The Hunter Biden N-word story will be an important milestone in the Left's effort to write itself an exception from cancel culture. A massive effort is underway to establish that only left-wingers can launch cancel attacks, and lefty royalty is completely protected from them.
Here's the trajectory the story will take: first, the media will try to bury it completely. We're in that stage right now. Their excuse is that Hunter is not an elected official so the story is irrelevant. Needless to say, that excuse is only available to Democrat royalty.
DNC Media will probably succeed in burying the story unless someone with left-wing credentials expresses disapproval. There will be no "Internet on fire!" shake-and-bake coverage of THIS controversy, they way they'd use 5 Tweets to build flood-the-zone coverage of a Republican.
In the unlikely event that reactions from non-lefty sources builds to the point where DNC Media can no longer ignore the story, they will grudgingly cover it with "Republicans pounce!" framework. The narrative will be about the Right's reaction, not Biden's actions.
This narrative will be linked to the growing pushback against Critical Race Theory and other left-wing race-baiting extremism. The storyline will be that white supremacist Republicans are using poor Hunter as a weapon to subvert the noble and pure anti-racism crusade.
You'll be told that all of the "obsessive" right-wing focus on Hunter's "old" text messages are a scurrilous effort to distract America from the vital war against Systemic Racism. Hunter was just joking with a friend. He's left-wing royalty, so he CAN'T be racist, by definition.
The "Republicans pounce" framework will be adapted into sneering dismissals of the argument that Hunter's free pass means cancel culture is hypocritical and politicized. The media will prefer to use terms like "accountability culture" when accusing the Right of sabotaging it.
In the very unlikely event the waters of this controversy begin lapping at Joe Biden's door - as would have happened within an hour of the revelations if he was Republican - Kamala will be deployed as a shield to dismiss racism allegations with a great deal of robotic laughter.

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Great @MarkSteynOnline column about how conservatives who win elections just end up keeping the seats warm until society-destroying left-wingers take power again:…

Let me take a stab at explaining the persistence of this sad phenomenon...
@MarkSteynOnline As Steyn likes to put it: "When Republicans win, they're in office; when Democrats win, they're in power."

A big difference between the two is having the infrastructure to exercise power. You won the election, you've got juice, but you need transmission lines and transformers.
@MarkSteynOnline In addition to their other problems - timidity in the face of media assaults, prioritizing deliverable political goods to big donors over keeping promises to voters, disdain for their base that grows once they're in D.C. - Republicans lack the infrastructure for power.
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Marxist-influenced political movements have a predilection toward election-rigging and ballot-box stuffing because they think "false consciousness" makes elections a joke anyway. They don't hesitate to cheat a system they view as inherently corrupt in the service of Justice.
This is one of the things that makes Marxism so durable - it gives adherents a moral framework for breaking the rules, subverting society, and winning at all costs. A key element is the belief that people are bought or brainwashed by the corrupt order, tricked into voting for it.
Since capitalism instills people with "false consciousness" - tricks them into thinking they're happy and free, programs them to irrationally fight against socialists who only want to help them - their votes aren't really honest, so stealing the vote is not really a crime.
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9 Jun
You will then be told that Hunter Biden's use of the N-word is actually YOUR fault, Mr. and Mrs. White America. He's just a helpless pawn of Systemic Racism. YOU made him do it. YOU made him think using that word is acceptable. He's up on the cross to atone for YOUR sins.
This phase of the story will come with a surge in photos of Joe Biden with a halo around his head, or looking penitent and thoughtful. He'll be presented as a shining example of a White who rose above some dubious history and found absolution by embracing progressive politics.
The media's grudging coverage of the story will conclude with confident reminders that no Biden is racist in any way, but Hunter's careless use of problematic language illustrates the Deeper Truth that America is systemically racist and needs more punitive left-wing policies.
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The U.S. tax code provides an excellent example of how collectivist efforts to impose cosmic "justice" result in rampant injustice, corruption, and unfairness. A fair an honest tax code is unthinkable because it would interfere with statists imposing their notion of "fairness."
A rational and truly fair tax system would not require a massive IRS to harvest vast amounts of information that could then be improperly exposed on a selective basis and turned into political weapons. There wouldn't be so many opportunities for the powerful to game the system.
A fair and rational tax system would have restrained the growth of the State, because the burden of government would be evenly distributed. It would be transparent, not the inscrutable, opaque, incomprehensible rolling disaster Americans are forced to cope with.
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Of COURSE totalitarianism "works." If it wasn't effective, it would not be so enduringly popular. Totalitarianism is the only way for a small minority to enforce its will over a vast population and remake society.…
Large populations are very difficult to persuade. They tend to be inherently conservative, thanks to long-standing traditions, a sense of cultural history, and a general comfort level with their societies. They tune out demands for radical change from heated activists.
Totalitarianism "fixes" that problem by politicizing EVERYTHING. The option to "tune out" is removed. The larger population has no choice but to hear the demands of dominant political activists, - all day, every day, everywhere. Punishment awaits those who don't "care" enough.
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As we confront the rising evil and growing power of the Chinese Communist Party, June 4 is day to remember that some of the bravest people to stand up for freedom - at Tiananmen Square in 1989, and today - are also Chinese.
Tiananmen Square is where the illusions of the postwar international order died, along with countless brave Chinese democracy activists. On that day, the forces of evil learned they could murder their way to power, even in the dawning Information Age.
The CCP's internal communications from that day are illuminating. Some of them thought their regime was doomed, that nothing could be done against the blossoming of democracy in Tiananmen Square - not with the whole world watching, not with cameras and fax machines everywhere.
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