

BELIEVE ME - Social media sometimes is the devil's eyes, ears & mouth, don't fall into the devils trap.
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8 Jun
I would like to warn people against UKUFEMBA. It's always advisable to fully understand the effect of your actions & likewise, the repercussions. 

YOUR ANCESTORS WILL COME OUT IN TURNS & TALK TO YOU, WITH THE ORIGINAL VOICES IN WHICH THEY USED ONCE ON EARTH. This process violates the Ancestors', liken it to raping idlozi lingafuni if you wish, whilst it's not the right time to speak or to pass a messages to their child.
The imithi that are being used to do this process violates Ancestors because it clones/ ukuthwebula the Ancestors of the person undergoing this treatment. I always warn/tell people not to FEMBA their Ancestors,
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8 Jun
This belt belongs to my 19yr old cousin, he is a young man that loves to attend Zulu traditional ceremonies like weddings, Zulu Traditional 21st's etc. In these events, young men challenge each other & fight using sticks & they protect themselves by shields made of cow skin. ImageImage
This belt helps a fighter to be more powerful & be able to sense if someone wants to hit him without him knowing. My cousin says this belt gets very tight when danger is approaching & it makes you to be strong, you hardly fall, no matter how hard they hit you.✊
There are herbs & animal oils inside that belt that are mixed with Mercury (Hg). The hair you are seeing was taken from a baboon's skin. You tie that belt above your elbow below your shoulder... My cousin got his from our Grandfather who is our Grandmother's brother
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